Thursday, January 31, 2013

Intentions Reaffirmed

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting with me and voicing your support regarding last post's fundraiser for M & L Hockman Ranch....
I love animals and am happy that my art may able to help some in need.  "Ray of Light" is still looking for a home with 100% of the proceeds going to the Ranch.  You can view the listing HERE.

So, you remember I spoke of my Word of the Year, Intuition, a few posts ago, right?  Well, I've really embraced this whole concept. I've been reading about what words others have chosen and their reasons....and then an idea formed!

What if we had something we could have around us to gently remind us of our word?  Sure, journals are fantastic....but you have to go open them......large art pieces are incredible, but hard to bring into a cubicle or magnet to the fridge.
I wanted something not only pleasing to the eye, but a way to reconnect with that focus we wish to hold throughout the year.  Something with a bit of sparkle to invite casual glances, and a lightness to keep thoughts free from feeling guilt. Even having a place to write an inspirational thought or two.....

This is what I've created, so far :)

Real, old dictionary entry.  Space to add your own inspirations :)
Pretty heart beads and a bit of gypsy flair :)
These are available in my Shop now....
I planned on having many more finished, but with my trying to get items researched and listed in the Vintage Shop, in addition to regular "mom" duties, I should be happy I have these done :)
Hope you like them!
If any of you have a word request, just leave me a comment with your email address and we can discuss the details.  Thank you again for giving me a place where dreams come true and friends cheer you on!  Blogland is an amzing place...made so by the people in it!  Thank you!
Follow your heart today,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

M and L Hockman Ranch 1st Annual Artist Event!

I've been soooo looking forward to this day, Fellow Animal Lovers!

Today is the brainchild of the wonderful Kitty Hockman....owner/operator of M & L Hockman Ranch.  Her idea was to bring together creative, like-minded folks to make art of any sort for the benefit of animalkind.  The pieces were to be inspired by the Ranch and/or the critters that reside there.  You can read her description HERE.

Kitty wants animals to be helped so badly, that proceeds of the sales could be donated to any animal charity of the creator's choice.  The monies did not have to go to her facility! Gotta love her :)

Of course I decided I would give 100% of the sales of my piece to Kitty and her beautiful furry friends. I've gotten to know her and her brood at her blog and am just smitten by them all....

I mean look at Jax and Merlin up there with her....such handsome boys! 
...and this picture of Merlin with his mate Leona.....adorable!

I enjoyed reading through past posts and getting to know everyone better.
I saw this gorgeous guy and thought that maybe I'd paint Lucas (below) or Laverne and Shirley?

That is Shirley above.
Or maybe Pretty Meggie (whose name reminds me of my daughter Maggie).

Or Elvira, the hen with an awesome hairdo :)

I was taking notes and drawing quick sketches as I read each post.....and then I happened upon a photo that just instantly put me at ease.  Fi was just a kitten herself (less than 6 months old) when Kitty took her in as a feral cat.
Much to Kitty's surprise, Fi had a litter of 4 little black and white cuties not long after arriving.  I used a photo Kitty took of Fi (which I can't seem to find now) lying comfortably in her bed enjoying a ray of sunshine.
I couldn't help but think the whole concept poetic.....
A cat that once had no home, now finds a warm ray of light to bask in and a human to love her.  Kitty was her ray of light when Fi had none.....
This is a mixed media painting created on an 8 x 10 inch canvas panel.
It is entitled, "Ray of Light"
It is available in my Etsy store with 100% of the sale going to M & L Hockman Ranch. 
Also, from Sunday, January 27th to Wednesday, January 30th, I'll be donating 20% of all sales in my shop to the Ranch.  So, even if you prefer to purchase a pair of earrings rather than art, you can still help :)
....and, if you don't see anything in my store you like, Kitty has an Etsy store, too.
There are other Participants, as well, so please visit her site to see what other lovely items have been created for this event.
Well, thank you for sticking with me through this important post.  I'm so happy to use my art for a good cause...and to have Blog Friends like you to share it with!
Have a fantastic week....and please give your furbabies an extra cuddle from me :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I've been SomeWares

Hey Bloggy Sistas!

I've been a busy bee and am finally able to share some fun news with you!  My Mom and I have discussed opening up a little Vintage Store on Etsy for some time now....and, well....we've finally done it!

It is called:

It is still a work in progress as we catalog our wares, photograph and research them....and then finally put them on the shelves.  I do hope you stop by from time to time if you are a vintage loving, thrift store scouring, kitsch Queen!  I will do my best to put new wares in there every day or two.

A few of my favorites in there right now:

Also, the Big Hockman Ranch Artist Event is this Sunday, the 27th.  (See the white Horse Button on my Sidebar ----->)
I will reveal the art piece I painted inspired by the Ranch then.  100 percent of the proceeds from its sale will be donated to Kitty Hockman and her animal family.  I will also be offering to donate a portion of the sales from other items in my Etsy store that week to Please, Please be sure to come back to see what all the fuss is about :)
I'm going to bed now (early for me at 11:30pm), but I promise to come visit you tomorrow!
Lost SomeWares in a dream riding a rescued unicorn into a coffeehouse....sounds like fun, huh?!,

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hello My Friends!

I don't know why I'm having such a difficult time getting back into a routine after the Holidays.  I'm trying not to be too hard on myself or carry around guilt about unwritten posts and unfinished ( or even started, for that matter ) projects.
Perhaps easing into it all again is best for 2013 is a vast pool of possibilities...and I'm standing on the edge working up the momentum to dive in.....
I have a feeling that once I'm completely drenched in it, I'm not going to want to get out :)

There is a lot of excitement in the air and I've been giving some thought to a Word for the Year.  Other Bloggers and Creatives have been choosing a special word to help them focus on their goals ahead.  I've never felt that one was necessary in previous years, but this time, there has been one that has surfaced and presented itself on more than one occasion. 
...and when I ponder feels right :)

My word is....Intuition.

I want to listen to it more, trust my inner whisperings and believe that there is a purpose and path I naturally know how to get to....if only I would get out of my own way.
I tend to worry too much about what others think I should be doing or overthink things to the point of procrastinating.  I want to take a little less head out of my decisions and put in more heart....more soul.

Something my soul has long wanted to do is take Art Classes.....I'm finally listening!
I will turn 40 in April and asked my Hubby to make my Christmas and Birthday presents be a big Art Conference in May.  My Mom and I signed up for 5 classes over 4 days.  I couldn't be more excited!!  Perhaps some of you are planning to be there?  Please let me know if you are....we could have lunch or dinner together if we're not in the same classes :)

You can find out all about it here :
Create Art Workshops

I'm also proud to say I finally finished a painting sitting on the sidelines.  Remember this fox on my desk back in October?

Well, here he is with his rusty coat on :)
He makes me want to do some more classic, simple animal portraits.
He is in my shop if there are any fox lovers out there :)
Well, My Dears....this post has felt really nice to write.....I think I just dipped my toe in and am finding the water just right :)
Love to you all,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The seeds.....

Happy New Year, My Bloggy Friends!!

We rang in the New Year with my parents.  We reminisced about the past and laughed about funny things that we all remembered.  We hoped for happiness and confidence for the younger members in the family....and had gratitude for another year of possibilities, adventures.....and well, Life!

Let's make the most of our days, My Dears!
Here's to a year of beauty :)

8 x 10 inches on canvas panel
Dragonfly Dreams,
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