Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blood Related

There is an old, dilapidated house on the know the one everyone walks quickly by. 
The stories say that once, a beautiful, young widow lived there. Her husband perished from a strange did the entire house staff. Townsfolk paid their respects, but when the "illness" began to claim them, as well, the poor widow was locked in the house from the outside. Lest the whole town succumb to her disease.

In honor of Butterfly Effect's Vampire theme this week,
I ventured to capture her likeness.....

This is "The Mistress of the House"
Layers of acrylic paint, prismacolor pencil and ink were used to create her portrait.  Though her features are based on vague descriptions from historical documents and scared recollections of the most elder members of town, I'm told I got her delicate neck and high cheekbones just right. :o)

Painted on a vintage oval canvas...she is currently in my shop where she lies in wait.....heeheeeheee!

When I first started painting, I started with watercolors.  Of course, my love for the macabre was not safe in this medium either :)

Moments after feeding, this Vampire Vixen manages to keep her dress unmarred, but wipes her mouth with the back of her hand...
"Forgot a napkin again," she muses.

I painted her in 2009 and thought she was, perhaps, too bloody for the fare I usually offer in my Etsy store.
But, since the Mistress moved in, I listed this Vamp, as well, to be her neighbor :)

...and, of course, the coupon code for 20% off is still applicable.
Enter THANKS2U at checkout.

I enjoyed sharing these beautiful, but deadly, creatures with you.  Won't you join in this week for some bloody good fun? ;P

Fangs for stopping by,

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Christmas in July!

Well, more like Halloween in May!

I've been working on a Halloween trade with Richelle of Rinni's Playground.  We are supposed to sculpt something for the idea, but then things got crazy around here and I was having trouble fitting in some clay time...

I finally managed to make this little Creepsake Box for her :)
This is Midnight.

Made with Paperclay, a styrofoam ball skull and paper mache box.

His eyes are filled with moonbeams in a sea of blue.

Under his box is a quick verse that says,
"The witch flies high
black cat by her side...
Spreading magic into the starry sky."

...and inside...

...the Magic Sprinkler, herself with Midnight in tow.

I hope Rinni likes him :)

In keeping with the whole Christmas in July title, I'm offering a pre-vacation Sale in my humble shop.
Just use coupon code THANKS2U for 20% off everything in the store!

We are getting ready to take our annual camping vacation.  We leave June 4th, so get your favorites now!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ball Together Now - Giveaway Winners

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're having a good week so far!
I wanted to thank everyone who visited during All Together Now and left me such sweet comments!  It's amazing how hard it is to allow ourselves to brag....but, the support and excitement I got from you all left me smiling from ear to ear!

I employed Maggie's help to choose the 2 winners for my Giveaway.
I wrote each of your names on a piece of paper.

We then balled them all up, like so...

The idea was to throw each ball at this bag until 2 went in.

See the hearts....cuz I love you guys :)

This one went in right away!

The 2nd one took a lot longer.

There were some wild throws....
....but we finally got both in!

And the Winner of this painting...


Heather Henry from Little Red Henry!

...and the Winner of the Set of 10 stickers...


Congrats, Ladies!!
Heather, I already have your address from our past I'll get your painting shipped off.  Lisa, I just need your address. Please email me at paintmyselfpretty(at)yahoo(dot)com.
Thank you!

Hope those of you who didn't win from me this time will be lucky in one of the other drawings!
So many talented people at that party!!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too....heehee!

All my best,

Friday, May 18, 2012

All Together Now!

I always hate showing up late to a party!

Then, again, I'm never the first and never the I guess that puts me somewhere in the chewy center of things :)

The rules of this party say we need to do a little braggin' about ourselves...not something we get told to do, I'll  do my best...teehee. It's all so exciting really, to sit down and talk about all the stuff you are proud of...and actually do right in Life.  Thanks, Amy!

So here we go!

My name is name isn't it?!  I've always liked it.

I live with the philosophy that everything will work itself out.  I go with the flow and avoid big crowds, over-packed schedules and stress by saying NO to a lot of things.  This certainly doesn't make me the most popular girl in the group, but it keeps me sane.  I still find myself running out of time as it is.
I'm a Mom to a little girl that makes my heart full and happy...and a wife to a very patient and hardworking man.

