Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just in time for Halloween, I finished a painting of this guy!

It was different working on this piece because I usually work smaller...
....much, much smaller....haha!  I had Maggie sit next to it so you could see the size :)
I thought he was the perfect character to celebrate Halloween and usher in the winter Holidays, too :)
I wish all of you a magical, fun-filled Halloween!  For those who are dealing with terrible Sandy right now, my heart goes out to you....and I'm hoping you and your families stay safe, warm and dry!
Candy Corn Hugs,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party 2012...and Giveaway!

The Lady at the end of the street
is a Witch they say....
The kind you don't want to meet.

Her gate's full of rust,
her lawn is crabgrass...
There are cats in every window clawing at the glass.

But, inside the old  house, excitement was looming.
A visitor was coming,
the cats began grooming.

"She'll soon be here," the Lady said out loud.
The cats gathered around her and began to yowl.

"Let's prepare a delicious celebration,
filled with candy, cake and all sorts of temptations!"
"Gather the balloons, the teacups and plates.
We need to hurry now, no time to waste."

She bade the spiders to spin...

and the brew to cook,
as she consulted a recipe within her book.

"Sinister Black and Ghostly White,
Combine thine colors to give us delight,
Wing of Bat
Dust of Mummy
Whisker of Cat
...and make it yummy!"
A cupcake appeared and then there were more,
a whole table was set with treats galore.
The theme was white and black
with red to contrast.
The color of blood to warm up the decor.
A Little Girl dressed up as a kitty,
approached the old house at the edge of the city.
She had tricked and treated all Halloween long,
now the sky was shifting from nighttime to dawn.
"Just one more house," she wearily said.
"My bag is not full, but I need to get to bed."
She'd heard stories of this house before,
but the sweet smell of caramel beckoned her to the door...
She reached out her hand to give the bell a ring,
but before she could push it
the door opened with a creak.
A friendly Lady appeared in the doorway,
dressed as a Witch for the Holiday.
"Hello there, my Child,
don't you look divine!"
"Do please come in, you're right on time"
"The table is ready, this chair is so soft."
The goodies are fresh and the tea is still hot."
The Lady rambled on about this and that,
and once or twice she mentioned a cat,
but the girl just wanted to take a bite.
She found it so hard to be polite.
There were  marble cakes and berries,
and caramel apples on sticks.
What harm could be done by just taking a lick?
But just one taste and her vision turned blurry,
She tried to rub them but her hands were all furry!
She started to shrink and when she opened her mouth
instead of a scream, she let out a "Meow"....
 The Lady reached down and gave her a pat.
"I'm a real Witch," she cackled,
"and now you're my cat!"
If only the girl heeded the warnings,
and went home well before morning...
She learned too late, an awful truth.
Listen to your head and not your Sweet Tooth!
Thank you so much for reading our little tale!
That sweet Kitty above is our Sally (after the character from Nightmare Before Christmas).
This year's Halloween Party was the purrrfect excuse to have an actual Birthday Party for her....(my daughter was so excited....hahaha!)
Sally turned a year old on October 25th. 
To show you our gratitude for your visit, we'd like to offer 2 little prizes to you!
Handmade Bookmarks featuring some of my art :)
A Black Cat, of course....
or a crazy, unicycle riding, tea drinking Lady :)
We'll draw 2 winners from the comments below on November 2nd....
A special thank you to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for bringing us all together again for some mischievious fun!  Please visit the actual post to visit other partiers HERE :)
Sandpaper kisses and caramel scented hugs,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apologies and Amends

Hello my wonderful Bloggy Friends!

So sorry to be absent from my Blog,

...but preparations are  being made.

...delights are being planned.

This Saturday, a party ensues!

Magical Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist is brewing up another Halloween Bash!
Please stop by here to visit our festivities...
...oh, and, we'll have a treat or two to gift away, as well ;)
...Away I must go....cauldrons to boil and all!
Can't wait to have you over for a spell....heeheeheee!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello there!
I've been doing some pondering....and I've decided to have a sale!
Every single one of my Halloween items are marked down 25%! 

Yep, that means these....

(now just $22.50 each)
....and these...
(now $11.25 each)
and these guys....

(just $15.00 for the pair)
...have suddenly become more attractive....haha!
Have a Looksie...if you DARE!
Thank you!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
My Hugs are still 100%....heehee,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's on my Work Desk?

Wow!  In 3 years of Blogging, this will be the first time I've participated in Stamping Ground's cool little Link up!  It's fun to see what other people's work spaces look like...and since I actually have something in progress on it, I thought I'd join in :)

Now, I know that I said I was going to do something Halloweeny....being that I was weary of painting Mermaids and all...but, when I sat down to paint, there was not a witch or pumpkin in sight...haha!

