Friday, April 30, 2010

Am I going Mad?....Yes!

So I'm sitting here on my computer typing away when I hear clanking, rustling and an odd amount of giggling coming from the back yard.  Now, I live in an apartment where the yards are back to back, so the sounds of children playing, neighboring voices, household noises, etc.....are not unusual coming from back there.....even had oppossums digging around once....but this was different....

Like the tinkling of chandelier crystals and the scratch of metal chairs being dragged across concrete.....

Like the tromp of footsteps thru tall grass...and an eerie laughter...strange laughter....high-pitched then suddenly low and booming like something, or someone of a delirious nature....

I walk to the window and peer outside.  What on Earth could be going on out there?!

I don't see anything out of the ordinary, but decide to step out there and take a better look.  And then I notice it...a little mirror that wasn't there before.  So, delicate and pretty, I decide to peek in.

It looks like my garden, but things are a in it appears to have changed ever-so-slightly.....and instead of being clear, the reflection is hazy and much too bright!  I close my eyes, despite trying to keep them open...there is only white behind my eyelids...and when I open them....
Much to my surprise....

lay an array of colorful and magical costumes just beckoning me to wear them.....

and a gorgeous tea pot filled with, what I gather to be Cinnamon Tea....since the spicy aroma fills the air around me.....begs me to come closer.

Sweet offerings  and pretty fabrics adorn the beautiful setting.....

Even a cute brown Bunny has dressed up for tea.....

I'm enthralled and ready to join the celebration!  I smile and pick up a candy heart to pop in my mouth...when....*POOF*

It all disappears!

I shake my head in disbelief...and in dissappointment...who doesn't like an excuse to dress-up and play for a while?  I'm thinking I need to go in out of the sun...when the familiar, spicy fragrance of cinnamon wafts by me....and that laughter, again!....softer now...with an echo, as if in a dream.....

I hurry now, as if getting inside will make my hallucinating less serious :) But before I get to the door...I see this hidden in the Lavender......

It's For You!

Inside it says,
"Be Mad, be glad, be oh-so silly,
Come revel in your insanity,
Wear hats with bats and socks or spats,
Come dressed all willy-nilly"

"Don your mask,
And your glittery bows,
No need to ask,
For I already know....
Of course, I've saved you a seat!.... would you like your tea?"

Come join the Festivities on Saturday, June 26th
by signing up to be a part of this year's Mad Tea Party! The link is at the top of my sidebar. 

Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist is hosting, yet again!  I'm excited to be a part of get kooky and have fun.......being my first time, and all...hahahahah! (now, I'm the one with the maniacal laughter!!!)

Hope you enjoyed the prelude to the madness.....
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Here!

Hello my Friends in Blogland!! I've missed you so!  Without a computer, I've felt a bit like a Who in Horton Hears a Who....screaming, "I am Here, I am Here".... but not able to be heard :)....

I wish I could say everything is all fixed...we ran a few scans and saved some precious photos elsewhere, but have not wiped the whole thing clean.  The darn thing is mysteriously running normally....though, I'm just waiting for it to seize up again...  My thrifty husband wants to hang on as long as possible, then get a new, faster, don't be surprised if I suddenly fall off the face of Blogland when that happens (it took him 4 months to buy a car after his was totaled back in November).  Let's just say he's very thorough when it comes to checking out deals and weighing options........ah, Men, gotta love 'em, don't we... ;-P

To quickly fill you in on the happenings around here....

Started making gift tags.  I don't know why...just had the urge.
And of course, I'm not satisfied just making a handful.  I have to go out and get the 100 pack!  I sure had fun dyeing them, though! Such pretty colors.

Finished those journals I started decoupaging for the Art walk last month....phew, glad that's done!
Listed them all in the shop to find happy homes :)

Over the weekend, my daughter and I had fun making "Witches Brew" in the front yard....

 ....from various mystical ingredients like....
Sparkling Pixie Potion....

Bubbling Starflower Stew......

