Friday, November 30, 2012

New and Old....and a Giveaway!

Hello Friends!

Well, I'm excited about a few new things to show you....

More upcycled fabric posies :)
They just make me so happy :)
....and I love that I'm keeping old shirts out of the landfill!
Micki sent me some great fabric that I used on this one....see the pretty floral up there :)
I also tried my hand at sewing some Victorian Cuff Bracelets....
They have a button and elastic closure, more of that great fabric, and tea stained lace....
They can be worn with the lace up...
...or down.
I think I'm going to keep these for myself...heehee ;P
Do you think I should make more of these?
I'm picturing them with a Steampunk Costume, but I'm willing to try making more if you think they'd be popular :)
....and a new hair clip....
I call it "Green Ice"
Now, on to the OLD part of this post.
I've decided to discontinue offering Jewelry in my shop so I've marked it all HALF OFF!
There's a few nice gifts there for under ten bucks.
...And now to the GIVEAWAY...
I'd like to offer someone a 50% OFF Coupon Code to use on any ONE in my shop!  Please just leave a comment stating what item you would use it for if you are chosen....and yes, you can double up on the discount for the jewelry if you want to take a chance that it'll still be there :D
If you'd like to spead the word using any social media of your choice, that'd be great and earn you another entry for every method.
If you'd rather not be in the running, you can tell me that, too....I won't be offended.  I just like to hear from you!
I'll pick a winner on Tuesday morning, December 4th.
Thanks so much for returning here to catch up with me and my crafty ramblings!
I love you all!
My best,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crafting Frenzy!

Hi Guys!
Did you have a nice weekend?
Scoop up any good deals?

I'm sad to see the Autumn and Harvest decor officially gone, but I am excited about another Christmas!  Amazing that 2012 is almost over!

Now, I'm going to apologize in advance.....
This blog's content over the next month is probably going to be short on words.

I'm simultaneously trying to balance making things for gifts, stocking the shop, fulfilling a few commissions/ custom orders and spending time enjoying the know how it is.  I'm sure you feel the same way....crazily trying to get everything accomplished while also trying to slow down with the Family and soak it all in.

So, when I have time to myself, I try not to waste it.  Here's what I've managed to squeeze in over the weekend.

A repurposed Tshirt scarf for my niece.

I didn't use her instructions, but I got the idea from seeing this scarf here:
I made that little flower pin so she could remove it and use it elsewhere, an elastic headband, belt, jacket, etc.  I found I wanted to keep making more :)

....and I had a custom request for an all white sea glass clip with silver wire.
 I finished it and a couple more, too.

So, slowly but surely, gifts are getting checked off the items are being added to the shop....and that warm, giving feeling seeps in to my bones....
Better than osteoporosis :P
So, please...
....remember to take your calcium, give your loved ones a kiss and keep on crafting!  I'll be thinking of you while I tinker into the night.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

That Cozy Time of Year & Coupon Code

Hello Everyone!

Hope all my Stateside Friends are having a lovely Thanksgiving....
I'm just checking in before dashing out the door to meet with my Husband's family and gather for our feast.

I'm still crafting though, trying my best to get my Etsy store loaded with new and fun offerings.
Here are 2 new cozies I just finished....

Nothing like like flowers (and a bit of caffeine) to brighten one's day....haha!
A little sweet something to have with your coffee or tea :)
I am excited to be able to provide Worldwide FREE SHIPPING from today thru Monday.  Just enter SHIPHAPPY into the coupon code section at checkout!
If you are having a sale this weekend, please let me know.....I'd love to take a peek :)
Hope you all have an incredible weekend....and happy shopping ;P
Big Hugs,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Show, Tell and Share

Hello Dear Bloggy Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I'm thrilled that I was able to finally finish up the Snowy Quartet....

You remember, right?  They looked like this.....