In fact, I started pulling out some already started projects that I've been storing.  I had 2 chunky canvases with papers already layered on, I chose my palette, added more backgrounds, and sketched out my subjects....first in pencil, then in ink.... 
This is the one still in progress...
This is the one I finished this morning.
I love how the fox will be red/orange and the background green...and this one is the opposite. 
Last night, I was able to finish this piece that I sketched out last summer.
If I had 2 kids, I'd keep this one...haha! 
I know there is an owl-lovin' Mama somewhere with 2 kids that will click with this piece!  I'm hoping they will find eachother one day :)
Well, thanks so much for coming by to see what I've been up to!  I know I'll be having a date with a Fox tonight...and not my Hubby, either...heehee!
(Anyone else get such enjoyment out of silly little puns and sayings as I do?'s childish, I know, but I refuse to grow up!)
Have a looksie at the other workdesks today and see what magic is in the middle of being made :D
Warm regards (cuz it's friggin' hot here today...oh, and because I like you so much, of course!),

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tired of Swimming Yet?

I never thought I'd say this....
but I think I need a little break from Mermaids for a while...haha!

Though, when you see this little Sparkle, you might not agree :)
This is what  I received from Heidi of Little Nore.

Here's the last installment of Mermies that I've painted.  (Thanks to all the patient ladies who waited for their naughty Hostess to finish her end of the bargain!)

"Feeling Shy"

"Kelpie Princess"
"The Mer-Girl with the Sea Dragon Tattoo"
I know, I know...I'm a pun loving Dork :)

"Sea Turtle Dreams"
I can't wait to see who gets what!  It's always such a fun surprise to learn which Mergirl went where :)
Well, that's enough saltwater and scales for me right now...I'm going to see if I can squeeze out a bit more Halloween before it's all about Christmas gifts in the Etsy World!
Hope everyone's been keeping their head above water :)
Big Hugs,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

~Mermaid Swap Goodies Show and Tell~

Hello my wonderful and fabulous Bloggy Friends!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while!  Though I was warned against it, I started a studio re-organize thinking it couldn't possibly take so long....well....2 weeks and a few projects behind, I finally have a clean space to create in.  I now have a dedicated shipping area so I don't have to move what I'm working on aside to package up orders!  Loving it so far!

Anyways...on to why we are really here. To see some Mermaids!!
This proved to be an awesome swap, and though I am still waiting on one last Mermie girl from Heidi (she was sick, so I gave her an extension.....that's the nice thing about making up your own can bend the rules, too...haha!) I knew this was going to be a photo and link heavy post. 

I'll be sure to show you what Heidi sends on my next post.

You might want to go get something to drink...and maybe a notebook to jot down some newfound blogs.  I know I not only got to swap with some of my favorite artists and friends here in Blogland....but, I got the pleasure of meeting some new ones, as well :)

...Oh, and before I get started, I wanted to thank everyone for all the extras that were included in my packages!  I loved recieving each and every piece of mail and am just tickled that you all wanted to participate to begin with!
But, in the interest of keeping the pictures to a minimum, I am just showing the main/mermaid related art/goody for each participant :)

Okay....these are posted in no particular order....get your diving caps on...and let's go swimming!

Art by Marfi of Incipient Wings
Art by Sherry Gadel
Art by Debi at Puddleduck Grange

My first Mer-Crow art by Stacy at Magic Love Crow
Embroidered pillowcases by Heather at Ramblings from the Animal House
Art by Lynn at Sunny Room Art
Art by Lisa at The Wright Stuff
Art by Manon at Manon Popjes Art
Siren Paper Doll by Erin at The Mucha Cafe
Digital Art by Wini at Art, Love & Joy
Art by Joyce at Joyce's Art Blog
Painted Rock by Andrea at Falling Ladies
She said she tried to think of what a painted rock for a mermaid would look like :)
Art by Pen at Rosa Lily
Art by Frances at We Three 3
Art by Kristin at Twinkle, Twinkle
Art by Heather at Little Red Henry
Zippered Pouch by Amy at Salamander Dreams
Mermaid Paper Doll by Rachel at Wonderings
Art by Devon at Monkeying Around
Art by Natasha May at Natasha May Art World
Art by Trish Lovato
Art by Micki at The Secret Hermit
Great stuff, huh?!
I am one lucky mermaid lovin' lady right now...heehee!
Thanks, again to everyone who created a little mermie something for me!
And to you all for stopping by for a visit!  I just adore it when you do :)
Saltwater kisses and sandy hugs,
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