Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Quick Check-In

I can't tell you all how much I've been missing you!  How much I've been longing for some normalcy ....and of course, what an adjustment moving to this house has meant for us....
We are all sharing a bathroom because the Master Bath needs a bit of work, we've replaced the garbage disposal, and the dishwasher and have dug up 3 Palm Trees in our yard :)

We are still without TV and Internet!!!
Therefore, I'm doing this post from my parent's house....wanting to let you all know that I am alive and ticking....and hope to return to Blogging soon!

I'm hoping the Holidays have been wonderful for you and your families...and I thank you for so much for your well wishes and patience!

Through all the unpacking and organizing, the thing that has been last on the list was the room that would be known as my ART Studio....
...until 2 days ago :)

I finally got my supplies out of their boxes and within easy reach of creativity :) I used my old plate hanger as shelves to keep my glitters and other fun stuff out and available...

It feels so good to have all my artsy stuff out and my fingers are itching to get dirty again!

I am really excited about having all this space!  Mine, mine...all mine (insert evil laugh here)

My daughter has her own table with her supplies, as well! (So, now I don't have to put all my stuff away to let her have room to create....heehee)

My Hubby has promised that he'll be making a decision soon about an Internet the meantime, I'll be trying to make new things to share with you, and I will most definately continue to think of you fondly!

I apologize in advance for not being able to respond to your replies or emails immediately.
Please know that I appreciate your friendship and I
can't wait to catch up with the new things in your lives, too!

My Best,

Friday, November 5, 2010

GoodBye (for now)

Hello Dear Friends!  Wow!  It's really time for me to do this post....

A post where I sign off for a while to attend to real Life...
.. .
the paperwork for our new home has been signed....
It's time to pack up all our memories
and start afresh...
Time to say Goodbye :(

Goodbye to our ugly mint green door. 
 I'm not sure why the Apartment Complex chose this odd color for our front certainly would not be my first choice...but is now etched into our minds...and photos :)

Goodbye makeshift mantel.....
My main area for Seasonal Decorating...

The focal point and backdrop for so much of the important milestones in our lives...
..and the first thing you see as you open that ugly green door....
But now...

It's already reverting back to the empty walls it began as....
....before a Marriage and a Family transformed it into a Happy Home....

That front porch has been my little stage through 9 years of Holidays and Celebrations!

                                               From Western Themed Birthdays.....

To Autumn Welcomes...
I have always enjoyed making it something to be proud of...
Despite that green door...haha!

So now, I get to pack up our (messy) Lives into tidy brown boxes and make a change...

...a change of address, a change of scenery.....
... a change of proximity to those I lean on.... (we'll be so much farther away)
...and, yet, I am not having a change of Heart :)
As emotional as this move is proving to be.....thinking of all the things we'll be leaving behind....

It is also solidifying for me, that relationships are not defined by the miles between us, but by what we feel in our Hearts...

...And that what makes a Happy Home is not the 4 walls we reside in, but the people who reside there with us! 
(Don't you just want to call your spouse right now, or give your child a great, big hug?!  Go ahead...They deserve it.....I'll wait!)

Here is a look at where our new Memories will be created....

The plants are dead and neglected....
The house sits empty...waiting for the sound of laughter to fill it once again :)

Where my daughter will come home to after school....
....where my Hubby will be doing yardwork on the weekends....

...And where my new stage will be...
to welcome Friends and Family.

(That furniture was left by the previous owners)

....And ugly Mint Green Door!
Though, I will miss that door....and all it represents in my memory soooo much!

So, Good-bye Dear Friends... least for a little while, as I get things in order around here...
and make the biggest move of my Life :)
I'll have so much to share with you upon my return!
Hugs to you all,

btw:  I've changed my email address so I won't lose touch with anybody:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks and Treats

Hello All!  Hope your weekend was filled with laughter and Spooky fun!
Ours was superb, also, thank you for asking!
Come take a look!
We waited a little late this year to carve our Pumpkin....but, it was a nice way to keep little hands occupied while waiting for darkness to set in!

This was her first time carving a pumpkin....and she loved it....inside and out!

We gave it a test run with a glow stick and a dark hallway! He was frightfully friendly all aglow.

As night approached, costumes and make-up were donned....

....and the perfect "begging puppy" face was practiced!

....and look who decided to show up for some Halloween adventure.....
The Dog Catcher! (Daddy)

Our puppy was just too fast for him :)  She didn't know he was going to dress was such a nice surprise!  Her squeals of delight were music to my ears as she ran around avoiding The Net!

....and Hoo else decided to join in on the festivities?

2 more Owls flew in just in time for the fun......

