Friday, May 18, 2012

All Together Now!

I always hate showing up late to a party!

Then, again, I'm never the first and never the I guess that puts me somewhere in the chewy center of things :)

The rules of this party say we need to do a little braggin' about ourselves...not something we get told to do, I'll  do my best...teehee. It's all so exciting really, to sit down and talk about all the stuff you are proud of...and actually do right in Life.  Thanks, Amy!

So here we go!

My name is name isn't it?!  I've always liked it.

I live with the philosophy that everything will work itself out.  I go with the flow and avoid big crowds, over-packed schedules and stress by saying NO to a lot of things.  This certainly doesn't make me the most popular girl in the group, but it keeps me sane.  I still find myself running out of time as it is.
I'm a Mom to a little girl that makes my heart full and happy...and a wife to a very patient and hardworking man.

I wouldn't win any awards for my housekeeping or parenting....but, they love me anyways!
I am extremely lucky!!

I'm a pretty darn good cook, but usually opt for whatever's easiest most of the time.  Unless, I get a craving for something...then I can't rest until I make it and consume it....

I think I could eat dessert for every meal :)

I am an awesome costume designer and take pride in putting things together with bits of this and scavenged that.
A small sampling of my handiwork...

I made this dress by hot gluing fabric pieces onto a black dress from the Thrift store.  I painted the patterns and did some hand stitching to the patches.

A furry vest and some other white clothing gets the spot treatment...

...And I made my girl a bohemian Beauty at last year's Ren Faire :)

I have a great ability to just kind of throw things together and make them work.  I had never sculpted anything before, but one day, I opened a package...and made these!

Now, I'm not saying they came about easily or quickly...but, I figured things out as I played...
...and there really is nothing more satisfying than being pleased with your efforts. 
 Especially when it involves something new ;)

I dabble in felt and jewelry from time to time.

But my true passion, the one thing I can lose myself in, is painting.  I'm lucky if I can get a few hours a week in, but those hours are magical for me.... opportunity to unwind and to be alone with my thoughts. 
It's amazing to me that some colors squeezed from a tube and some bristles on a stick can be used to develop a picture formed in our souls....

I made this for one of you.
5 X 7 inches on canvas.

Dream with your eyes wide open.....

...because I don't want you to miss a moment!

I'm also giving away to another lucky All Together Now Partier, these great stickers I ordered from Moo!

There are 10 in this set.  I just love them! 
 They turned out so good, I put some in the Shop, as well.

Hope you are having a lovely time at the Party!  Please visit Amy and the other revelers to see what they have to brag about!

I must go add some ice to my Malibu Coconut and OJ.....and apply to my swelled head!

All my best!
Cameron (still a cool name, eh?) ;P


Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Cam! You look like Paula Abdul on the photo. :) Are you famous and not telling us? You are all adorable and I love everything you do. I want it all! :)

Jennifer Michelle said...

Hey Cam!

So glad to see your party post! Never did end up doing it since they had me working 5 days at the daycare for my first week. You look GORGEOUS! And you are utterly fabulous, as is your family and of course, your magnificent art.

Karen Isaacson said...

you are smokin' hot in that picture with the fam. don't we all look extra fabulous with the paint scrubbed off? I'm really good at saying no too. this is supposed to be a couples weekend with my oldest friends. they headed to cape cod tonight. the best I could do was ask if they'd take me (sans husband who is also good at saying no) for about 16 hours overnight tomorrow. there's just no way I could survive a weekend, no matter how much I love this dear gang of friends. luckily, since I've known them for 30 years, they have come to accept my curmudgeonly ways and don't hold it against me! those stickers are so damn cute. and I love the off-centered one-eyed composition of your gorgeous painting. yay for you!

Michele said...

You are gorgeous in that piccie! You are so clever Cam!! So, so clever!

Marcia Beckett said...

wow you are talented in a variety of media. I found you through Amy's blog! love those stickers :)

Unknown said...

Hi Cameron. Yes you definitely have a great name.
What a great post. It was good to read all about you in one post. Gorgeous family photo by the way. Super artwork as always. Very multitalented I see. Amazing stuff. Kyles xo

Marty said...


You are one of the most talented, beautiful people I've ever met! Love your spirit and artistic heart. Hoping we get to go thrifting if/when you come up this summer! I know Addie would love to see her friend Maggie! :)


Gina said...

