Friday, July 26, 2013

We're Back!

Hello Dear Bloggy Friends!

How I missed you!
It's hard to believe that we're almost in August already! Our vacation was just right....enough time to linger and enjoy all the sights....beautiful weather....and a new camera to break in! Heehee!

We took over 1400 pictures!  I couldn't believe it myself!
Fear not, I won't show you all 1400...but, this post will be chock full of be forewarned ;P

Most of our travels were along the coast from Oregon to Southern California, so we visited many beaches and stopped at a ton of view points.  It is amazing how the coastline changes depending on where you are.

There were natural formations like Arch Rock:
....and Devil's Churn:
There was regular sand:
Black sand:
....and no sand at all! 
 Just sea pebbles and smooth driftwood....and an agate or 2 if you hunt for them :)
I searched for some while Maggie and her Daddy built a really cool structure.
Some beaches had great tide pools:

Those are anemones that Maggie is touching.

Some had great hiking opportunities:
This is Wedding Rock. 
 The above picture was taken where the arrow below is pointing.
  I've circled a person on the side of the cliff for scale.

Some beaches were great for stacking rocks:
All were beautiful in their own way :)
We got to enjoy lakes, rivers and streams, too:

...and gorgeous waterfalls, as well:
I was able to meet up with some Blog Friends on my travels,
Maggie and I went to her sanctuary on a drizzly day to help with chores.
This sweet boy is 1 of 3 horses Kathleen cares for. 
His name is Jax.  What a Love!
This is the 2nd time I've been lucky enough to spend time with
We made it an art/coffee date :)
Here we are with our works in progress.....
Wonderful Jenny Wentworth who is also a Blogger/Artist,
was able to sneak away from work to join us for a bit.
(Photo courtesy of Heather...thank you!)
In addition to making art, there was art to appreciate all around...

Yes, the water is purple!

A 3 tiered treehouse!

I'd love to own that car :)
And then, there is art in motion....animals! 
I really wanted to see how close I could get with new camera and take some neat pictures of them.
I caught him just as he turned his head and the light hit his eye :)

Roosevelt Elk fawn.

Never seen a slug like this before. It resembled tree bark.

I never realized just how cute porcupines are :)

We got to do some fun things!
Maggie decorated her bike for Independence Day and
rode in the Parade at the campground.
And....she also was the only girl to participate in the Banana Slug Races!
3 kids caught slugs to race.  Maggie is holding "Lightning - The Wonder Slug". 
We even made a pennant to cheer him on...haha!

They put them in the center and the first one to crawl out of the outer circle won. 
That giant, spotted one was the winner.
We visited Oregon Caves for the first time:

We saw a Sumeg Village:
I got my big behind in there...but it wasn't easy!

We made sure we acted silly from time to time, too!

Another great Summer of memories!
It's good to be home, though.  Maggie starts 2nd Grade in just 2 weeks! 
 Time to get back on schedule :)
I brought home lots of fabulous sea glass and treasures.  I'll be re-opening my Etsy store with new hairclips and that painting from last post for sale.  At this rate, Christmas is just around the corner!
How has your Summer been?  I'd love to hear what you've done!
Hugs all around!  Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end of all those photos!! Haha!
Now to finish unpacking and continue vacuuming sand out of the car....
Sunny smiles,


somewhere on the avenue said...

Fabulous post, and what a great holiday. The beaches looked fantastic so much to see and do. Back to normality now! xx

amy said...

What a great family time (I'm jealous! no family vacations here). I love the photos of all the different beaches--thank you for sharing. What sort of camera did you get? I'm coveting a DSLR...

Lisa Graham said...

It's so great to see you back. Your family time away looked like one big incredible adventure!

Micki Wilde said...

Love the photos, they look so crisp and clear!!
Even we managed to get away to the beach in hot weather this year and we didn't even leave the UK, had lots of fun too!!

Great to have you back in bloggy land x x

Debi said...

Your photo's eminent me of " the goonies" Devils Churn is fantastic! Brave young Puddleduck in the canoe! Bravo!
Purple water! Was that in wine country? Lol
Porcupines , tree houses, and that wooden door! Oh my!
I must revisit the photo's once again! Happy you and your lovely family is Safe and Happy! xDebi

Kristin said...

