Thursday, September 12, 2013

Speaking of Dreams

Thank you everyone!
I truly appreciate the support, love and words of encouragement you guys gave me on the news of my being published.  It is so nice to cross a Life Goal off the was a dream come true....a small, but important step forward for me and my art :)

Though it was a nice wave to ride for a while,'s time to get cracking again....heehee!

I wanted to show you a piece I just finished inspired by all the strong, amazing Tribal Girls painted by my dear friend Micki Wilde in her new art course, Wilde and Free (clever, eh?)

I have to be honest, I had never done any tribal/native-feel paintings before...and I was afraid I wouldn't get the "right" look.
Micki makes it look so effortless and gives you so many ideas, references and videos of her own to drool over (you can see the finished products on her blog or in her Etsy store now)....that it makes you just want to go "wilde" ;P

8x10 Mixed Media on canvas panel
I knew I needed to incorporate a dragonfly, which has served as my totem animal for a long, long time.  It represents the Guardian of the DreamWorld and can warn of illusions.  I wanted this girl to be looking toward her dreams....and be ready follow them :)
Micki really knows how to stoke the creative flame.  I see more tribal girls in my future!
Thanks so much for checking in on me.  With blogging starting to fall out of favor, your choice to visit me here speaks volumes!
Now go chase some of your own dreams!
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