Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pillow Talk

Romance is in the air....well, if not romance, than the crispness and clarity that follows a rainy day, at least. Indeed, it is a beautiful day to be in love....and with a National Holiday dedicated to it, quickly approaching, that air can be knocked right out of you when the Big Day comes and you've nothing but an embarrassed smile and a foil wrapped chocolate heart you saw at the supermarket checkout line in your hand ( yes, that's been me ).

Let me, then, share with you a little token I made for my True Love a few Februarys passed.

It was 2006, I was 6 months pregnant, home on disability and had blown thru quite a bit of my savings while,"nesting", let's just say :) I was feeling even more incredibly mushy toward my better half on this Valentine's due to my condition....and the thought that no better gift could ever be given than the 2 of us becoming a family. How could I do something different than a simple card, flowers, a home-cooked dinner..... Actually, in looking back, my husband probably would have preferred a home-cooked dinner than the girly little pocket heart I hand-sewed and ribbon embroidered! Though I know he wouldn't have told me otherwise in my fragile state! I was so proud of this little pillow. I created it using all stuff I had around the house already, made it for the sole purpose of declaring love and presented it to him, complete with cheesy poem written on a handmade card!

I've included it here (get those eyes ready to roll!):
My love for you burns bright and true,
Growing stronger day by day.
My heartbeats pound at merely the sound
of your voice calling my name.
My soul sings out that I have found
my one and only Mate.
Forever in time, I'll be yours, you'll be mine,
Our bond will ever remain.
I told you it was cheesy....but I think it's okay to be a bit on the overdone side for Valentine's. And, although he can't store his keys in the pocket or use it as an oven mitt when he bbq' sure looks pretty hanging near my ( I mean my child's) art nook, I adore that it serves as a reminder of an exciting time in my life filled with such anticipation, such my Sweetheart, to my body and that little person growing inside me.

I've recently thought of another use for this sweet pillow pocket. I think it would make a wonderful Tooth Fairy pillow where our daughter could put her tooth before bed instead of under her pillow. Thinking of the small "gifts" she'll receive from the T. Fairy has me giddy already!
So, February, I'm waiting for you, dare I say, even ready for you to arrive! I've got a few more tokens of affection up my sleeve, and I'm anxious to give them......though, I should probably consider cooking a meal for my husband one of these days!

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