Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party 2012...and Giveaway!

The Lady at the end of the street
is a Witch they say....
The kind you don't want to meet.

Her gate's full of rust,
her lawn is crabgrass...
There are cats in every window clawing at the glass.

But, inside the old  house, excitement was looming.
A visitor was coming,
the cats began grooming.

"She'll soon be here," the Lady said out loud.
The cats gathered around her and began to yowl.

"Let's prepare a delicious celebration,
filled with candy, cake and all sorts of temptations!"
"Gather the balloons, the teacups and plates.
We need to hurry now, no time to waste."

She bade the spiders to spin...

and the brew to cook,
as she consulted a recipe within her book.

"Sinister Black and Ghostly White,
Combine thine colors to give us delight,
Wing of Bat
Dust of Mummy
Whisker of Cat
...and make it yummy!"
A cupcake appeared and then there were more,
a whole table was set with treats galore.
The theme was white and black
with red to contrast.
The color of blood to warm up the decor.
A Little Girl dressed up as a kitty,
approached the old house at the edge of the city.
She had tricked and treated all Halloween long,
now the sky was shifting from nighttime to dawn.
"Just one more house," she wearily said.
"My bag is not full, but I need to get to bed."
She'd heard stories of this house before,
but the sweet smell of caramel beckoned her to the door...
She reached out her hand to give the bell a ring,
but before she could push it
the door opened with a creak.
A friendly Lady appeared in the doorway,
dressed as a Witch for the Holiday.
"Hello there, my Child,
don't you look divine!"
"Do please come in, you're right on time"
"The table is ready, this chair is so soft."
The goodies are fresh and the tea is still hot."
The Lady rambled on about this and that,
and once or twice she mentioned a cat,
but the girl just wanted to take a bite.
She found it so hard to be polite.
There were  marble cakes and berries,
and caramel apples on sticks.
What harm could be done by just taking a lick?
But just one taste and her vision turned blurry,
She tried to rub them but her hands were all furry!
She started to shrink and when she opened her mouth
instead of a scream, she let out a "Meow"....
 The Lady reached down and gave her a pat.
"I'm a real Witch," she cackled,
"and now you're my cat!"
If only the girl heeded the warnings,
and went home well before morning...
She learned too late, an awful truth.
Listen to your head and not your Sweet Tooth!
Thank you so much for reading our little tale!
That sweet Kitty above is our Sally (after the character from Nightmare Before Christmas).
This year's Halloween Party was the purrrfect excuse to have an actual Birthday Party for her....(my daughter was so excited....hahaha!)
Sally turned a year old on October 25th. 
To show you our gratitude for your visit, we'd like to offer 2 little prizes to you!
Handmade Bookmarks featuring some of my art :)
A Black Cat, of course....
or a crazy, unicycle riding, tea drinking Lady :)
We'll draw 2 winners from the comments below on November 2nd....
A special thank you to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for bringing us all together again for some mischievious fun!  Please visit the actual post to visit other partiers HERE :)
Sandpaper kisses and caramel scented hugs,


Gerushia's New World said...

Heheehe..."just one more house" ~ that will get you in trouble every time! ;-)

Fantastic post. Love the bookmarks too.

Gerushia's New World

Laurie said...

Oh wowee your Dark Magic spell book is super spooky!!

As a child, I remember there being a house on the end of my street that was just like your 'lady at the end of the street's' house - such stirrings of the imagination it would invoke!

Happy hauntings!! - Please come and visit my Haunted girl at

Happy Hauntings...

Angela Reeves said...

Loved your spooky tale! The photo of the little girl looking so forlorn wanting a treat made me giggle. Who has time for patience and prudence when your a little girl on Halloween!! Ah well...she turned into such a lovely cat though :-)

Happy Birthday to Sally!!


WrightStuff said...

What a cautionary tale... must read it to my son!! You wove a most delicious post for us today dear Cameron. I think I can smell caramel....

Happy Birthday Sally - I can't believe you're a year old already!

Unknown said...

I adored your story, and Sally is precious! Please do give her a Birthday snuggle for me, she's a cutie!Hope you get a chance to come over and visit me too:) Xo

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

I love your party! Your house must look fantastic with all the Halloween stuff out. :) Your kitty on the last photo looks like he's been painted. Adorable! Both your kitties. :))

Victoria said...

Wow, what a great post! I loved the rhyming story and the photos. Sally is adorable, please give her a 'happy birthday' hug from me.


Victoria from Brushstrokes

Flora Cruft said...

What a brilliant spooky story, I love the little girl turning into a cat! And those cupcakes, well I've just helped myself to several, I hope you don't mind. Thanks so much for having me at your party, Happy Halloween!