I'm afraid they couldn't stay long....they used my place as a stopover whilst journeying to their new homes :)

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead....with kindness in your hearts and smiles on your faces!
I'll be thinking of you and sending out extra good cheer your way!
My best,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Add a Touch of Glass to Your Do

Hello Everyone! 
 As promised, I'm bringing you the pics of my newest Sea Glass Hair Accessories :)
I know, I've been chomping at the bit....checking back daily....fretting....wondering when they'll be unveiled......
Well, your wait is finally over!! I'm just having some fun with you....but, maybe, just maybe.... were wondering about them a little, tiny bit? Hee hee :)

Isn't that one above so pretty...I found some gorgeous Olive Green glass this year.  It looks stunning paired with copper. 

Those are 2 amazing pebbles nestled between the glass there, similar enough in color to be matched up, but different enough in design to make them each unique!

I really like to do these random color pieces....makes it so easy to wear with jeans...and gives those bits of rare glass (like the little blue ones) a chance to shine!

These little green beauties measure just an inch and 1/2 each (about 4 cm).  They pack such a gorgeous statement into a tiny package :)

This one is lovely in shades of sea foam and wrapped in gold tone wire.

This is one I created a while ago, but LOVE sooo much!  Like an Ocean Mosaic, it's like scooping sand into your hand and pulling up this treasure....all kinds of shiny and beautiful bits all in one place!

I like to imagine this in the hair of a Bride getting married on the Beach :)

There is some of that lovely Olive Glass again, this time between soothing coffee browns....

This one is so special....elongated, thin pieces fit together like a staircase in the clouds and showcasing one subtle shard in sea spray blue. (say that 10x fast...haha)
This is one of my favorites...pitted shell and stone....such wonderful texture....all natural colors....even that purple one on the end!

....and last, but not least, this Wintry Gem is soft in whites...and a bit edgy wrapped in a punk snow princess...haha!

Hope you enjoyed them...

They are now in my shop for your Holiday gift-giving consideration *wink*

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!! I'll be "sea"ing you soon.... (the dork in me, yet again) ;-D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Friends

Hello all!
 Look Hoo stopped by....

                                      Some new little friends Hoo just want to say Hi!

Winky's the name of this playful gal....

...And Blinky is her sleepy pal :)

This garden owl is shy, little Maisy....

....made in sunshine yellow and covered in daisies :)

...And certainly Flora is an owl worth meeting...

...her vintage attire...

....makes a shabby heart start beating!

And now I've introduced you to friends new to this nest....
Please stay tuned to lay your eyes on the rest :)

These darlings are residing in my shop as we speak.

Thanks for bearing with me thru that...haha!  I was trying to be cutesy....though dorky seems to be working, too :D  I was hoping to have more to show you...but since I'm hand-stitching every single one of these guys, they're taking a bit longer than I expected.  I am planning to make a few more before I run out of time and actually have to start packing!

I'm also putting some finishing touches on more sea glass hair clips (a metaphysical store is carrying them now, too....and took all that I had)
So, I want to make sure I have a selection for all of you to peruse, as well :)

Thank you, as always, for sticking by me and supporting my need to're the best!!

Smiles, Cameron

Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Neighborhood!

Hello to all you Lovely Friends!  Hope your weekend was a good one!

I stayed up a little late on Saturday to paint, among other things...and was able to finish this! 

Welcome to "Cozy Street" :) 11x14 inch Mixed Media on Canvas.

This was soooo much fun to do!  I really enjoyed decorating the 4 little houses, playing around with each one to give them a personality of their own :)  I can definately see more of these "neighborhoods" in my future!

 I incorporated more crackle glaze into the mix (which I really like the look of)!

...And this time, I added a few more personal touches... These 2 little kitties in front are modeled after my own fluffy duo....1 black and 1 calico :) 
I did an old post about them here.

I used a page from an old dictionary for this door and one roof...the definition of Home...
Can you see, also, I used beads as the doorknobs.  I like the dimension and inviting feeling the little knobs there would be tiny furniture and the smell of cinnamon coffee cake wafting thru the house if only you could just turn that little knob and go in :)

....And this house is number 502...the same address of my childhood home...where all cozy memories begin!  My Dad's parents first resided in the home, and my parents still live there today.  It is the hub where everyone meets and chats and mingles, where cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. run around and play...
I felt it necessary to pay homage to my true "first home" while on the cusp of moving into our own :)
Love ya' Mom & Dad!!!

I have put this piece in my shop, fyi ;oD

...And this, my my new acquisition!! Isn't she so pretty!
My talented Blog Buddy, Theresa MacNaughton at Fairie Moon Creations
knew I was drooling over her and offered to do a trade (I just love trades....everybody wins!) She makes gorgeous jewelry and does wonders with yarn, by the might want to check her out if you're not lucky enough to know her already :)

I sent her Mushroom Cap Cottage, and I received this beautiful piece entitled, "Every Girl is a Princess".  I adore that title, too! Thanks, Theresa!  I will treasure her :oD

I hope to be back soon, but I fear my posts will begin to slow as we gear up to start the moving process....
You won't forget about me, right?!  Okay, good.... :)
Hugs all around,
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