I wouldn't win any awards for my housekeeping or parenting....but, they love me anyways!
I am extremely lucky!!

I'm a pretty darn good cook, but usually opt for whatever's easiest most of the time.  Unless, I get a craving for something...then I can't rest until I make it and consume it....

I think I could eat dessert for every meal :)

I am an awesome costume designer and take pride in putting things together with bits of this and scavenged that.
A small sampling of my handiwork...

I made this dress by hot gluing fabric pieces onto a black dress from the Thrift store.  I painted the patterns and did some hand stitching to the patches.

A furry vest and some other white clothing gets the spot treatment...

...And I made my girl a bohemian Beauty at last year's Ren Faire :)

I have a great ability to just kind of throw things together and make them work.  I had never sculpted anything before, but one day, I opened a package...and made these!

Now, I'm not saying they came about easily or quickly...but, I figured things out as I played...
...and there really is nothing more satisfying than being pleased with your efforts. 
 Especially when it involves something new ;)

I dabble in felt and jewelry from time to time.

But my true passion, the one thing I can lose myself in, is painting.  I'm lucky if I can get a few hours a week in, but those hours are magical for me.... opportunity to unwind and to be alone with my thoughts. 
It's amazing to me that some colors squeezed from a tube and some bristles on a stick can be used to develop a picture formed in our souls....

I made this for one of you.
5 X 7 inches on canvas.

Dream with your eyes wide open.....

...because I don't want you to miss a moment!

I'm also giving away to another lucky All Together Now Partier, these great stickers I ordered from Moo!

There are 10 in this set.  I just love them! 
 They turned out so good, I put some in the Shop, as well.

Hope you are having a lovely time at the Party!  Please visit Amy and the other revelers to see what they have to brag about!

I must go add some ice to my Malibu Coconut and OJ.....and apply to my swelled head!

All my best!
Cameron (still a cool name, eh?) ;P

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tooting Underwater

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a chance to enjoy your weekend.  This week is going to be so darn busy, that I took the opportunity to do a quick blog post now and use the rest of the week to prepare for the BIG BLOG HOP SHINDIG that starts on Friday!

What Shindig you ask?
Take a look over there...see the button?

Amy is hosting All Together Now.  A wonderful opportunity to share what you do with everyone, and when I say share, I really mean shout from the rafters why it's awesome, why you're great and enthusiastically offer a sampling of your bodacious talents to those who visit!!  It's true!  Those are the rules :D

Please go check it out and join us for 3 fun-filled days of tooting (our own horns that is...whatever you do in private is up to you....heehee).  Hope to find you among the revelers!!

Now, on to today's post!
The theme over at Butterfly this week is Underwater.  I just so happened to have 2 unfinished paintings waiting for this little push.

They are both 5 x 7 inches on canvas panels.
This is "White Knight"

I didn't think it would be as difficult as it was to paint a white seahorse.  The challenge was to add details, some color and even a pattern to him...all while still keeping him coming across as white :)

This next one is called "Safe Haven".

I've always liked these little guys :)

They are both available in my shop if you'd like to take a looksie.

I have to run to pick up Maggie from school now...  
I'm sorry all my Drawing Lab people...I know I'm seriously underwater in my Lesson obligations, is on my list!

Have a great week and hope to see you at the shindig!
Here's to tooting big toots! ;P

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Mission...

...if you choose to accept it...

*Mission Impossible Theme playing*
Bum Bum Dudda   Bum Bum Dudda

Is to read through this very long post...
Are you up to the challenge?
It was Maggie's Spy themed 6th Birthday last Sunday.

In the sealed envelope on the left of the invitation, was a coded message...

Agent Maggie in her Field Uniform talking on her satellite phone, next to her briefcase of gadgets and sensitive files.

Before her fellow spies could report for duty, they needed to be processed....

After being gathered in the debriefing room...

they were told of their suspect.  The Puzzler.  Called such because of his penchant for riddles and cleverness.

