Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doodle Doodle Do

Hello, My Friends!

I wanted to pop in and share some doodles with you from my assignment for the next 21 Secrets Workshop I'm taking.  It's called "Draw Happy" by Jane Davenport.  She is incredibly talented.  I think you'd be doing your eyes a favor by checking out her work :)

Anyhoo, the very first thing she showed us was her little formula for the way she doodles faces.  After watching the video, I immediately grabbed the closest piece of paper I could find...and drew this...
The face is based on her method...the rest is mine...
She asks us to embrace the mess, not be afraid of mistakes....and just keep drawing....
Because the Muse, she claims, only finds us while in the midst of creating!

I love that :D

So, I found a piece of bristol paper (since I don't own a journal...haha!) and decided I'd try a few more faces and see what else decided to show up...
Well, I didn't have trouble filling the page...haha! 

I forgot how freeing it can be to just sit and draw for drawing's when you were a child.  You weren't thinking about selling stuff or what others might think of did it just for you!

It was interesting, though....I thought it was all random at first....and then realized that what was coming out was a bit deeper...

You see, today is my birthday.  I've been wrestling with nagging thoughts about my future...

Aging... I'm quite certain I'll be dressing up in silly costumes til I'm 90...though I might not fit into the same ones :D
My purpose....will it ever be fully realized?

The feeling of losing my vitality... (What happened to the Sex Kitten and....Oh no, who let all the sparkles out of the box so soon?!)

Saying goodbye to my Youth, when being dark and brooding was cool....
...And just feeling kinda blah, in general....I usually LOVE my birthday....look forward to it!

This was the first time ever, that while walking downstairs, thinking about what I was going to pack for Maggie's lunch...I saw a note from my Husband wishing me a Happy Day... that I remembered it was my birthday!! 
Yep, I knew it was coming, but it didn't even cross my mind....then again, I knew today was Trash Day, too...and I totally forgot to put that out, too...haha!

My Hubby wanted to take me out for a nice dinner, I asked to go to Del Taco instead and use the rest of the money to get art supplies...heehee!  It really is the gift that keeps on giving :)

Thanks for taking a peek!
I'll be back with more soon...

Luv ya' and...thanks for the kind ear,

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Day at the Fair - The Renaissance Faire, that is...

Gramercy for joining me here, Dear Maidens and Knights!

As quite a few of you already know, my family and I visit the Renaissance Faire every year.  We dress up and enjoy the sights and sounds of a time long past.  You can read last year's post here.

But this year was extra special because my daughter, Maggie, joined us for the first time!  I think I was way more excited than she....this meant I could dress BOTH of us...haha!  I just love to wear fun costumes :)

I gave her a couple options....peasant girl....pirate...gypsy.....and told her whatever she, chose I would be, too.

Here's my darling girl in her Gypsy Best!

I got the top and vest at the Thrift Store...the rest I put together with items from my Cosume Bins (yes, I have more than one...heehee)...and the feathered hairpiece I made the night before with silk flowers, feathers, a gold coin charm and hot glue.

My Mom and Dad were both searching for the perfect hats to compliment their garb this year.

This was a contender.

But this was the winner....

This is the hat my dad found.....his solemn face is supposed to be him "in character" :)

My Girl had a full day of adventures!  She rode a Flying Dragon......

She and our other kid companions saw Jack Sparrow (a good lookalike, anyways)....

She marveled at a huge puppet in one of the parades....

She procured a weapon and vanquished a giant :)

We had a wonderful time together!  So much so, she says she wants to go next year....

I can't wait to see what costume she chooses next time...heehee! 

I hope you all enjoyed time with your families this weekend, too!
All my best to you Lords and Ladies....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting with Soul

I'm excited to say, Dear Ones, that I've completed my first course at 21 Secrets!

I decided that I would take Tamara Laporte's (from Willowing) Collage, Paint and Soul class.  She has such a loose and effortless style that combines quotes, words and whimsy...along with a healthy dose of introspection...something I've felt really drawn to lately...

She told us to find connection with this piece by writing directly on the paper, any thoughts, issues or affirmations important at the time...  In the past, I may have skipped this step entirely, especially since it will be covered up anyways...but I wanted to take the time to do things "right".  I needed to do this, to not only get the most from this course, but to charge this piece with a bit more emotion than my usual creations.
(Don't worry, I don't expect you to read it :D  I just wanted to prove that I did it...haha!)
We were then told to incorporate an animal that held some special meaning pertaining to our journaling.  Because my words spoke of being genuine, questioning the legacy I'm leaving behind for my daughter and filling myself up with light in all aspects of living, I chose the Crow.
The Crow/Raven wisdom includes:
~Rebirth without Fear
~Comfort with Self
~Ability to find Light in the Darkness....among other wonderful things.  Without getting too mystical on ya', I'll just say that Crows are clever and beautiful birds...not a bad choice when wanting to emphasize positive changes :)

Tam's art includes quotes, handwritten organically around the page to pull the whole theme together and give greater depth and strength to the piece.  This is also new for me...I almost chose not to write on it, I liked it so much just as it was...but, deciding at the beginning that I was going to stay true to the instruction...I went for it!

...I'm really happy with it!  Tam's way of working flows so naturally...I still over-thought and over-complicated what should have been simpler...but it is something I will definately try again! 

BTW, she is on 11x14 inch watercolor paper.

I'm finally able to join the festivities at Paint Party Fridays, for once ( I rarely post on Fridays) please pop on over there to see how others are putting paint to good use! 

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you guys?  I hope that you are all giving me that embarrassed little shoulder shrug that kids give parents when asked if they know how much they are loved :) ...and just in case there are a few of you out there who are sure I couldn't be talking to them...I am

Really and for truly,
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