Cameron is sooooo a cool name :D ...and such a cool person too :D Those costumes are awesome hahaha...a nd you have your own little "dress me up" doll too. And beautiful!!! sheesh, you got it all girl...WTG You :D XXX

Glycérine said...

wowowow.. what a great artist you are !! And you have such a beautiful little girl :)
Hope I ll win your painting because.. well.. just because ;)
Have a good day

Magaly Guerrero said...

I envy your superpower of saying no often. I can do it, and I've done it, but as often as I should.

Your family is beautiful--what a club of smiles.

My goodness, I wish I could put costumes together the way you do. They are yummy and the model is a star.

Yay paint and stickers! Fingers crossed for the win ;-)

Magaly Guerrero said...

P.S. I LOVE your name, too!

Fallingladies said...

Yes, love your name and ALL of your art! You are so talented in the time you have, i never managed to paint at all when my girls were younger. Life just seemed too much, so i am impressed with all you do. It gets easier as you get older I think, well for me it did, even though i actually have more on my plate now. I guess it took me longer to learn what you already did, to say no to things! Just concentrate on what's truly important! You daughter is so lucky to have such cool costumes! And you didn 't even brag at all about being totally beautiful!
Oh and even though i am lucky enough to have a piece of your art, please count me in for your giveaway as i love that Dream lady! You are fabulous!

Judah is a.... said...

1) Cameron *is* a cool name!
2) I love the fact that you're all over the place artistically!
3) Any mom that makes outfits like those for her kids rocks.
4) Your art rocks as well!
5) Anyone who takes/took bug walks gets bonus points.

Kristin said...

Okay, I LOVE this! First of all, you look so so pretty! AND your costumes and sculptures are brilliant. I can't believe that you did this on your first go!
Thanks for the chance to win your GORGEOUS painting too - I love her so much!

Lisa Richards said...

Yes, Miss Cameron with the cool name! You have been blessed with a lot of creativity! I love the jewelry and the felt cup warmer inspires me to dig out that box of felt pieces I bought years ago and couldn't think of a use for! What a great idea! Your paintings are gorgeous, and I'm glad you get such joy from painting and art in general. Your family is beautiful and it's wonderful when our family is supportive when we feel the need to create. Have a wonderful day!

Micki Wilde said...

You are definitely all of those things but you are also flippin gorgeous and quite possibly the most fabulous swap partner ever, a parcel from you is like a party in a package.


WrightStuff said...

My earrings are in your post!! They are famous!! Listen readers (or should that be read readers?). Cameron makes amazing things. I own quite a few of them as it goes. She's a very clever and talented lady!

Dianie said...

You are as beautiful as your personality. It was great to put a face to your sweet self :) You have a lovely family as well. I have always loved your art and was so excited to see that you are a costume designer as well. Your daughter has one talented mama.

Thanks so much for sharing.


PiaRom said...

Love your name felt so warm, but as you :)
What a wonderful "family love each other and have so much fun-foto"!! You look so happy :))
The costumes are so lovely and my absolute favorite is the first one..fits the beautyful lady whos inside ;)
I am a big fan of all your artsy work and always love to see whats new..I am soo soo happy to met you here in the bloggyland and join you as a dear friend ♥
you are so right with your "open-eye-dreaming"...I always love these things our parents don´t want us to do ;)

Joyce van der Lely said...

Ha, beautiful post you beautiful woman ! And always punctual, and then there's me......always again this time, full of good intentions and then the date slips throught the cracks...excuses enough, but they don't count, I should get my life organised like many otheres manage to do. You know I cheer you on always, you make the greatest stuff, love to have met you on one of these blog things when we did ! xoxoxo Oh, I did do a belated All together post, but bragging is not my forteit either.... ♥

Theresa MacNaughton said...

That was a really lovely introduction to you, your family and your art! What a fun blog party!!! Glad I came to visit - it is always fun to learn new tidbits about your friends!

Julia Winkler said...

Ooooh, Cameron! I love the Dia de los Muertos sticker - beautiful. And I love the fact that you just go for it and jump right in when you're creating. I'm like that, too. Your sculptures turned out great. Love the "Spell Kitty"!

Unknown said...

You're such a talented artist! I'm glad I came to know you.

Sunshineshelle said...