.....and Wishberry Nectar
Those things on the bottom are rice grains.  We had a dish tub full of it for her to play with when she was little kinda like an indoor sandbox...No judgement on my housekeeping skills, please, lol...but I just found it the other day stashed on the very tallest shelf in the linen closet.  Thought I'd get rid of it by letting her play with it outside.  Turned out to be a bad idea....big gooey mess when mixed with Witches Brew....oh, well!

But, enough of computer troubles, housekeeping tidbits and "what not to do with rice".... I know you all want to find out about the results from my super Duper FANTASTIC Birthday Giveaway *lights are flashing, obnoxious music blaring in the background* :)

Trying to think of a new way to choose from the 10 kind people who entered, I suddenly had a metaphysical epiphany....(don't worry, it didn't hurt) ....I would use my old friends....the Medicine Cards to choose!

There are 44 animal totems represented in the book.  I decided I would pick a card at random...if it were 1 thru 10, great...easy peasy.....if it was a greater number, I would add the integers together til I got a number between 1 and 10 (like in numerology...y'know 32 would be 3+2=5)

So I shuffled them....

mixed them....a lot!

Then spread them out in an arc in front of me. there a message I'm supposed to give the winner when their card is chosen?.....Hand hovered over the pile while feeling a great flood of gratitude...for all that I have....for finding a venue to connect with other kindred spirits...for being able to create, give...

Then I hand moving to the left and diving in....

26...Squirrel...The Gatherer

2+6=8!  I wonder who the 8th commenter was?

Peggy! Congratulations to you....and thank all of you who participated in my humble little drawing!  It is such a joyful experience to be able to come here, share what I love to do....and have others care that I exist and appreciate my expression.... For that, I can never thank you enough :)

As for you Peg, the squirrel sends this message,
"If Squirrel has scurried into your cards today, it may be that you are being told to honor your future by readying yourself for change. The message could be to lighten your load if you have gathered too many 'things' that do not serve you. These things can include thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses or gadgets that have been broken for years. In understanding the balance involved in gathering, you need to look at the idea of circulating the stock of what you've gathered.  Call the nearest Thrift Store & give the gadgets to someone who can benefit from them."

One more part I'd like to share,
"Squirrel has another lesson which can aid you if you observe what is obvious, and which can prepare you for anything.  It has to do with the safe place in which you put your gatherings.  This safe place is an untroubled heart and mind, and that which is gathered to put in its place is wisdom and caring.  The energies gathered will set your mind and heart free, so that you will know that all will be taken care of in its own time.  Apply this to your fears of the future and they will vanish."

There is more Peggy, if this speaks to you...I'd be happy to give you the long longer version ;-D
Please peruse the shop and pick the hair clips of your liking!  I'll get your info after you have fun choosing!

I'll talk to you soon, as long as the computer holds out. *mumble..mumble*

Take care, Everyone!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Sense of it all - A Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday is on better excuse for using the Creative Everyday Theme (5 Senses) to help me take stock of things to be grateful for...

Some of my Favorite Sights:

Colorful Koi swimming over smooth stones, creating gentle ripples in a clear, shallow pond

The warm reassurance in my Husband’s eyes on a particularly difficult day

The first noticeable clue of the changing of the Seasons like turning leaves, budding tree branches that were once devoid of green and that ultra-bright kind of sunshine that makes dark shadows below

My daughter’s smile

Sounds that Make me Swoon:

A myriad of birds chirping on a Spring morning

The song of a hauntingly beautiful female voice filling my soul when I want to feel feminine and alluring

“Mommy, I lub you”

Things I could Feel Forever:

An insanely soft, so soothing to rub, puppy ear

A breeze on my face, no matter whether it’s cool or warm, standing outside with my eyes closed facing the wind

The cold condensation of an icy glass that instantly revives you on a hot day

My daughter’s pudgy hand slipping into mine or her little arms around my neck

Some things that have Good Taste:

Coffee….I adore it, sweet and with a swirl of cream

Banana Sour cream Pancakes…my daughter requests these often, and though I follow a low carb eating plan, I can’t resist them!