YAY! I was hoping to see your pictures! AND 1400, I'm totally not surprised, I would do the same :)
BUT I LOVE your shots - love the horse, the deer, the porcupine, Maggie on the tree, that van! and all the colors. It looks like you had a wonderful time - AND you met up with Heather! I met her in person last October too! She's such a sweetheart, right?!
So happy you're back - and just in time - I can't believe you have only 2 weeks left before 2nd grade - doesn't seem long enough!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Well hello there old friend! I don't know why but I always imagined when you went on your massive summer journey every year that you were in the woods somewhere in a tent. Now I understand why it is such an amazing trip! Beautiful pictures, and the fact that you got to meet up with art friends on your adventures is so amazing!

Carmen Wing said...

Ours have only just broke up for the summer so we are looking forward to a trip to Scotland, a weekend to Hastings and a few days out :-)

Oh I love your photos! All those different beaches, the stone piles and that fabulous structure. Gorgeous photos Can but so good to see you back :-)

Fallingladies said...

Wonderful photos, so much to show! Loving the photos of stacking rocks!!! and that close up bee one is perfect! I would love to go in that cave too!and the beaches, wow, the beaches!!! Glad you all had so much fun!

Magic Love Crow said...

Welcome home! Wow, what a great trip! I love all the pictures! That cliff was high! I wouldn't go up there! LOL! Lots of construction going on at my house, but I am going away next week for a couple of days! Yepee ;o) Take Care ;o)

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Awesome photos! I wish I was somewhere not so hot right now and I could cool down in that ocean. :) Nice to have you back!

Getrealmommy said...

Beautiful pics!!! Looks amazing. You have a talent with the camera! FYI-yes I would gladly welcome a credit to your esty shop!!!

Laura said...

What a wonderful vacation! There are so many blogger friends I'd like to meet, that is cool that you were able to meet up with some of yours. I love your photos! The dragonfly is my favorite!

Joyce van der Lely said...

Wow what a post, great to hear all you have been up to this summer. Of course it's not summer here and I have mostly been working, you know you can check out my blog and FB pages to keep up to date with the exhibit I organised for the kids art and the schoolholidays classes I taught. (only 2 weeks here for winter) Tomorrow term 3 starts here and I have a load of stuff planned as well... Thanks for sharing all your photos with us. Love ya and glad you're back Cam !! xx

Rachel said...

Woweee! It looks like you guys had an amazing time. You certainly made loads of brilliant memories. :-)

Loved seeing the photos, you've got some great ones. That little baby fawn is so cute.

Kyra Wilson said...

Welcome back, what a trip!!!

Erin K said...

Yayyyy!! Welcome back! Looks like you guys had one amazing trip, not a wonder you had taken so many much to see. Those are some increadable nature and animal shots. The one of the bee is amazing. How did you get that close?
Wow, only two weeks left till school...nope not certainlly enough time. Wishing your daughter a wonderful year in Grade Two! Love and hugs, happy weekend to you, Cameron!

Marfi-topia said...

your trip was gorgeous!
you took some amazing photos!
you all look so good, thank you for sharing them.
cant wait to see your new creations.
I've missed you!

Unknown said...

Love all the photos, what an awesome vacation!!! Your girl will never forget it. Glad you're safely home. Hope to see you again Cameron, loved meeting you and Heather!!!


PiaRom said...

Oh Cameron, I enjoy your wonderful trip by looking all the cool photos you have taken! So beautiful and fun! Thank you so much for sharing! I love the sculptores on the beach, the sweet horse, the pink water (whatever it is;) and the black bird and so on and on...We are having our big journey now..we go to italy again...luuv it :) Hugs to you ♥ Conny

Sartassa said...

It's funny how the landscape changes during the trip. At first it reminds me of Greece, then it's a little bit like England or Ireland.. then again the sandy dune beaches look like a place I've been to in Lithuania. Looks like you've packed a ton of beauty into your trip :D
The next pictures of the Waterfalls and Lakes look a lot like where I stayed at when I lived in the states (SC) ... oh how I miss that country!
Your new camera takes great pictures (though of course, it's not only due to the equipment, the artist has to be honored too ;p)
How did you travel? Campervan, did you stay at Motels/Hotels? As a passionate camper, I'd like to know what's best when traveling through the states.

Treehugger_31 said...

Welcome back! Your vacation looked amazing. All that beautiful scenery...the beaches...the creatures you encountered...lovely!!! I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time!

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