Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Art is Deadly a good way!

Day of the Dead, that is! 
I was in the mood to paint some calavera catrinas girls this week.  After lots of controlled lines and small details on the mermaids I've been doing lately, I felt like splashing a little paint around!

Here's the Series all together.....

Each is a 6 x 6 inch gallery wrapped canvas.
This is "A Flower for the Dead"
I  used vintage dictionary pages on them and incorporated the defined word into their names.
This is "Lost in a Memory"
....and this is "Eyes that Haunt"
I wanted her to look a little spectral with her sheer veil and thin features....but then have these big, captivating eyes....
Of course, her word is "Haunt"
Hope these get you in a spooky kinda mood ;P
Oh, but wait, I almost forgot to show you something new I'm trying out! 
What do you think?
I think these would make great teacher gifts, a cute way to dress up a gift bag or a wonderful companion to a bookstore gift card.
I've updated the shop to include these new offerings :)
Hope you are having a creative weekend!
Lotsa Hugs!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jump in, the Water's Fine!

This week is the last call for all Mermaid Swappers!
If you have already emailed me, keep in mind that the last day to have your envie postmarked is Friday, Sept. 21st.  It can arrive anytime after that.

I've had people ask me if it's too late to join....Nope.
You can email me on Friday and say, " I'm running to the post office, I want to send you a mermaid, what's your address?'
Well, you probably won't, but you could :)

When a mermaid comes in, one of these new girlies might go out in it's place....

Sea of Stars
Little Star
Ancient Symbols
Narwhal Love
I've painted 18 mermiads so far....and still have 6 more to have enough for all who are participating.  If you did intend to join in, but Life has gotten too hectic, please just let me know.....
If I'm able to paint a few extra, I'll list them in my Etsy store :)
Well, I gotta run!

Give your family, friends, narwhals, etc a big hug today!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Update

Hello All!

So glad to have you here again!  I've been keeping busy, busy, busy!
This is my favorite time of year.....and my mind won't stop swimming with new ideas....and my to do list grows perpetually longer :D

Here are some things that have crossed my work desk lately.

2 more mermaids in progress.  I've been getting some wonderful pieces from talented ladies who have signed up for my Mermaid Swap.  There is still another week to get those mermaids in the mail! 
I will do a huge post at the close of it to show off all the lovely things that are now mine, all mine....mwuahaha!
Hmmmmm.....these look interesting!
All the brown is pigment ink from hand aging a million witchy jar labels for my shop.  You can see them there in the photo below.
There also sits a little black lump.
I had an old empty spool and wondered what it would look like if I added a head and threw some clay over it all.  I think he turned out quite nicely :)
I just love making black cats.  I've made some before, if you remember....and I'm sure there will be more in my future ;P
...and what of those weird golf tee looking things from before?
Well, they became these!

 For the discerning Collector to enhance their Cabinet of Curiousities!
These items are sitting on the shelves of my humble shop.
Thank you so much to all of you who come back here again and again to visit with me! 
 Having you as my peers and friends makes doing what I do so much richer...
.....and a whole lot more fun!
Candy corn kisses,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Letting it Come out in the Squash

Hello My Beloved Bloggy Friends....

Sorry for my absence.  I've been up to my gourd in pumpkins lately!
Harvested from a bag of felt scraps and a box of random buttons....I have made my own patch....haha!

10 in all....each a little different...
...with varying expressions...
 ( I love the face on that one on the left. If he had legs, I'm sure he'd have run away by now....haha!)
Oh, but look at what's on their butts!  My very own label!
Makes them look so professional, don't you think? 
I bought them on Etsy HERE :)
I have fun making these fellows....but have to admit, I need a vacation when I'm done....
My neck takes a toll from the constantly looking down....
So, I'm off to relax a bit, but I have something new to share with you!
All the love and care of the bigger Jacks....but in miniature!
....and portable!  That's right. Pins!
A new idea....and there are more swimming around in that noggin of mine :)
These guys are all in my shop, if you feel like picking a pumpkin or two....heehee.
I'll be around tonight to come visit with you all.
Now, to go relax my head for a bit!
Love ya bushels and a peck,
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