The slight Sun screeny, salty flavor of kissing my little girl after a day outside. Though I don’t love that flavor, it represents childhood fun, safe and carefree :)

Smells that make me Smile:

A walk through an herb garden running my fingers over varieties of plants, then bringing them to my nose…mmmm lavender fingers…rosemary fingers….rose geranium…..

Damp, mountain air permeated with pine, soil and moss

Passing a bakery brimming with smells of different breads, pastries and fresh brewed coffee

Holding my daughter’s jacket up to my face…a mix of detergent, the outdoors and her, all rolled into one :)

I love my birthday...any day that others lavish me with attention is a good one in my book ;-p But as I get older, the difference between want and need becomes more clear. I don't need anything....and I realize what a luxury and blessing this statement really signifies!

My family and I are healthy, have little to complain about (though I sometimes have to remind myself of this a few times...haha) and are surrounded by friendships and beauty all around. 

**In celebration of another year of Life, I want to give the gifts to you!  Please leave a comment on this post to be considered for a drawing to be held Monday, April 26th.  The person randomly chosen for this drawing will get the Handmade Hair Accessory of their choice from my shop!  **

Thank you so much for checking in with me from time to time...your visits are another one of my Favorite Things :)

Health and Happiness to you and yours,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Memories are Made by the Passing Days

Spring break is coming to an end...and I have to admit that I'm looking forward to having the house to myself again in the mornings 3 times a week.  Wanna get back into a creative routine...though I don't have an art exhibition to prepare for, I'll be plenty busy :)  I have more of the pieces from it to put in my shop, some murals to paint on my daughter's preschool walls (more of that story to come), some trades that I've commited to (that I'm really excited to be a part of) along with some unfinished and new projects on the list to complete....whew!  The  part that astounds and delights me, though, is that I don't see this mental list of neverending projects as a deterent to DOING anymore...  it is more, now, a list of creative stepping stones that get me ever closer to the Life I want for myself.  I'm giving myself credit now for what my mind and hands do, rather than making the excuse of it not being "real" cuz it's not my "job"...

No job, other than Motherhood, gives me such profound self-discovery or enrichment as art does....and I don't get paid for being a mom, either... and it doesn't make me less of one :)

In fact, due to my daughter's cleverness, I have a new photo filter to share with you that gives such a dreamy, fuzzy quality to the computer required!  My daughter found it all on her own!

Who would've thought it would be Tupperware?
Turns out opaque buckets on heads makes for good photography.... 
Okay, maybe not good...but, funny, at least!  :-D

Bucket wearing was just one of the things we enjoyed on our walk yesterday.  It was a beautiful day!

We checked on our little front porch garden to see how everyone was progressing... The pansies are always a happy sight!

My Pumpkin Girl's beans have just flowered and are starting the process of growing lovely beans.  These will be sugar snap peas when fully grown.

She had received a "paint your own toadstool" kit in her Easter Basket, so we gave it a spot in one of the pots.

We inspected the trees for more fairy homes, as we've been fortunate to spy them before,

lots of potential locations, but no actual sightings this day :(

There is a large water fountain in the front courtyard of our apartment complex.  She likes to walk around it...sometimes finding sticks to stir the water with to make "witch's brew" .

A walk isn't complete without looking for roly polies. 

I remember the days when turning over a rock and finding a bug, or two, was so special.
Also tried my hand at rounded corners on my photos.  Do you like them better this way?  I'm still undecided.

Well, it's been nice having my 2 Beloveds home....but now I'm ready for a little "me" time.  Maybe that pedicure I didn't have time for last week :)  Heck, my birthdays coming up in a few days.... I think I can splurge!  Oh, and by the way, speaking of birthdays, Faerwillow had a cute little link on her blog regarding what type of tree you are and its meaning.
It turns out I'm a Maple...Here's what that entails:

MAPLE TREE (Independence of Mind) - no ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress

Eerily right on the money!

Check out what type you are:

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, too!
All my best,
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