Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Here!

Hello my Friends in Blogland!! I've missed you so!  Without a computer, I've felt a bit like a Who in Horton Hears a Who....screaming, "I am Here, I am Here".... but not able to be heard :)....

I wish I could say everything is all fixed...we ran a few scans and saved some precious photos elsewhere, but have not wiped the whole thing clean.  The darn thing is mysteriously running normally....though, I'm just waiting for it to seize up again...  My thrifty husband wants to hang on as long as possible, then get a new, faster, don't be surprised if I suddenly fall off the face of Blogland when that happens (it took him 4 months to buy a car after his was totaled back in November).  Let's just say he's very thorough when it comes to checking out deals and weighing options........ah, Men, gotta love 'em, don't we... ;-P

To quickly fill you in on the happenings around here....

Started making gift tags.  I don't know why...just had the urge.
And of course, I'm not satisfied just making a handful.  I have to go out and get the 100 pack!  I sure had fun dyeing them, though! Such pretty colors.

Finished those journals I started decoupaging for the Art walk last month....phew, glad that's done!
Listed them all in the shop to find happy homes :)

Over the weekend, my daughter and I had fun making "Witches Brew" in the front yard....

 ....from various mystical ingredients like....
Sparkling Pixie Potion....

Bubbling Starflower Stew......

.....and Wishberry Nectar
Those things on the bottom are rice grains.  We had a dish tub full of it for her to play with when she was little kinda like an indoor sandbox...No judgement on my housekeeping skills, please, lol...but I just found it the other day stashed on the very tallest shelf in the linen closet.  Thought I'd get rid of it by letting her play with it outside.  Turned out to be a bad idea....big gooey mess when mixed with Witches Brew....oh, well!

But, enough of computer troubles, housekeeping tidbits and "what not to do with rice".... I know you all want to find out about the results from my super Duper FANTASTIC Birthday Giveaway *lights are flashing, obnoxious music blaring in the background* :)

Trying to think of a new way to choose from the 10 kind people who entered, I suddenly had a metaphysical epiphany....(don't worry, it didn't hurt) ....I would use my old friends....the Medicine Cards to choose!

There are 44 animal totems represented in the book.  I decided I would pick a card at random...if it were 1 thru 10, great...easy peasy.....if it was a greater number, I would add the integers together til I got a number between 1 and 10 (like in numerology...y'know 32 would be 3+2=5)

So I shuffled them....

mixed them....a lot!

Then spread them out in an arc in front of me. there a message I'm supposed to give the winner when their card is chosen?.....Hand hovered over the pile while feeling a great flood of gratitude...for all that I have....for finding a venue to connect with other kindred spirits...for being able to create, give...

Then I hand moving to the left and diving in....

26...Squirrel...The Gatherer

2+6=8!  I wonder who the 8th commenter was?

Peggy! Congratulations to you....and thank all of you who participated in my humble little drawing!  It is such a joyful experience to be able to come here, share what I love to do....and have others care that I exist and appreciate my expression.... For that, I can never thank you enough :)

As for you Peg, the squirrel sends this message,
"If Squirrel has scurried into your cards today, it may be that you are being told to honor your future by readying yourself for change. The message could be to lighten your load if you have gathered too many 'things' that do not serve you. These things can include thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses or gadgets that have been broken for years. In understanding the balance involved in gathering, you need to look at the idea of circulating the stock of what you've gathered.  Call the nearest Thrift Store & give the gadgets to someone who can benefit from them."

One more part I'd like to share,
"Squirrel has another lesson which can aid you if you observe what is obvious, and which can prepare you for anything.  It has to do with the safe place in which you put your gatherings.  This safe place is an untroubled heart and mind, and that which is gathered to put in its place is wisdom and caring.  The energies gathered will set your mind and heart free, so that you will know that all will be taken care of in its own time.  Apply this to your fears of the future and they will vanish."

There is more Peggy, if this speaks to you...I'd be happy to give you the long longer version ;-D
Please peruse the shop and pick the hair clips of your liking!  I'll get your info after you have fun choosing!

I'll talk to you soon, as long as the computer holds out. *mumble..mumble*

Take care, Everyone!


miruspeg said...

Computers love playing games with us...they are such teases!!
Love your gift tags, so colourful and they would go perfectly with any gift.

That was such a cool way to pick the winner Cameron and you do tell a great yarn too!!

The squirrel message is very significant as I am in the throws of letting go of some of my belongings, it just takes so much time to sort through everything!

And I love the second part of the message too about a untroubled heart and mind....wonderful advise.

I'll head on over to your shop now to make my selection. You have made this Aussie a very happy little vegemite today Cam!!

Oh and by the way my full name is Peggy about that for synchronicity. :D

Peg xxxx

Hybrid J said...

Can I chip in here? Have I just connected 2 Cameron? This is just wonderful!

And Cam, years and years again I bought exactly the same medicine card like the one you used for the draw ... One of the author's first name is Jamie ...

Too much synchronicity going on!!! This is giving me chill.

miruspeg said...

Yeah thanks for connecting us Hybrid!
"I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path."
~~ Dalai Lama
Peggy xxx

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