Cameron (yes love the name too), you won't believe it but Amy stuffed me full of wieners & pina colada's and I fell asleep but now I'm AWAKE & still partying (even though it's a little late - whoops)!!!! OK ENVY!!!! Those costumes are brilliant you amazing babe! Your family so gorgeous & obviously LOVE you too! I'm with Falling Ladies, - how did you NOT brag about how beautiful you are? I LOVE your art & the motto - Dream with your eyes wide open, it looks like you are doing exactly that! I don't like crowds or 'working' a party but I feel there are so many talented & wonderful people at this one, I'm making the most of it & boogieing & chachaing around with a beaming smile because I'm so happy , thanks for having me you talented babe :)

Nicole Foshee said...

Absolutely love your artwork! The giveaway is breath taking and I hope I win! Your family is so beautiful. I'm glad I found your post and will be following now to see what wonderful, creative things you do next!

Caz said...

I loved reading this :-)

valeri blossom said...

oooh, i was so smitten by you and your blog moments into your post. i am SO glad i found you by way of amy's party. yay for amy and for you! love EVERY crafty thing you do (really dig your daughter's sally costume and the sculpted snowman!) and your stickers are mucho awesome-o! and yes, cameron is a cool name. i'm glad you like it, too, because i grew up really disliking my name but now i love it. my first name is spelled "wrong" and my middle name really is blossom, which just rocks, so voila! my parents gave me an instantly cool, artist-y name, i just had to grow into it. :)

Carolyn Dube said...

You are the costume master! What an adorable little girl you have to enjoy those costumes! Thanks for sharing all your creative goodness!

Heather Henry said...

Cameron, you are so funny and I love hearing about you. Those costumes are fabulous. I love that you take scraps and turn them into something amazing. I admire your ability to make everything. And wow, what awesome stickers, those are so cool! Yay!! It's wonderful to see an actual picture of you too, so pretty! Malibu and OJ, sounds amazing!!! :)
Hope all is well with you! Have a lovely week!

Unknown said...

do i even need to tell you how freakin late i am getting around to the blogs? i know, i'm a dick.

hey. so when i came over here on friday (?was it?) to add your link, my daughter saw your photo (the one with your huz and daughter) and she was all , ''uuuuuuu so pretty"

i wanted you to know because she is really stingy with her compliments.

you are very pretty, by the way.

okey doke. look i think this is the first time i've ever realised that you and i have something in common and it's this: we both will work with any medium or style if it's what we feel like doing at the time.

that's so coooool.

love the dolls, love the cup holder cozy thingies, and i always love your paintings. mostly i love that you do ALL of those things without worrying that it will affect your 'following' or branding.

you're pretty cool.

hey. did i tell you i'm coming to california this summer? i am.
we gotta figure out if i'll be near where you are.

i'll be in the bay area and then also i'll be in portland for a bit.

is that near you?

can i win your prize?


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carmen Wing said...

Very cool name. Just as cool as Carmen ;) :P Isn't it great when you do actually like the name you were given?

I always love seeing your gorgeous girl in those outfits. And you look amazing in that first one, am so jealous, I could never wear a dress like that - one gust of wind under my bingo wings and I'd take off! :D

Gorgeous creations. Amazing stuff!

manomij said...

Aaaah Cameron just one word YOUAREGORGOUSALLTHEWAY!
Wonderful knowing you.

Amy said...

HEllo, nice to meet you and your artyside! I love that you have you musti-talents..both with sculpting and painting..I have dabbled with some felt and I Love that to..great to sew ..I like to sew by hand.

Anyway..I like that I got a chance to meet you on this artful journey.

Malinda said...

Cameron, your art is just beautiful! I LOVE your blog header. Keep creating! You're making the world a better place ; )

Lisa Graham said...

Cameron! (wow, cool name)
I love this! Loved reading more about you. You are funny, full of energy and talented! And let's not forget cleaned up really nice in the photo with your lovely family. :)

But seriously...this is not bragging at all...this is great! Thanks for sharing some pieces of YOU.

Have a lovely day!

Geri said...

What a multi-talented person you are Cam! Yes, Cameron is a great name! (coming from person who has suffered with "Geraldine"!) You have quite the knack as a costume designer and everything else you do. Love the family photo - everyone looks great. I could see some of these photos when you get published soon (crossing fingers)!

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