Thursday, October 4, 2012

~Mermaid Swap Goodies Show and Tell~

Hello my wonderful and fabulous Bloggy Friends!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while!  Though I was warned against it, I started a studio re-organize thinking it couldn't possibly take so long....well....2 weeks and a few projects behind, I finally have a clean space to create in.  I now have a dedicated shipping area so I don't have to move what I'm working on aside to package up orders!  Loving it so far!

Anyways...on to why we are really here. To see some Mermaids!!
This proved to be an awesome swap, and though I am still waiting on one last Mermie girl from Heidi (she was sick, so I gave her an extension.....that's the nice thing about making up your own can bend the rules, too...haha!) I knew this was going to be a photo and link heavy post. 

I'll be sure to show you what Heidi sends on my next post.

You might want to go get something to drink...and maybe a notebook to jot down some newfound blogs.  I know I not only got to swap with some of my favorite artists and friends here in Blogland....but, I got the pleasure of meeting some new ones, as well :)

...Oh, and before I get started, I wanted to thank everyone for all the extras that were included in my packages!  I loved recieving each and every piece of mail and am just tickled that you all wanted to participate to begin with!
But, in the interest of keeping the pictures to a minimum, I am just showing the main/mermaid related art/goody for each participant :)

Okay....these are posted in no particular order....get your diving caps on...and let's go swimming!

Art by Marfi of Incipient Wings
Art by Sherry Gadel
Art by Debi at Puddleduck Grange

My first Mer-Crow art by Stacy at Magic Love Crow
Embroidered pillowcases by Heather at Ramblings from the Animal House
Art by Lynn at Sunny Room Art
Art by Lisa at The Wright Stuff
Art by Manon at Manon Popjes Art
Siren Paper Doll by Erin at The Mucha Cafe
Digital Art by Wini at Art, Love & Joy
Art by Joyce at Joyce's Art Blog
Painted Rock by Andrea at Falling Ladies
She said she tried to think of what a painted rock for a mermaid would look like :)
Art by Pen at Rosa Lily
Art by Frances at We Three 3
Art by Kristin at Twinkle, Twinkle
Art by Heather at Little Red Henry
Zippered Pouch by Amy at Salamander Dreams
Mermaid Paper Doll by Rachel at Wonderings
Art by Devon at Monkeying Around
Art by Natasha May at Natasha May Art World
Art by Trish Lovato
Art by Micki at The Secret Hermit
Great stuff, huh?!
I am one lucky mermaid lovin' lady right now...heehee!
Thanks, again to everyone who created a little mermie something for me!
And to you all for stopping by for a visit!  I just adore it when you do :)
Saltwater kisses and sandy hugs,


Fallingladies said...

Oooh, i do have to go check our some new to me blogs, you do have some really cool art there!

Unknown said...

Oh Cameron, these are beautiful mermaid arts you received! how wonderful it was to open a mail/package and see the art inside!

Heather Henry said...

Oh Cameron, I am so, so, so excited to see all your beautiful mermies, I was so hoping you would share. What a fantastic collection of mermaids you have and sooo much creativity. I never would have thought of rocks, hand bags, paperdolls...they're brilliant. All of them are gorgeous and I'm so glad I got be a part of such a whimsical and magical trade. I got my mermie in the mail and can't wait to post about her, which I need to do...she's already hanging in my front room, I'm becoming quite a collector of your awesome art. yay!! :) Thank you millions! Hugs!!

Kyra Wilson said...

Oh, I love all of these! I know I was too late, but I sketched one out and started it anyway (on my blog, it may totally fail LOL) Nice job everyone!

Rachel said...

Wow you got some great mermaids. It's quite weird seeing my little paper doll in there with them, but exciting!

I really enjoyed my first art swap, will certainly be doing more.

Unknown said...

what glorious mermaids, all so different but each one enchanting. Thank you so much for extending for me, i sent your Mermaid off last week so i hope it will be with you really soon x

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

I am jealous! Look at that awesome art! :) And as it happens I got your mermaid in the mail today. It's awesome! Thanks so much!

Carmen Wing said...

Wow, wow, wow! You wait till evvie gets home and I tell her that her mermie is in a galaxy of mermies... including a CROW mermie! I love how you have all different... what's the word... (brain has stopped mid-sentence)... you know... styles and textures and things represented. (Gaaargh!)

Are you going to have a dedicated mermaid wall now? said...

Its great to see all the lovely mermaids together. There are a lot of talented artists in your collection:)

Debi said...

Thank you very much hostess with the mostess! Wow the Mermaid Art is Suppppeeeeeebrubbbbbbb You are correct, I must now go visit the lovely creative hearts I dont yet know....Huge WAVES of HUGS ♥Debi

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your talk about your studio cleaning/reorganizing makes me a bit hesitant to tackle my closet and the reorganization of my writing space. I wanted to do that before Halloween, but anyone who has seen the bottom of my closet would probably laugh at me just about now *sigh*

These mermaids are fantastic. You lucky, lucky girl! I love all the colors, shapes, glitter, the sorrowful and sexy eyes. There is a bit of everything. Perfect! Enjoy them ;-)

Tammie Lee said...

such an amazing collection of mermaids! Beautiful.

Jennifer Michelle said...

Ahhh these ladies are incredible! I so wish I could have participated and wasn't on my nasty leave of absence! I love how everyone is so different, and in different mediums and art forms too! Gosh I love this bloggity world. I am so very down to skype with you soon! Let me know a good time for you, my school week is like this:

Monday: 4:00pm-7:00pm PST
Tuesday: 7:00am-12:00pm PST
Wednesday: 8:30am-12:00pm PST

So let me know if you can fit me in anywhere next week, or the one after perhaps :)

PiaRom said...

Oh Cameron you lucky one..all those amazing pieces...I enjoy every single one ...and have some more cool blogs to visit ;) Lovely greetings from Italy

Anne said...

Love all these cool mermaids, Cameron! Great post!

Unknown said...

Hey Cam, wow what beauties you have here you lucky girl. They souls look wonderful up on a wall together. Xo

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, so much fun! Look at all this great art! Thanks my friend for such a fantastic swap ;o)

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Wow! These are some fantastic mermaids. So sorry I missed the swap - but perhaps you'll do one again in the future and I can play, too! Happy weekend!

Dear Fireflies said...

Oh, lucky, lucky you! Look at all those lovely mermaids you have! Thanks for sharing all the links too, Cam. I'm off to check them! oxx

Joyce van der Lely said...

So will we see you and Miss M in your mermaid tails as well ? you are so lucky with all these sirens in your new studio (show some pics when you get the chance !) I'd love to see a designated packing table..... xxx

somewhere on the avenue said...

Loved doing the swap with you Cameron xxx

manomij said...

Oh wow what a gorgeous lot! It was so much fun being part of it and I am so jealous that you have all those gorgeous mermaids.
Hope you are well!

Micki Wilde said...

Love all those Mermaids Cam, so pretty!!

And I adore the one I got from you!!!

Kristin said...

WOW oh WOW! What a wonderful collection you have! I can only imagine HOW COOL they will all look like lined up in a row - you did good Mama! xoxoxo

Lisa Graham said...

Aw, fun. I love being able to recognize many other artist's styles in this post...what a fun thing you put together here.

WrightStuff said...

Ooh a positive ocean of mermaids... those sailors best watch out!

What a lucky girl you are :)

What lucky girls we were to receive your darlings in the post.

Thank you again!!

TriLov said...

Wow! I just had a look at all the beautiful mermies your received! Such aweseome artwork. Lucky you! I had so much fun with this!


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