Friday, August 30, 2013

The BIG News!

The big secret I've been keeping.  The one I've been teasing you with.  The one I keep hinting at and then run away giggling to myself......

Here it is!!!!

I'm Published!!!!!!
My Halloween sculptures made it into this issue!
I don't know if you remember, but those were my first attempt at sculpting....ever!  You can read that post HERE.
I submitted them over a year and a half ago and heard just before going on vacation that they were selected!  I have to admit I blabbed a little, but I was waiting....waiting until I could hold the magazine in my trembling hands and shout from the rooftops....
Can you tell I'm excited?!
I've been so excited, I made new sculptures to commemorate the event!
Before I show you I wanted to tell you that I added a CLEARANCE Section to my store where I drastically reduced a bunch of paintings and other goodies.  I won't be renewing them, so grab them now....stock up on gifts....and use this 10% OFF coupon on your entire purchase to sweeten the deal!
Enter CELEBRATEWITHME at checkout :)
I gave you this sneak peek on Facebook a couple weeks back.
This became my very first try at a doll.  This is Mango :)
I love cat paw he had to have them, too.
After I made him.  I tried a different face shape.
This is "Spats"
Tuxedo cats are special to me now that I own one :)
These really were labor intensive.  I have one more body ready to apply clay to, but to be honest, I don't think I'm going to tackle that anytime soon.  These may be the only two I ever make. 
Who knows.... 
I've been working in clay so much over the past few weeks!
Look at these cool pumpkins I made.
I call them my "Sleepy Hollow" Series.
All the text is cut from a vintage copy of the book.
"Sleepy Hollow was famous for Goblin Pumpkins"
"Sleepy Hollow is the most haunted spot in the world"

"shocking things happen in Sleepy Hollow"
"Sleepy Hollow is full of strange spirits"

"Welcome to Sleepy Hollow"
These are fun to make.  Each takes on a personality of its own.  I like flipping through the pages of the book and trying to make phrases that go with their expression.
...and because Halloween is not complete without a bit of the macabre, I made these:
4 pairs of fangs for your curiousity cabinet.

This little piggy had rigor mortis.....

 (Sorry, Natasha May) She hates it when I show digits in jars..haha!
I used driftwood as the bones. 
They are perfect for this because they are already discolored and rounded....and the paperclay sticks to the wood easily.
They are all in the shop....get 'em while they're hot!
Don't forget to use the coupon code CELEBRATEWITHME to get even more off :)
Thank you, thank you to all of you for your support, excitement and friendship!
It makes me so happy to share my life, creative and otherwise, with you!!
Biggest hugs!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Almost...but not yet

So, I didn't know.....should I pop in here again after that cliffhanger ending last post....and NOT reveal the big news yet?

I'm waiting 'til September 1st to spill the proverbial beans.  But, I just couldn't wait that long to share a bit of other things I've been working on.

I am so in a Autumn/Halloweeny mood!  Whilst powering through the 1st three seasons of Vampire Diaries, I took out my felt and thread...and tried to multitask :)

Here's a sampling of what I made:

Putrid Green Zombie Head Feltie Keychain OOAK
Zombies are just too fun!  They can come out all crooked and ugly....and it's perfectly expected :D
Zombie Head Feltie Keychain OOAK
I had a Nightmare inspired moment, too.
Bone Daddy Skull Head Stuffed Felt Keychain
And I made this drooling dude, as well.  Have brain, will travel....heehee!
I put them all up in my shop.
So, while I know this is not the same as hearing big news....I hope it almost is.
Just like Autumn is far from coming to my hot, sunny California city....I'm eagerly anticipating!
Thanks to you all for being excited with me!
I'll be back in September.....ready to unveil!
Smiling like a big, toothy jack-o-lantern,

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Been Busy!

Hello Blog Mateys!

I'm so sorry to be MIA.......Bad Cameron...Bad *slaps hands*
I promise, though, it's all been for a very good reason!

First off, I made a new batch of sea glass hair barrettes with some of the goodies found while beachcombing this Summer.
Take a looksee....

These are just a few.  I had the good fortune of finding some beautiful bits of rare colors this year :)
Oh, and some pretty agates...
....and cute heart-shaped stones, too :)
These are all in the shop for those who'd like a closer peek.
Also, Maggie started 2nd Grade this week.....
So, that's been part of why I've been absent....
BUT, the main reason is something extra special!!
Unfortunately, I can't reveal the secret just yet....even if I am bursting at the seams with excitement!
Something is brewing....
I'll give you a sneak peek, though....because I just can't help myself!
So......I'll keep working away, giggling in anticipation.....
Can't wait to show and tell! :)
Hope your week is filled with good stuff, too!
Hugs all around,
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