They've come a long way....and after a few color changes and lots and lots of layers of paint, they are ready for their big reveal ;)
We'll start with Mr. Shivers.
With his bright blue eyes and Santa cap, he's all set for the Season.  I just love the way the crackle medium lends such a wonderful vintage look to the sculptures.
This is Topper.
He sure is a sweetie....and more delicious crackling!
Next up is a snowman bust (is it wrong that the word bust makes me giggle....heehee) entitled "Winter Wishes".
It's hard to see in the photos, but the front of that star is completely covered in sparkles :)
Last, but not least, is a little bird loving Snowman.
I haven't decided on a name for him yet.
I chose not to crackle him so his colors would be more vibrant and his look more whimsical.
That fabric around his neck is has birds on it!  I got this when I did a  fantabulous fabric swap with my friend, Heather.  I love the fabric so much, I made heart pillow ornaments from it, too :)

These are all in the shop, if you see something you like :)
I wanted to quickly pass along some neat things to you, just in case you didn't know about them.
Kim Klassen is offering a FREE mini course to help you learn to use Photoshop Elements better.  Here is the LINK to find out more.  Her textures are amazing!
Also, Strathmore (the paper company) is offering free classes, once again, for 2013.  You can find out about those, HERE.
Lastly, there is a woman named Kitty Hockman who runs an animal sanctuary in her big backyard.  She does her best to rescue abused and neglected animals of all sorts and give all a chance to live their lives in a safe and nurturing environment.  She crafts and has an Etsy store to help raise funds for these creatures she feels priviledged to care for and she blogs, to help spread the word about proper and fair treatment for our animal kin ....and the antics of the furry friends who call her ranch home.
She is hosting a wonderful opportunity to make art for a good cause.

I urge you to take a look and see if it is something that calls to you.  I'm signing up.....hope a few of you will join me :)

Well, that's it for now....back to stocking the store I go....such a busy shopping week it'll be!!
Biggest hugs to you all!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Claying in the Snow

Okay, maybe I'm trying too hard with that title....haha! 
I'm not actually in snow, but am making snowy things out of clay :)

I was hoping to do a big reveal of these snow gents during this post, too....but the painting is slow going.

So, another post then....
But, there is still fun to be had!  I have these fun snowy claythings to share with you.
Ornaments :)
I love the snow glitter crystals on their noses.
It's finally cooled down painting these guys in my warm jammies on a gray, windy day has just been perfect!
I tried some Woodland Critter ornaments, too.
Paperclay gives you all the lovely plastery look of heavy duty clay, but dries light as styrofoam.  It is such neat stuff.
They are up for grabs.  I thought grouping them as sets would be a nice way to offer them :)
It's a 3 day weekend here in the States, I just wanted to be sure I got a post in before I was MIA for 4 days or so....haha!
Hot chocolate hugs and candy cane kisses,

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Clips on the Block

Hello my Fabulous Blog Divas!

Well, November is full swing now, but unfortunately, temperatures are back up into the low 90's today :( 
Just when I think I can pull out the sweaters...haha!
Well, despite the non-Christmasy feeling around here, I'm trying to get the shop stocked with new goodies.
I've made some new sea glass hairclips.

This one is all frosty white with one blue-green beauty in the middle. Some of the glass on this clip are an inch or longer!
This one is really unique.  I just love that navy blue pottery piece that the little shell is resting on.
This one is all ocean pottery.  Look at all those fantastic colors!  I wanted to keep the look playful, so I wrapped it in pink wire ;P
I think this might be my favorite.  Up close, those pale blue pieces of pottery have wonderful crackling.  I have such a fondness for crackling...haha!  The serene color scheme is lovely, too.
...and then there is this little petite cutie.  Just an inch and a half long (4 cm) but perfect for adding quick accents to ordinary hairstyles!  These are all now available in my SHOP, if you are interested :)
I currently have clay under my nails...heehee....just a little hint as to what I have in store next!
Thank you so much for the visit!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Hello Friends!

Hope you had a spooky Halloween!
We invited a few Ghoulfriends over to Trick-or-Treat with us....

Daddy suprised us by dressing as Jack Skellington!
He loves his Little Girl so!  The blue make-up came off as quickly as the candy wrappers...haha!
I couldn't wait to pick up Maggie from school today to help me pick the winners of our Bookmark Giveaways!  She is my Assistant Extraordinaire after all :)
I had prepped all 59 numbers and put them in a box.
She shook them well....
....and dipped in her hand.
The winner of the Black Cat Bookmark is #23!
(Yikes, I need to cut that kid's nails....haha!)
The winner of the Unicycle Lady Bookmark is....
# 32 Kelly from Fluttering By
Weird that they are the same 2 numbers in opposite order!  Perhaps there was a wee bit of Halloween  Magic left over....heehee :P
Congrats Ladies! Please email me your info and I'll get these packaged up for you.
Thank you all for being such wonderful Bloggy Buddies!  I always feel like I'm the winner when I hold one of these giveaways :)
Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you in Blogland next week...
My best,
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