Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Sense of it all - A Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday is on better excuse for using the Creative Everyday Theme (5 Senses) to help me take stock of things to be grateful for...

Some of my Favorite Sights:

Colorful Koi swimming over smooth stones, creating gentle ripples in a clear, shallow pond

The warm reassurance in my Husband’s eyes on a particularly difficult day

The first noticeable clue of the changing of the Seasons like turning leaves, budding tree branches that were once devoid of green and that ultra-bright kind of sunshine that makes dark shadows below

My daughter’s smile

Sounds that Make me Swoon:

A myriad of birds chirping on a Spring morning

The song of a hauntingly beautiful female voice filling my soul when I want to feel feminine and alluring

“Mommy, I lub you”

Things I could Feel Forever:

An insanely soft, so soothing to rub, puppy ear

A breeze on my face, no matter whether it’s cool or warm, standing outside with my eyes closed facing the wind

The cold condensation of an icy glass that instantly revives you on a hot day

My daughter’s pudgy hand slipping into mine or her little arms around my neck

Some things that have Good Taste:

Coffee….I adore it, sweet and with a swirl of cream

Banana Sour cream Pancakes…my daughter requests these often, and though I follow a low carb eating plan, I can’t resist them!

The slight Sun screeny, salty flavor of kissing my little girl after a day outside. Though I don’t love that flavor, it represents childhood fun, safe and carefree :)

Smells that make me Smile:

A walk through an herb garden running my fingers over varieties of plants, then bringing them to my nose…mmmm lavender fingers…rosemary fingers….rose geranium…..

Damp, mountain air permeated with pine, soil and moss

Passing a bakery brimming with smells of different breads, pastries and fresh brewed coffee

Holding my daughter’s jacket up to my face…a mix of detergent, the outdoors and her, all rolled into one :)

I love my birthday...any day that others lavish me with attention is a good one in my book ;-p But as I get older, the difference between want and need becomes more clear. I don't need anything....and I realize what a luxury and blessing this statement really signifies!

My family and I are healthy, have little to complain about (though I sometimes have to remind myself of this a few times...haha) and are surrounded by friendships and beauty all around. 

**In celebration of another year of Life, I want to give the gifts to you!  Please leave a comment on this post to be considered for a drawing to be held Monday, April 26th.  The person randomly chosen for this drawing will get the Handmade Hair Accessory of their choice from my shop!  **

Thank you so much for checking in with me from time to time...your visits are another one of my Favorite Things :)

Health and Happiness to you and yours,


brandi said...

~your comment this morning on my blogbrought tears to my hears and filled my heart with l♥ve...thank you so for your words...they mean a great deal to for you...may this new year be filled with only great moments, memories far and beyond imagined to be created and only happiness to remain sweet you are to take us on your little to discover and find out more about you!! yes, i think we all are blessed with a great abundance in our lives and it is always a wonderful feeling to give...your hair pieces are unique and so very pretty...i love sea glass...they hold such character and stories within them...tossing around in the waters being smoothed by the sands...l♥ve...well wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours always~

Raven Moon Magic said...

what a wonderful list of treasures, i think the one that hit me that i never realised i loved so much is the smell of a forest, the earthy damp moss and breaking down leaves and twigs smell, so pure you can feel it rushing thru your body..
thanks for that, you got me thinking!!
arent little voices so sweet
my favorites at the moment are.. sorwwweeee (sorry) finkie (finger) gaaad night (goodnight) and ha na na tee (you want a tea)
Im making sure I write it all down

Well miss, make sure you have the best birthday, its lovely juvley of you to be giving to others on your special day, and im a sucker for sea glass too.

All the biggest birthday wishes to you


Leah said...

oh, what a beautiful post! it made me smile ear to ear!

wishing you a beautiful birthday and a year filled with your favorites sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches. xo

xinme said...

What an inspirational post, Cameron! It makes me want to sit down and make my own list:)

Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. I look forward to coming back to see you here often:)

Serra55 said...

You certainly have all the wonderful senses together! You make beautiful jewelry, you are so fortunate to have such a sweet daughter, and I love koi fishes, too!

Sally B.

Athena Marie said...

Beautiful words that create beautiful images in one's mind. And a wonderful reminder that it's the little things that matter. Thank you. :-)

Hybrid J said...

Happy Birthday Cam! Great post. It brightens my dull working day. ;)

Yes, I'd love to participate your giveaway. Count me in and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :D

miruspeg said...

Hello Cameron and happy birthday! I am visiting from Hybrid's blog.
What a delightful post...your photos and words sure put a smile on my dial.

ines said...

hey, I'm new to your blog. I love your post and your work! Now I have to get a cup of tea and read more of your previous posts.
I didn't get to think let alone create on this months theme myself, too life event needing my attention and distracting me of musing... maybe I get at least one or two in before the month is out.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was a good one. We share it!! :-) I spent mine away from home in hospital :-( but, well, it's just one of those things. I still had a good day.

xx Ines

PS I came from Hybrids blog as well. Those are stunning hair clips, i hold my fingers crossed...

tishalou said...

I love the ladies in your altered pages. Especially the flowing hair! Hope you get your computer back up and running. I finally got a new one this past xmas. So I am still getting used to things being set up differently it is nice to have it react when I click! Keep up the beautiful work and the wonderful mommying!

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