Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Nutty

I meant to do this post sooner, but I've been running around getting last minute stuff done.....

You see, I leave tomorrow morning at 7am for 3 whole weeks!  3 weeks of camping, hiking, sight-seeing, browsing and general lolligagging :)  I'm looking forward to being among the trees and recharging that something inside me that needs fresh air and bird songs...that loves to experience that humbling peace from standing next to a Redwood Tree older than the Civil War.... I look forward to it....I do......but.....this is the first time I've been away from my Blog for such a long time!  Never been away from all of you that long!  I'm going to miss you so!

I'm afraid that 3 weeks in Blogland will be like 3 months here and I'll fall out of favor with'll slowly forget about me as I tromp around looking for Banana Slugs and'll see a painting that reminds you of someone you knew once upon a time, Carmen you think her name was.....

Okay, okay, so I'm being over dramatic! But I do worry about providing you with visual delights and entertaining reads, y'know.....I want you to like coming here!  Your visits make me happy!

....And so, I shall offer you a bit of something to gaze upon, a little giggle, perhaps, and a promise..... :)

Here is a 2nd little Stuffed Guy I made for Micki over at The Secret Hermit Studio.  I made a free hand pattern of a squirrel in profile.

I used 2 different fabrics, felt arms, and like the frog, put a leaf and a button on his bum :)

....But, how do I know this is a boy squirrel, you wonder?  Any guesses?

Let's just chalk this up to a lesson learned.....give any future squirrels TWO legs and TWO ears!  I decided to send him to her despite his...ahem....flaws :)

Can't wait to hear what she thinks of him...haha! Hope he gave you that giggle I mentioned before :oD

And now the promise...I'll come home renewed and refreshed ready to create upon my return!  I always have a ton of new ideas swirling around inside my noggin after trips like this!

So, don't forget about me because.....
I'll be baaaahk!

xo, Cam

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Murals and Musings

Hello my Friends!

I've been waiting to unveil a project to you.  In fact, I showed a sneak peek here a bit ago....but NOW.....*drum roll*

IT IS COMPLETE! *crowd cheers*
Okay, so, it's the crowd of voices in my head, but at least they are all in agreement for once...haha!

Here is the finished mural I painted on my daughter's Preschool wall :)

It is done with acrylic paint and outlined with permanent black sharpie.  How did I ever come to take on such a huge project, you ask?....Well, I'm so glad you did :)

It's a lengthy go ahead and get a cup of tea or a munchie to enjoy.... I'll wait :)

Anyhoo, it all started about 3 months ago.  I was diligently working on creating new pieces for an Art Show I was participating in.  I was trying something new after years of doing the same "old" thing creatively (I've always stuck with portraits of fairies, mermaids, etc in watercolor on watercolor paper).  This time I was inspired by the fabulous work of my friend, Sheree at Raven Moon Magic.  She used paperback pages as her canvas and the text as her message....and I was hooked!  I gave it a try and absolutely loved it.  My work was still based in the fantastic and the messages the text revealed to me leaned towards the mystical and playful. I was painting every night and posting completed artwork regularly.  I felt prolific, my spirit soared and I was happy!
My whole way I saw myself shifted from what I wanted to be (an artist) to being one!

So, one day, as I was dropping my girl off at school, I really took notice of the walls.  I saw the sad half- sketched start of a bee with a branch and a hive hovering there unfinished, drawing my attention.  Now, I had walked these same halls 3 days a week for the last 2 years, and never really gave this sight a second thought, but this day was different.  I walked up to the Administrator and opened my mouth...and said (this was so scary for me!)
"I'm an Artist, and I'd love to donate my time to finish that mural for you".  She said, " I thought you were a Massage Therapist?" Funny...

I handed her one of my postcards with my painting "Mother and Child" on it (the one on my sidebar) and her face lit did mine!  I came to realize that I will only be respected as an artist, when I respect myself as one first!  What a leap for me....but I've been waiting a long time to overcome the obstacles in my own mind...

Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of them in there...just trying to find the strength to tackle them one by one...  Believing that I AM an artist was a pretty big one for me : oP

And so,...I procrastinated at is my usual mode....but when I started to feel like apologizing for not getting started, I decided instead, to just START!

What was supposed to be just a "Finish What's There" Project turned into a Whole Wall Full Blown Mural, covering up completely what was previously there!

I went on the weekends and did a couple hours at a time.  The wall is not smooth, so it made painting details and outlining a bit more challenging....but I'm soooo glad I did this!

It makes that wall so happy now!  ....And the school's name, after all, is Happy Hippo Preschool :)
It feels so good to create for the sake of creating, for the enjoyment of others, just because I CAN!

Thanks for stickin' with me through that tale.  Long, but significant in my emergence as a true Creative!  I appreciate your support and the inspiration to take flight!

Smiles all Around!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Giveaway Results and New Creations

Hello All!  Hope you're having a wonderful week so far.  The sun is back with a vengence here in So. California....already enjoyed a icey cold popsicle (coconut)!  I have a few things to share with you today....

But, first thing's first!  I hope you all had fun at the Mad Tea Party this weekend!  I had a blast putting it together, though the quality of the photos would have been so much better if I had access to Photoshop Elements!  Our darn computer is running only very basic settings.  My Hubby has decided to "build" us a new computer....he started last night, but accidently broke a little part it's back to the computer store :)  Sounds of "Dang it", "Crap" and "no, No, NO" could make some worry....for me, it's just the sound of things getting done (eventually) Lol!

The Tea Party was such a great event to be a part of.  I thank those of you who stopped here for a Dream and a cup of tea....and welcome to my New Blog Friends who have wonderfully agreed to continue this journey in Blogland with me :oP

  I decided to let my "Alice" help me choose the winner of the drawing for these earrings! 

I wrote all the names on pieces of paper....

..... and presented her with the cup :)

She took her time picking  the one "her fingers told her to"

....And the winner is:

Congratulations, Mermaiden Creations!

Can't wait to get those to ya  : oP
In addition to those earrings, I have some new pairs in my shop....Take a quick peek at a few :)

I have some new art to show you, too!  Have you heard about something called the Diary Project?  I learned about it from my friend Jamie over at Hybrid J.  In a nutshell, artists, illustrators, anyone really, chooses a date to design for next year's  calendar.  It's a really cool way to be a part of a collaborative effort and a free way to advertise what you do.  I found it a bit of a challenge to work only in black & white....but overall, pretty happy with the results.  I chose my birthday.

I'm also happily in the middle of a trade with the wonderful Micki Wilde at the Secret Hermit Studio and Illustration!   Her art is so cute and quirky...collages and mixed media pieces....funny little animals....She just opened a new Etsy shop filled to the brim goodies!  She loved that stuffed whale I had made for a different swap and asked if I would make one for her. 


Ssssh! Don't tell her....but here's what I made!

She loves frogs!

Here's the back.

Did you see? The fabric has dragonflies on it.

I saw this button and knew I had to incorporate it in his creation!

When I get her exquisite painting in return, I will excitedly share it with you~!  My ever-supportive Mom has told me to start offering kits to make these little guys in my store....what do you think?

Thank you again for checking in with me today...I'll see you again soon :o)
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