Friday, June 25, 2010

The Little Girl in the Garden - and GIVEAWAY! **(Extended)**

Somewhere not far from here.....on a moonlit night in a little bed....

A little girl sleeps soundly in a quiet house.....

A peaceful sleep....while dreams of childhood games fill her mind....

...of dancing in the wind and spinning and swirling about....

....of laughter and of butterflies in her hair....

Dizzy from twirling, she spies a pretty green door....

....with a mysterious invitation to "Join us in the Garden"....who is this "us" she wonders to herself....

She finds her way to the little Garden and a table waiting for its guests....

....bedecked with pretty plates....

...fancy food and sweets to delight and savor...

...and tea ready to be poured....

"Welcome to your Dream," says a strange Lady in a large, feathery hat, "share a cup of happiness with Rabbit and myself." 

"This is MY dream?" asks the little girl unaware that she was all the while, comfortable in her bed.... "Of course" answers the Lady, "What will you do first?"
The little girl licks her lips at the sight of the goodies before her....

.....but before settling into her seat....she gives a long and deliberate blink.....she is out of her fancy dress...the butterflies alight to new perches...and she sits, ready to a most sensible change of clothes.
...."I'll start with that cup, please...and pass the sugar...I like sugar!"

..."As you wish, Sweetness....and a dash of cream to make your happiness richer!"

"I'll not have such long sleeves and poofy layers slowing me from devouring these yummy sweets...even if they are only Dream Things!" she smiles.

The Lady laughs out loud with approval...

...the candles glow....
....the fairies...

..and other friendly folk are present....

....the tea is sipped....

....the sweets, indeed, are devoured, as evidenced by the face of the little girl :)

"What a delightful dream," she utters full with cakes and berries and lots of happy thoughts.
"Yes, thank you for coming," the Lady replies wistfully. "Now it's time to send you back."
The Lady approaches the little girl with outstretched arms and envelops her in a warm, cinnamon-scented embrace....because the girl's shirt told her to....
...and away she went back to her cozy bed, in the glow of the moonlight, in the quiet house....
But, if one looks carefully, I'm sure a bit of cake crumb can be spotted on her content, little face :o)

So glad to have you in our Dreams and Realities!  It is always a treat to have guests!
As a special thank you for your visit and support, I'd like to give each of you a chance to win a pair of earrings made by me :)

The are sterling plated chandeliers with an antiqued finish....sparkling and pretty in party colors of garnet, teal and clementine gold.  Fresh water pearls add lustre, as well.

To enter the drawing please leave a comment after this post with email information AND you must be a follower of this blog (please tell me you are in your comment).  A winner will be chosen Monday, June 28th and notified then! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Tea Hopping Saturday....until the next dream....

P.S. Thank you, Vanessa, for hosting this incredibly Mad Event!!!

***EDITED 6/27***  I have decided to extend the deadline of the Giveaway to Wednesday, June 30th!
This being my 1st year participating in this wonderfully Mad Tea Party, I didn't realize just how many parties there would be and how long it would take to visit as many as possible :)

In the interest of allowing more time for guests to arrive, I will choose a winner and post Thurs, July 1st.  Thank you to those who have entered so sorry for any confusion!  

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whale of a Project!

So, I ventured a little out of my comfort zone for a Whale themed swap.  We had to make something with Fabric and something with paper...all pertaining to whales :) Again, please excuse the unedited photos.

I decided to hand-sew a little whale friend for my Swap Recipient.

The fabric started to unravel after I turned him inside out, so I had to super-reinforce him> My supportive Mom said the stitches just looked like barnacles :)

Um...and he turned out a bit skinny...haha!

But, I hope his imperfection just adds to his charm :o)

For the paper project, I decided on a collage.  I decoupaged patterned papers and used acrylics to add more color.  The stamps that I carved were used to add a subtle wave pattern to the water and the tail stamp was cut out from cardstock and adhered under one of the layers of water....along with a surfacing friend that I made from cardstock also.

