Monday, February 1, 2010

Home is Where your Door is

It is February now, and this month's challenge theme is Home! How wonderful! It brings together all the things I love most in this family, a place for all my stuff, comfort and warmth, memories and laughs, a place where we can all be ourselves....this is what home represents to me.

My daughter and I just planted up some pots I had on the front porch, abandoned and ugly after the last batch of annuals died off. I've been avoiding them thinking that our hunt for a house would end soon, we'd move, and I could continue gardening again, there.....Well, the house hunting has gone on and on, and so has the dismal setting at the front porch. Seeing nothing but pots filled only with dirt and brown twigs.

So we went to the store, she helped me pick out flowers and herbs...even a cherry tomato plant (one of her favorite things to eat) and got our hands dirty. She was so proud of our hard work!

The best part of this fun gardening project was catching Daddy observing us while we worked. He saw us intently filling and patting and talking about how pretty everything was going to look, and he just stopped and watched, smiling to himself...that is, until our Girl saw him....then it was, "Daddy we're gardening! Come look at this. Wanna help?!"

Now when we enter our place, it looks like this. It's such a joy to see happy little flower faces greeting us where guilt and neglect used to be. The herbs are delightful, too. They are still fresh and small, but as soon as they get full and robust, I'm making a mushroom/herb omelette!

P.S. Operation Hubby started this morning in full swing! Details to come!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your front door looks so pretty!!

Tammy said...

Your flowers look pretty,what a wonderful front area.

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