Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fun on the Books

Hello everyone!
This post is bittersweet for me.  I love that I can join in one more week over at Butterfly Effect,  the theme is BOOKS....
....but, I'm going to miss you sooooo very much!

You see, we are leaving for our annual camping excursion, I'm going to be disconnected and unplugged from CyberWorld for a while.  Please don't do anything too exciting while I'm gone!  Then, again, it will be fun to catch up with all of you upon my return.

Plus, I'll get to subject you all to lots (and lots...heehee) of pictures ;-P

We look forward to being together, enjoying the great outdoors and getting away from the heat of the Summer every year.

I love trees, always have...and one of my most favorite things about camping where we do.
I was thinking about them at sunset when I tried coating book pages in black acrylic paint and smooshing (such a technical term, I know...haha) them together to see how the image would transfer to the other side.  The answer....

Not very well...but interesting to try.
Maggie was so intrigued by the whole notion of painting inside books...she wanted to join in.

This is her tree, complete with grass, sky, flowers, the 3 of us....and the words, "I love my family" :)

I also just played around with a quick face and lots of bubble wrap stamping....

Maggie told me her next page represented her room...and how we switched the blue, dark space into a bright and happy place for her. (You can read about that transformation HERE)

She added glitter as the last layer, which is hard to see here, but really does make the whole page sparkle.  I  was smiling to myself thinking how easily she grasps the whole concept of expression.  Proud Mama moment :)

Well, I guess that's it for now....
Need to finish cleaning the house and packing up the pantry, I better go, but I'll most definately be thinking about you!

Sandy toes and Adventure awaits!

See you Mid July!

Yep, you read that right!

Enough hugs to last you,
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