Of course, I used glitter...heehee!

I framed the piece in pieces of sea glass and added a ribbon for hanging.

Fun to do something different every now then.
All my best to you...thank you for checking back in with tickles me to be able to share my projects with someone besides the cats!

I wish you all my best,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Night Magic

Just a quick entry to show you the ATC I finished for a swap...."Night Magic"

I'm doing this post from my parents' house because our computer is yet again, kapoot!  I think I had mentioned before that I felt that it was not truly "fixed"...simply waiting for the other shoe to drop...
Well, it ended up being a boot!

So, excuse the photos, please...they're more raw than usual since I usually crop and enhance them for your viewing pleasure :)

The theme for this ATC Swap was the Moon.

I painted 3 cards side by side again, but instead of painting different images, I painted the same one....then cut them and assembled it to give it a 3 Dimensional look :)

Of course, I used lots of irridescence and sparkle :p Though I don't think you can see it here.....

Hope the recipient enjoys it and that you liked it, too!

Best Wishes,

P.S. My meeting with the Metaphysical store went well....I now have some art, hair clips and my Mermaid ATC's on consignment.  Cross your fingers for me :)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello Everyone....

I'm having one of those days where your mental agenda spins like a hamster on a wheel...over and over again in your mind....

All the things that I need to do, want to do and should do, collide like bumper cars vying for position.... So, I'm gonna do things a little differently today.  I wanted to spend the morning creating a little something new to post here since I haven't shared anything with you since last week....(and I do SOOO Love sharing new things with you) but, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

I have a lot of new things going on,'s the short list:
 -I have an appointment with the buyer at a metaphysical store called Visions & Dreams tomorrow....while I'm terribly excited about having my work available in a retail location, I'm not fond of leaving things on a consignment, I thought I'd mark things way down for Wholesale pricing just to have some cash in hand, not have to worry about keeping track of what sold and what didn't, and move out some older stock in favor of not storing it any longer (and making room for new creations ;o) 

I made peace with this decision, but my Hubby (who is out for the Summer already and shaking up my morning routine..haha) is telling me that I'm selling myself short and not making what I'm worth, etc, etc..... I think it's better to take what I can get now, than wait around for the possibility of more later...does that make sense?  I had a business in the past, and I have quite a few pieces left from way back then....out with the Old, eh? :)

     - I'm spending a few hours every weekend painting a mural on my daughter's preschool wall.  This is the big news I alluded to in an earlier post!  I'm actually doing 2 walls.  I'm getting near completion on the first :)
How this got started is a pretty funny little story that I'll share with you when I post the finished product.  Here's a sneak peek....hee hee!

     -I have committed to a whale themed Swap on Swap-bot and just finished carving some stamps to use in the project....alas, I haven't "tested" them yet.

     -Just bought materials to make some Plushies (stuffed dolls) and I'm at the stage of..."Okay, Cameron, you have everything now...get moving!" So, that'll be a future post, too.

    -Oh, and we finally have ripe tomatoes. (I'll just put a picture of them up right now and call you

So, as you can see, I have my fingers in lots of pots!  I hope to have some exciting pictures to put here for you all!

Thanks for reading my ramblings...I needed to check something off my list today!  Hope your week is productive and bright :o)

Off I go again, Cam

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty Paper Scraps!

So, My Friends, I hope your weekend was lovely....

I did a little scrapbooking and had a bunch of little scraps left over and decided that this time I wasn't going to throw them away :)

I made these!

Do you like them? I cut various shaped rectangles and rounded the top corners, glued them to cardstock and embellished with glitter, paper flowers and jewels....

I put these on another sheet of cardstock and attached a stamped message to the back.

I decided to make them able to hang on gifts, as well as, come with envelopes large enough to hold them so they can be mailed or given that way! Finished, they are 5x6 inches. I hope to have these in my shop by the end of the day!

Sorry to run, but got called into work earlier than my regular shift today!

Talk to you soon :o)

P.S. Yes, these sweeties are in the shop now!
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