Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whale of a Project!

So, I ventured a little out of my comfort zone for a Whale themed swap.  We had to make something with Fabric and something with paper...all pertaining to whales :) Again, please excuse the unedited photos.

I decided to hand-sew a little whale friend for my Swap Recipient.

The fabric started to unravel after I turned him inside out, so I had to super-reinforce him> My supportive Mom said the stitches just looked like barnacles :)

Um...and he turned out a bit skinny...haha!

But, I hope his imperfection just adds to his charm :o)

For the paper project, I decided on a collage.  I decoupaged patterned papers and used acrylics to add more color.  The stamps that I carved were used to add a subtle wave pattern to the water and the tail stamp was cut out from cardstock and adhered under one of the layers of water....along with a surfacing friend that I made from cardstock also.

Of course, I used glitter...heehee!

I framed the piece in pieces of sea glass and added a ribbon for hanging.

Fun to do something different every now then.
All my best to you...thank you for checking back in with tickles me to be able to share my projects with someone besides the cats!

I wish you all my best,


Hybrid J said...

Absolutely loving your whale. He looks shy but very cute. (I'm blowing him kisses all over, hahaha!) You're so talented.

And also love the ATC card in you earlier post. Love the wordings.

Guess we're on the same page re our computer. My laptop (after the 2nd fix) is playing up again, hence no blogging and email at home. Contemplating if I need to call in another quick fix or just go ahead to get a new one, hmmmm ...

Anyway, you're doing so well ... Fantastic. Keep going!!! :D

Marty said...

How cute! I love the little heart patches on him...and his cheery cheeks, of course! :)

Thanks for letting me know you got the package. Do take your time, because I know how busy things can be--but a week from now sounds great!

Rebecca Everett said...

That whale is the cutest and the painting is awesome. Great blog!!

Lauren said...

They both look great! The whale doll is adorable, love his little pink cheeks :) And the mixed-media painting is lovely, I really like how you framed it with sea glass. The recipients are going to love them!! ~Lauren

trisha too said...

Your stuffie IS charming, and your collaged whale--gotta love the glitter!!

Yep, cats generally aren't particularly appreciative of any project they can't eat or sleep on . . .

Micki Wilde said...

Wonderful whales, such fun!!

In answer to your question on my blog I used different printing/printers for all items lol

The postcards were done via vistaprint (love their glossy finish)
The badges and magnets via a wonderful person on etsy who has been doing printing for years.(buttondiva)
And the gift tags were printed by me at home on my hp photosmart printer (one of the best investments yet, I also do all my prints for my shop via this too)

Hope that answers a few questions for you :)


Micki x

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful. I love the little pocket with the heart ; )
The paper collage turned out great. I love the colours and the glitter ; )
Have a wonderful day.

Micki Wilde said...

Hi sweetie, I use the HP vivera inks, love them, the paper I print on is called 'black diamond' canvas paper, I tried and tested a heap of different papers and inks before settling on those ones, i'm quite fussy when it comes to my prints. The animals on my gift tags are printed onto a different card but I don't recall the name of the card right now!
Hope that helps a bit?

As for the painting trade, send me an email(my address is in my blog profile)and we can discuss it ;)

Micki x

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