Please come party with me at my 2 different Halloween parties:


Rachel said...

Wonderful party Cameron. I knew when she said one more house there was going to be trouble. ;-)

Happy Birthday to little Sally, what a gorgeous kitty.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a lovely party..those cupcakes were yummy! I hope you come to my own party, I'm hosting a giveaway as well!

Dianie said...

What a Wonderful spooky tale!!!!

Love,love,LOVED IT!
I would have went to "just that one more house too"

Love your table setting, It's truly a sweet temtation :)

Happy Halloween!

take care,

Kyra Wilson said...

Oh what a perfect tale! Loved it!!! Love the Cat bookmark too!

(OK, now I'm wondering if I should have had a giveaway too since so many seem to be doing it?)

You can call me Tawny.... said...

What a wickedly wonderful tale!

Dear Edgar & I loved it! Please stop by for a walk with us...

Lovely hauntings!

Debi said...

The most percocious kitty indeed! What a wonderful memory to cast in the little one....and the treats are droule worthy.........
Thank you for the magical efforts you have brought to our favorite "Nightmare Before Christmas" event...♥Debi

Oh...please include me in the pick from the caldron...xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a fun party!! Too bad that sweet tooth will get you every time:) Thank you for such a grand time.

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes will get you every time. Man oh man...except they turn me into a piglet :)

Hey! Sally and my mom have the same birthday! Go Sally!

This was adorable, and I love the poetry and your tags..

{really that cupcake IS pretty awesome in and of itself}

Boo to You From Rhonda Roo!!

Laura S Reading said...

Oh my yes - it is always that LAST house!
I am safe as I am the crazy cat lady (or witch) of the neighborhood already.

Those goodies do look too tempting to resist.

Happy Birthday to Sally!
Many purrs for a wonderful life.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

OH MY..our sweet tooth will get us into trouble every time! Sweet story...adorable cat! Happy Halloween my friend! Have a spooky good time!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful party! Thanks for having me and do enter me in your giveaway, the bookmarks are great.

Those candy apples look delicious....

Please stop by my party sometime...

Happy Halloween!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Oh this turned out so beautifully Cam! Just the cutest little Halloween/kitty cat birthday there ever was ;) I love Maggie's kitty cat costume! So adorable! And little Sally looking up, so darn precious. That Dark Magic book is the coolest prop I've ever seen! I love it. Thanks for the lovely visit, Happy Halloween!!!

Carmen said...

Thank you for the scrumptious, Halloween treats!!! :-)

Ms Misantropia said...

I love your witch, and your felines! What a great party :)

Please visit my party at:

Debbie said...

Ah yes, I listen to my sweet tooth way to much my self! And your treats do look tempting. Thank you for your delightful invitation to your party, I enjoyed your little story,perhaps I too should heed the warnings!

JoAnne said...

I'm absolutely charmed...what a wonderful tale! I need to learn that lesson about not listening to my sweet
Your bookmarks are beautiful. Happy Halloween!

Micki Wilde said...

***YAY*** I love your Halloween parties!!!!!
Maggie looks adorable!!!
Everything looks fabby as always, I get so jealous of your Halloween fun!!

Unknown said...

Oh WOW I loved this post, what a great tale and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Fallingladies said...

Great tale and so many cool props, you have really outdone yourself. I love seeing all the magical things you do with your daughter!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Adorable story and great photos to go along with it! Love the rusty gate!Great shot withthe spider on the window! The caramel apples with their tags and black sticks are delicious looking! Love the ending!!

Treehugger_31 said...

This post made me smile as soon as I saw Maggie in her costume and super adorable Sally (my how she's grown)!
I love all the decor and treats too...yummy caramel apples. Fun fun! Awesome giveaway too. I'm a huge reader and I have a bad habit of turning down the pages (bad Heather). Maybe if I had that adorable kitty bookmark, I could break my bad habit! ;)

Goddess Findings said...

oh how I loved loved loved the tale...witches are so mysterious and amazing...I've always loved storied like this since I was small...thanks, I had a delightfully spooky time. And I love all your mouth watering treats! Happy Halloween! said...

Awe!!!!! Cute kitties a plenty!! And treats to go around! Thank you for ebing so great and so much fun!!

Looved your party!!


Thank you so much for being a part of this extra magical season!!

♥ Vanessa

Kelly said...

So delightful and fun! All your cat stars, your daughter the cupcakes, cat tags, your Birthday star Sally and sooo much more I TRULY enjoyed!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Ooh! Lovely party and thank you for the caramel apple! They are my favorite!!!

And thank you, as well, for your visit to The Tearoom! It was so very nice of you!

Wishing you a wonderful party weekend!


Susan said...