Can you see how all the scenes of his crimes make a question mark when connected?

(My Mom is pointing to her own address that I posted as one of the Puzzler's previously known Safe Houses)

To heighten their reflexes, the Agents engage in an exercise called "Pass the Grenade" (a popper is tossed from kid to kid like Hot Potato to the Mission Impossible Theme.  When the music stops, the kid with the popper, pulls the pin/string, effectively" blowing it up" and sits down)

We then assigned code names.  Each Agent was called up to pick a slip of paper from 2 different containers.  When the 2 words were read together, these became their Code Names. Agent Daddy collected the ID cards from the processing basket and wrote on the Code Names as they were drawn. 

He slipped the cards into a plastic sleeve and clip and handed them to each Agent.
Here is Maggie's...

The Agents were informed that the Puzzler had stolen the Goody Bags!

...but he left a clue behind.  Agents were split into 3 teams and given their first clue.
Jim and I stayed up all night getting this next part ready.  We had 6 stations that sent the kids in revolving fashion on to the next.  We had 3 sets of clues (1  for each team) and started them at different points.

I apologize I don't have many photos of this was quick paced...and we had to employ the help of my family to man the stations and give instructions where needed.  My Dad is the family photographer and we made the mistake of putting him to work....oops!  Lack of sleep...I just wasn't thinking clearly :)

One station was a Laser Room made with curling ribbon.

I know it's hard to see back there.  We had them do an L of tummy crawling, side stepping and ducking over and under...they found the clue on the piano with their team # on it, then exited by crawling under the table.  They loved this so much, they all did it a few more times after the mystery was solved....
...and held a secret meeting...

In their envelopes, there was an encrypted code and a riddle that lead them to the next station. There, they found a legend to decipher the code.  This lead them out to the front yard where my Hubby was waiting for them.They had to tumble over a mattress put in the grass and over to the ammo/water balloons to bust open the Puzzler's lair.
(Again, I'm sorry I don't have pictures!)

From there, they were told to go to the bathroom (not actually go to the bathroom, Sillies....but just step into the room) where a backwards message told them to look under the sink.  A tape recorded alligator roar was waiting for them when they pushed play.
This sent them to the Alligator Swamp.  See the sign there on the right...

This was placed in the side yard.  Stepping stones and balance beams were placed over a blue tarp lagoon.  The team members had to all make their way to the end and place their hands inside a bucket of grubs (elbow noodles) to capture an insect (rubber, of course) and their next clue.

This sent them to our laundry room where this clue was waiting for them:

In the light,
   you’re as blind as can be...
But in the dark, 
you can clearly see!
(all our clues rhymed like wonder we were up all night...sheesh!)

They had to figure out to turn off the light.  A black light then made a clue glow where there was just a blank page before.

This one had (a picture of a pie) - e + (a picture of a can) - c + o
They had to figure out this says PIANO which led them to the piano room where the Lasers were.

With each new envelope received from completing a task, a puzzle piece was included.
When all the Agents went through all the stations, they met in the debriefing room again to put together their puzzle pieces.

They had to all work together as 1 big team now.  The riddle indicated that the Puzzler lured them all into this room so that he could destroy HQ with a bomb drop!

My Hubby reached up and undid the tape holding 80 black water balloon sized balloons (filled with air, mind you, I'm not that nuts...haha!) and the kids had to stomp them out.
A last clue was read saying that the Puzzler was baffled that we escaped and gave us back our treat bags out of respect....until next time....mwuahahaha!!

The Goody Bags were brown lunch sacks sealed with Top Secret stickers I made with that handy 'ol Xyron Machine. 
Inside were these cool pretend passports from Oriental Trading Company.
Compass rings
Play money
Chocolate coins
Mustache Pops
A magnifying glass
A pencil that said "Operation Birthday Team Member"
...and a stick on this :)

The kids had a blast!
....and when they all left, Jim and I had long overdue naps!

Happy Birthday, Maggie!  We love you!

A super, duper big hug goes out to my wonderful family and dear friends for their help in pulling this off...
...and to my brilliant Husband for making it all work!

Still recovering from Birthday Madness,
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