Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Nutty

I meant to do this post sooner, but I've been running around getting last minute stuff done.....

You see, I leave tomorrow morning at 7am for 3 whole weeks!  3 weeks of camping, hiking, sight-seeing, browsing and general lolligagging :)  I'm looking forward to being among the trees and recharging that something inside me that needs fresh air and bird songs...that loves to experience that humbling peace from standing next to a Redwood Tree older than the Civil War.... I look forward to it....I do......but.....this is the first time I've been away from my Blog for such a long time!  Never been away from all of you that long!  I'm going to miss you so!

I'm afraid that 3 weeks in Blogland will be like 3 months here and I'll fall out of favor with'll slowly forget about me as I tromp around looking for Banana Slugs and'll see a painting that reminds you of someone you knew once upon a time, Carmen you think her name was.....

Okay, okay, so I'm being over dramatic! But I do worry about providing you with visual delights and entertaining reads, y'know.....I want you to like coming here!  Your visits make me happy!

....And so, I shall offer you a bit of something to gaze upon, a little giggle, perhaps, and a promise..... :)

Here is a 2nd little Stuffed Guy I made for Micki over at The Secret Hermit Studio.  I made a free hand pattern of a squirrel in profile.

I used 2 different fabrics, felt arms, and like the frog, put a leaf and a button on his bum :)

....But, how do I know this is a boy squirrel, you wonder?  Any guesses?

Let's just chalk this up to a lesson learned.....give any future squirrels TWO legs and TWO ears!  I decided to send him to her despite his...ahem....flaws :)

Can't wait to hear what she thinks of him...haha! Hope he gave you that giggle I mentioned before :oD

And now the promise...I'll come home renewed and refreshed ready to create upon my return!  I always have a ton of new ideas swirling around inside my noggin after trips like this!

So, don't forget about me because.....
I'll be baaaahk!

xo, Cam


Theresa MacNaughton said...

Your little squirrel is just fabulous! Enjoy your time away! We won't forget you. :) Theresa

Justina said...


La Boheme Magique

Lauren said...

That sounds like a great trip, have a wonderful time!! I will still be here to visit when you get back! Love the squirrel, I bet Micki is going to adore it :) ~Lauren

Micki Wilde said...

Cameron I love you so much!!!
I have deliberatly avoided looking on your blog until now in case you had posted about our trade!
I am laughing so much about the squirrely because you know what? I totally hadn't even noticed at all until you pointed it out, so funny!!
I absolutely love everything you sent, you are far too generous, I only hope you love the painting and are not disappointed when you get back from your trip.

Hugs for you wonderful lady

Micki x

Josh Healy said...

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