Friday, July 26, 2013

We're Back!

Hello Dear Bloggy Friends!

How I missed you!
It's hard to believe that we're almost in August already! Our vacation was just right....enough time to linger and enjoy all the sights....beautiful weather....and a new camera to break in! Heehee!

We took over 1400 pictures!  I couldn't believe it myself!
Fear not, I won't show you all 1400...but, this post will be chock full of be forewarned ;P

Most of our travels were along the coast from Oregon to Southern California, so we visited many beaches and stopped at a ton of view points.  It is amazing how the coastline changes depending on where you are.

There were natural formations like Arch Rock:
....and Devil's Churn:
There was regular sand:
Black sand:
....and no sand at all! 
 Just sea pebbles and smooth driftwood....and an agate or 2 if you hunt for them :)
I searched for some while Maggie and her Daddy built a really cool structure.
Some beaches had great tide pools:

Those are anemones that Maggie is touching.

Some had great hiking opportunities:
This is Wedding Rock. 
 The above picture was taken where the arrow below is pointing.
  I've circled a person on the side of the cliff for scale.

Some beaches were great for stacking rocks:
All were beautiful in their own way :)
We got to enjoy lakes, rivers and streams, too:

...and gorgeous waterfalls, as well:
I was able to meet up with some Blog Friends on my travels,
Maggie and I went to her sanctuary on a drizzly day to help with chores.
This sweet boy is 1 of 3 horses Kathleen cares for. 
His name is Jax.  What a Love!
This is the 2nd time I've been lucky enough to spend time with
We made it an art/coffee date :)
Here we are with our works in progress.....
Wonderful Jenny Wentworth who is also a Blogger/Artist,
was able to sneak away from work to join us for a bit.
(Photo courtesy of Heather...thank you!)
In addition to making art, there was art to appreciate all around...

Yes, the water is purple!

A 3 tiered treehouse!

I'd love to own that car :)
And then, there is art in motion....animals! 
I really wanted to see how close I could get with new camera and take some neat pictures of them.
I caught him just as he turned his head and the light hit his eye :)

Roosevelt Elk fawn.

Never seen a slug like this before. It resembled tree bark.

I never realized just how cute porcupines are :)

We got to do some fun things!
Maggie decorated her bike for Independence Day and
rode in the Parade at the campground.
And....she also was the only girl to participate in the Banana Slug Races!
3 kids caught slugs to race.  Maggie is holding "Lightning - The Wonder Slug". 
We even made a pennant to cheer him on...haha!

They put them in the center and the first one to crawl out of the outer circle won. 
That giant, spotted one was the winner.
We visited Oregon Caves for the first time:

We saw a Sumeg Village:
I got my big behind in there...but it wasn't easy!

We made sure we acted silly from time to time, too!

Another great Summer of memories!
It's good to be home, though.  Maggie starts 2nd Grade in just 2 weeks! 
 Time to get back on schedule :)
I brought home lots of fabulous sea glass and treasures.  I'll be re-opening my Etsy store with new hairclips and that painting from last post for sale.  At this rate, Christmas is just around the corner!
How has your Summer been?  I'd love to hear what you've done!
Hugs all around!  Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end of all those photos!! Haha!
Now to finish unpacking and continue vacuuming sand out of the car....
Sunny smiles,
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