SUPERB post and awesome Tale! ( and your girl and kitty are both adorable!
Love the book marks :)
Come visit with my coven!

Shell said...

A lovely Halloween party. Your daughter is adorable. Sally..made my heart melt. She resembles my sweet cat Mabel who passed in June.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Cameron! Thanks for sharing such a lovely tale! Loved your magical decor. I know I would run the opposite direction if I saw that giant spider. Your caramel apples look tasty! Thanks for inviting me! :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful tale! And your party participant is cute as a button! Happy Halloween to you. Your kitty looks like my Willow kitty.

Joyce van der Lely said...

Oh Cam I always LOVE reading your creative Halloween posts. Love Miss M-miauw ! Me myself, I am a little alternative this year.....just because.... xxx

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

this is just the best Halloween post ever! You are so bootifully clever! xo

Linda said...

I love everything about your party. I am so glad that I stopped by. You did an amazing job on everything, including your spooky tale. Your magic book was wonderous. I would love to enter your giveaway.

Please visit my party:

Marilyn Miller said...

Delightful! Your story was just perfect and the pictures so fun to see. Loved it. Thanks also for visiting me.

Dena Miller said...

Oh Cameron, your party was so delightful!!!! Loved the poem and the decor, sweet treats and more!
Thanks so much for inviting me and glad that you enjoyed your visit at mine..

I would so adore to own one of your book marks...especially the Black cat!!! I have two Black kitties♥

Wendy S. said...

Being owned by two cats myself, I loved your party! sometimes I wish I had the lives of my cat. Really darling photos and set up! thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.

Denise said...

Wonderful Halloween story,great poetry.Enjoyed My visit :) Trick or treat-Denise

Magic Love Crow said...

This was fantastic!!! So much fun! I loved the story and the pictures! You did a lot of work to create this post and it shows! Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

Forgot to say, love Sally!!!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Oh this was SO much fun, Cameron!!!!! I loved every minute of it. I even didn't mind all the spiders...LOL Such yummy treats, fun rhymes and two cute kitty cats!!!! :) Great post and Happy Halloween!!!

CWBD Parties said...

I always tell my daughter she must listen or else I'll turn her into a tiny black kitten! Tee-hee~

Your party was divine....hop on over to mine (totally didn't mean to make that rhyme - ooh - I did it again!)

Unknown said...

I loved your post - i read the story to my two girls and they adored it too. Your party looks like so much fun x

Michele said...

I actually feel creeped out reading this post. Lol. Like really!
I particularly like the cat picture near the bottom! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Cameron, I had so much fun! Your poem/story is a lyrical delight to my ears and the images are fantastic. What a beautiful little kitty sitting on that couch. Though I must admit, I would have to lick it as well. Oh dear!

Your giveaways are adorable. Please include my name. Hugs, Mina

Anne said...

Absolutely magical!! Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

What an enchantingly fun tale. I loved your little cat, the one of the child variety and the furry type. Adorable. I must say, I am glad I took that protection potion before I flew out for my visits, because I just couldnt help myself around those caramel apples. Yummy
Thank you for the Wonderful party. I had a spooktacular good time. I would love for you to drop in to Wonderland for a Ghostly tale and a few Halloween treats. See ya there
Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland

Tammie Lee said...

such a fun and wonderful post!
i love how you began:
The Lady at the end of the street
is a Witch they say....
The kind you don't want to meet.

how fun that you are having a give away too, i love the kitty and the big beautiful moon, a bit like it is tonight.

Unknown said...

Cameron. What a great post!! I love the images and the story you told, just wonderful!!
And a special thanks for. All the kind notes you send to me at my blog.. Blogger frustrates me sometimes because I cannot figure out how to reply back right in the comments section! So just wanted to get back to you as soon as I could and was delighted to happen upon this great post!! I am sure u are going to have a great Halloween🎃👻

Erin K said...

Oh I just loved reading your spooky little tale..I smiled so. What a wonderful looking party set up! And mighty delicious looking too. I'm seeing so many posts about food today...and now I'm hungry. *laughs* I'll have to beg my mum to bake something now.

Your little one is bound to get lots of treats dressed as the cutest cat. ^_^ Have a happy Halloween, Cameron. xox

DREAMER said...

Awe what a cute Halloween kitty tale .... Loved it :)

Sylvia Smiser said...

Oh Cameron,
What a great story! I was not expecting that ending! Very Cool!
I love your black cat bookmark! Please put my name in the hat.
Thanks so much for inviting me over,

Artfully Musing said...

Loved all the goodies and the story. Wonderful party!

Lisa Graham said...

Oh my gosh Cam, you're like the queen of blogger posts and Halloween parties and story telling! How delightful and how hard you've worked!!! Love your sweet kitties! :)

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