Wednesday, September 29, 2010

House Painting

Hello, My friends!  Thanks again for coming back to visit!

 It seems in light of the new home prospect, houses are finding their way into my creations, too!

This is my latest Mixed Media you like it?

8x10 inches on canvas.....kinda cute...kinda cozy :)

I love all the texture and pattern I get with this a lot of fun visual interest.

That's an actual button for the doorknob....just makes you want to go in, huh?

Mushroom Cap Cottage is in my shop waiting for a new neighborhood to move to :)

On my art table sits more little houses in the works....

Which reminds me....did I forget to show you guys this?!  Shame on me!!

Isn't it adorable!  This is the piece I received from Micki Wilde at The Secret Hermit in exchange for the frog and squirrel stuffies I made a few months back! 

I have it hanging near my art desk....

I love that she used pages from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to make it! So cute!!

Nice to have talented friends!  I'm always up for a trade if anyone is interested!

Anyway...just a quick post today to give you a looksie at what's been on my mind....heehee!

Hugs to you all!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hoot Hooray!

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful wishes regarding the House!  It is exciting news....just trying to reserve all out celebration until everything is finalized :)

Anywhoo....I've got a couple little things to cheer having Photoshop back!!  Woot Woot!

So, if I go a bit crazy with the filters and effects, forgive me...I've just missed it so!!! ;oD

My daughter and I finished planting and decorationg the front porch...
I love it when flowers and Seasonal Displays greet me at my door!

We did a bit more inside, the piano...
Nobody plays the darn thing...and it takes up soooo much wall space, but my Husband won't let me get rid of, it's just shelf space for fun stuff.....

Like these pics of our "relatives"...heeheee

But the biggest thing I'm cheering about today is having a new art piece to share with you!!! Yippee!

I've been in an Owl Mood (pun, intended :D) as I'm sure you've noticed by my new blog wallpaper of choice :)

This is "Darker Still" 6x6 inch Mixed Media on Canvas

I'm really happy with how it turned out....felt really good....quite natural, which is huge for me, since I'm still learning how to work with acrylics and this whole "anything goes" concept!  Probably send this to my Swap Partner for the Halloween Spooktacular swap :)

This is the scanned image....always hard to see any metallics this way...but I used golds and coppers in his feathers and lots of rusts in the original prepping of the canvas....

Hope to be back with more soon!  Have a fantastic Weekend :)

Smiles all around,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here Comes Halloween!

It's been another week already?!  How does that happen so fast sometimes? 
Thanks for being a lovely reason to resurface from my busyness to take a breather :)

Well, the new happenings around these parts is an impending move.  Y'see, we've been in the market for a house for over a year now....knowing that if we didn't purchase something now, we might not have another opportunity down the road...  We missed the chance last time housing prices were low by just not being able to pull it off financially.  Well, it looks like we will be calling ourselves proud Homeowners in the very near future :)  Probably be moving in the 2nd week of November... sooooooo, it's safe to say that things are going to start to get hectic with packing, purging, preparing for the Holidays, etc....

So when my daughter asked if we could decorate for Halloween now...I thought it was a great idea!
I want her to be able to really enjoy herself before all the changes start to come...

It'll be our last time to go all out before we get used to a new neighborhood and new nooks and crannies to dress up in a new house....

So, I've begun my magic...hooooohoooohooohaaahaaaa!!

I'm hosting a Coffee and Candle (PartyLite) Party this Sunday, so I wanted to keep the decor a little less cutesy, but with a definate vibe of Halloween fun :)

I'll show you more when we finish getting the outside, I have a Halloween Swap in the works to reveal to you, as well....

Happy Haunting Everyone.....Heeeheeeheee!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Autumn Inspired

It's cooled down a bit here....and it's making me so happy!  I'm so ready for Autumn to come!

In the spirit of preparing for the Magic and Macabre of the Season, I thought I'd indulge in some projects to get me in the mood!

These are a pair of earrings I've decided to call "Exotic Spice"....

Lush with freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones in colors of cinnamon, pumpkin and spice!

I entered an Autumn Bookmark swap (I'm having so much fun making these little things!) and made this using watercolors, stamps and gold embossing powder.

Speaking of handmade bookmarks, this is what I received for the Woodland Themed Bookmark swap...

Isn't it cute! Cindy Brown read that I love dragonflies and ladyslipper, she made this just for me :)

Up next is a project I started 5 years ago!  It has been "almost done" all this, last night, I just decided to finally take it out, put on the finishing touches....and finally call it DONE!

This is "The Goblin Queen" 10x13 inches watercolor and ink...

Surrounded by her minions and sinister pets, she reigns the Dark Forest dressed in her rich gown of Ghoul Green and Phantom Violet :)

Bring on the Fall!  What are you up to that's Autumn Inspired?

Happy Creating!
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