Monday, July 23, 2012

Clips and Stones

Hello Friends!
Thank you all so much for the Welcome Back is so nice coming home to you :)

While I was away, we did brief stops at 2 of my favorite beach combing spots.
We were able to collect some wonderful new pieces of sea glass, pottery, driftwood...


...and stones.

Sorting them made we want to dive right in and make more hair clips! 
So I did...heehee :)

I just love the crackling that aged pottery gets...and the pale green of that one glass piece is incredible.

I thought these lime zest colors looked like Summertime in clip form :)

I really like how the copper wire coordinates with the little shell in the middle.

I think this is my favorite...that one piece of pottery has a great sunshine yellow enamel still on it.

...but then there's this lovely clip...those blue and green slivers are so subtle, and yet, so special.  I do like this one a lot, too :)

...and then there's the stones.

Isn't it stunning?

...and take a look at these lucky finds <3

Can't be too lucky or find too much love :)

I am having a Christmas In July SALE at ye olde shoppe.  All these creations are currently on the shelves, if you are interested :)

I haven't had any epiphanies on what to do with the driftwood I've collected yet...

...have any ideas? 

Well, off to the Vet's to pick up Sally from spay surgery....then need to take Maggie to Karate class...
Busy, busy!
Big hugs,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home at Last!

Hey there, Hi there....Heeelllloooo!!!!
Yes!  We are finally back....and let me just say, I missed you guys!!

We were delayed a few days due to car trouble, but we got back late Friday night travel weary, but safe.  Despite a few hiccups, we had a lovely time!
Here are a few highlights... (if you are not a vacation photo person, click away now...this could take a while ;P)
But, before I get started, I wanted to share my new Blog Button with you...made for me by Sharon at Plumrose Lane!  Isn't it gorgeous!  Please take it, if you wish, (html code is on my sidebar) and consider Sharon for any of your badge, banner or background needs.  She does wonderful work!  :)

Most of you already know that we take this trip every year, meandering our way up the California and Oregon Coasts.

We stay in motels when we are just passing through....or in the larger cities that don't offer camping.  But, whenever possible, we stay in our trusty tent.  We just can't get enough of the fresh air, ancient trees, birdsongs during the day and bright stars at night. 

This campsite, in particular, was my favorite.
I loved falling asleep to the sound of the river below us.

A wonderful thing about camping is that it forces you to slow down a bit.  Everything takes longer ie., cooking, washing dishes, getting ready for, we don't feel the need to rush leisure activities, either.
Maggie and Daddy made a list of the animals they wanted to see in the campground.

She is coloring a butterfly.  Looks like she couldn't decide how many chipmunks to look for :)

We make it a point to return to the Redwood National Park every year to hike the stream trail in Fern Canyon.

Aqua socks are a must on this trail.

Oh, and it seems I'm looking for love in all the right places :)

Maggie adores water.  She's a little fish.

This was her first Summer without her floaties....and she is turning out to be quite a strong swimmer.

We drove all the way up to Seattle this year.

We saw the Space Needle.  We picnicked at the park watching people get drenched in this awesome water fountain.  It was actually cold and on the verge of raining at the time!

Some raindrops were sitting perfectly on this hydrangea....and I just had to capture them...

We also had fun in a Children's Museum nearby.

Maggie and her Daddy worked hard on their building project.

And made a house big enough for her to play in......

....we had fun with clay.

I made a slug in honor of these amazing ones we discovered in Washington!

Here's a view of Puget Sound on a cool, gray day.

 We visit lots of museums, aquariums and zoos when we vacation. They are filled with things my Science Teacher husband, animal-loving daughter and I can all enjoy.

I saw this sign in one of the Science Museums we visited....and it made me think of you, my beloved Bloggy Buddies...heehee!

While the photos of Maggie frolicking in water usually have Jim nearby, anytime there are animals involved, I'm right there with her....haha!  I just love touch pools and petting zoos :)

That's a baby opossum above.  We also got to pet a bobcat kitten :D

....and a puma kitten!

Maggie wants to be a Veterinarian  (of course, she does adds other things in the mix....Dolphin Trainer, Baker, Spy, Zookeeper....but Vet is consistently at the top of the list :P)

She sure seems happy around animals, that's for sure.

This apricot skunk seemed happy with her, too :)

We got the priviledge of seeing so many incredible creatures! 
 From this beautiful butterfly.... this wise elephant.... attentive Mother Swallow and her hungry babies.....

...a red panda...

....a tufted puffin....

....and a swan family....

Inspiration was plentiful...
From murals... sculptures.... architecture....

Palace of the Arts, San Francisco

Creative sparks were ignited :)
We celebrated the 4th of July in Salem, Oregon...

...and, what's more, I met up with blog friend, Heather Henry, while I was there!! She was so sweet and we shared a lovely chat whilst perusing the racks of a local consignment store and getting a bit of Fro Yo.  You can read about our meet up (and see some of her amazing art) HERE :)

So, despite a bit of car trouble....

Our trip was definately an experience to remember!

Because you don't get rainbows without a little rain :)

...and as long as we have eachother....

Life is Grand!

Thank you so much for missing me as much as I've missed you!  So glad to be back to share our adventure! 
 Now, I need to go catch, if you don't see me right away, please know, I'm making my way to you to give a big hug and find out what you've been up to lately!

Grabbing some coffee and stretching my fingers in preparation...haha!
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