Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oldies, but Goodies

Hi Everyone!

Do you have old artwork of yours around your house?  Stuff that you created that's really not worthy of selling...but too nice to throw away?   Maybe they tell a little story that you are reminded of when you find them again?

I was looking thru my dusty portfolio just now....and ran across this....

I drew this in Prismacolor Pencil and ink back in 2005.... I called it "Contemplation".
I had not really worked solely in colored pencils before this drawing....and haven't done any after, either...haha!

This was also the year I had this brilliant plan to paint 12 new pieces and make a calendar of my art for Christmas gifts...

Unfortunately, this idea is still on my to do!  But, I did manage to paint this with the idea of it being April's image....

watercolor on paper, 2005

...and then, there's this piece...done 16 years ago! (I was 16 years old at the time)...Wow, that seems like such a long time ago....and yet, I can still remember sitting at the kitchen table after everyone else was asleep with my art supplies scattered around me, drawing this....
Not much has changed :)

It was a gift for my grandparents one year for grandpa loved birds...

I look at this piece and it reminds me, not only of them, but of the young girl I was once...the girl who wanted nothing more than to be an artist when she grew up!
I'm still working on both :D

pastel on paper, 1989

Hope you all have the things you love scattered about you today!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Purrfect Party

My Little Miss Maggie turned 5 this week.  We had a cat themed party for her this year....and though you couldn't be here in person, I'd love to pretend you were :)
Here's an invitation for you....

You'll know which house it is right away!

(This is made using a calendar photo adhered to cardboard and decorated with scrapbooking embellishments)

The Birthday Girl is waiting for you!

...In her cutest kitty attire. 
Yes, I made both...but the skirt was a first!  It has an elastic waistband and everything!  This is very exciting to me cuz I'm pretty much a sewing novice...heehee....just had to share :)

As you walk in the door, you hear the sound of meowing....

Kittens (from Oriental Trading Co.) waiting for new homes....

Pick out your favorite and fill out an adoption certificate (found these free online) and put on a collar with it's new name (pipe cleaners and cardstock circles with eyelets and jump rings for the tags). 

Btw, that's what happens to pigtails when they're introduced to Mr. Bouncehouse :)
Exhibit A


Grab yourself a plate, Hubby just got a new grill!

Oh, and check out the cute kitty banner I made!  It's double-sided so I could hang it up between 2 rooms and have it be viewed by both sides.

There are little strips of the matching fabric between the calendar page flags that I sewed together and cut around the edge with pinking shears.....really livened up the decor.
Oh, and you know those mini pictures on the back of the calendar...I made this smaller banner from them....simply hotglued onto ribbon with alternating circles of a patterned paper.

Click on pics to see them larger :)
Please stop to smell the roses...we just happen to have my all-time favorite rose growing in our backyard.....and I didn't even know it til after we moved in (either I'm not very observant or just plain lucky...heehee....or maybe both ;P)
It's called Double Delight...the white and red one on the right....smells heavenly!!!

And now, it's time to get our sugar high on!

Yes, I made all those cupcake toppers, can't see in the pictures, but they're all accented with glitter glue....cuz everything's better with a bit of sparkle :)

I'm going to tell you a little secret as to how I got the invitations and toppers to match her skirt....
Are you ready?

I couldn't find any plates or decorations that I liked that had cats on I took Maggie to Joann's, where she pick out this fabric...

Then I..and here's my secret....
...color copied it :)

Now I had papergoods to use to coordinate with the tablecloth and her outfit!

 I just used solid colored plates and napkins to compliment the colors...and voila!

A pawsitively wonderful party!

We do hope you enjoyed yourselves!  Thank you so much for coming!
Now, on to creating a cat themed bedroom for her......unfortunately, using an entirely different fabric...haha!

Pounce on over anytime :D
Big Hugs,

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Magical Giveaway!

"You are unrepeatable.
There is a magic about you that is all your own. "

Do you feel it?  A tug, a jolt, a hum, a warmth, a whisper, a longing, a light?  What is your magic?  Have you always known it was there?  Or are you still searching for it?

I have always known, and it has always been a compulsion....a longing, and absolute need to create with my hands.  The process itself seems to be what fuels me, since I love thinking of and completing new projects, but rarely keep anything for myself.

 I did try attending Art School, but failed miserably at being responsible in my years after high school....I'm glad I didn't continue, or I wouldn't have become a Bartender (again using my hands) where I ended up in an Embassy Suites alongside a cute Room Service guy working his way thru college ( my Hubby :D)
"Magic All Your Own" 8 x 10 Mixed Media on canvas
available here

Exchanging intangible thoughts for actual images, trading neurological impulses for strokes of a paintbrush......holding true to a belief that what lies in my heart and hands is more profound then my will to supress it....this is my Magic....that I can care too much in every other regard what people think of me....and yet, create and share, without hesitating says to me that this is my path.

What is yours?


With gratitude overflowing,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Duck, Duck, Swan

My Dears,

In keeping with my reflectiveness of late....another birthday passed.....dwelling far too much on the aging process and things being left behind (my teenage metabolism, unabashed spunkiness, perky boobies, hair that didn't require coloring, the excitement of finding love...over and over...haha!) 

I have decided to not mourn these things....for, experience is not to be held on to, but to savor...the uncertainty of "seeing someone" has blossomed into a fulfilling breasts allowed me to nourish a baby....graying hair and wrinkles are a small price to pay for the joy of continuing my experience here on Earth.

With this being said, and realizing that I need to focus on seeing myself in a positive light, rather than my skewed perception of what I think everyone else sees...I created this.....

"Always a Swan"
8 x 10 inches on canvas

We all need reminders sometimes....that we don't have to feel like ugly fact, no one can make us one, if we don't already believe it's true.
Inside us, lies a beauty and strength that is timeless....ageless....magical.....

We are unique....each of us, special.......with gifts and talents to inner light radiating out through our words, our actions, our emotions....

How could we EVER have thought ourselves ugly ducklings...outcasts and worthless?!!!!
When we are, and will always, always remain.....Swans!!

We are incredible!  *group hug*

Thank you so much, Dear Family and Friends, for believing in me....I believe in you, too!
Lotsa Love,

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