Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Neighborhood!

Hello to all you Lovely Friends!  Hope your weekend was a good one!

I stayed up a little late on Saturday to paint, among other things...and was able to finish this! 

Welcome to "Cozy Street" :) 11x14 inch Mixed Media on Canvas.

This was soooo much fun to do!  I really enjoyed decorating the 4 little houses, playing around with each one to give them a personality of their own :)  I can definately see more of these "neighborhoods" in my future!

 I incorporated more crackle glaze into the mix (which I really like the look of)!

...And this time, I added a few more personal touches... These 2 little kitties in front are modeled after my own fluffy duo....1 black and 1 calico :) 
I did an old post about them here.

I used a page from an old dictionary for this door and one roof...the definition of Home...
Can you see, also, I used beads as the doorknobs.  I like the dimension and inviting feeling the little knobs there would be tiny furniture and the smell of cinnamon coffee cake wafting thru the house if only you could just turn that little knob and go in :)

....And this house is number 502...the same address of my childhood home...where all cozy memories begin!  My Dad's parents first resided in the home, and my parents still live there today.  It is the hub where everyone meets and chats and mingles, where cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. run around and play...
I felt it necessary to pay homage to my true "first home" while on the cusp of moving into our own :)
Love ya' Mom & Dad!!!

I have put this piece in my shop, fyi ;oD

...And this, my my new acquisition!! Isn't she so pretty!
My talented Blog Buddy, Theresa MacNaughton at Fairie Moon Creations
knew I was drooling over her and offered to do a trade (I just love trades....everybody wins!) She makes gorgeous jewelry and does wonders with yarn, by the might want to check her out if you're not lucky enough to know her already :)

I sent her Mushroom Cap Cottage, and I received this beautiful piece entitled, "Every Girl is a Princess".  I adore that title, too! Thanks, Theresa!  I will treasure her :oD

I hope to be back soon, but I fear my posts will begin to slow as we gear up to start the moving process....
You won't forget about me, right?!  Okay, good.... :)
Hugs all around,


Heather H. said...

Cameron- I'm moving in. I enjoyed reading about the wonderful details too. And you lucky girl to get that beautiful painting in a trade...I'd say she's a lucky girl to...
Have a great day.
Heather H

EVA said...

What a lovely neighbourhood! I hope you move into one as happy as this!

Best wishes for your move!

Hybrid J said...

Loving all the details of your little house. They're just adorable and as I'm learning more about mixed media artwork, I can appreciate the effort you put into creating such detailed piece. Good work!

Good luck with the move and will surely miss you! ;)

Micki Wilde said...

I Love your little houses, I love all the detail on them and those door knobs are just wonderful!!

As for forgetting you, not a chance thats going to happen!!
You are a very memorable lady ;)


Micki x

Alexandra and Julia said...

What a lovely street? Nice work, Cameron!

miruspeg said...

Cameron it is always a treat to visit your blog.
Your attention to detail is delightful in your paintings and thanks for sharing your story.
Of course you won't be forgotten if you are not around for a while.
Take care dear friend.
Peggy xxxxx

Lauren said...

I am seriously in love with your little house paintings!! If you ever want to swap again let me know ;) I have been busy busy but will finally be getting new work in my shop probably next week. I love your painting from Theresa, it is gorgeous. Congrats again on the house, I am so excited for you! We will all still be here when you can get back to blogging :) ~Lauren

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a lovely piece. i love the details that you showed. so pretty.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Hi Cameron, I just LOVE this new painting!!!! You pay so much attention to all the fun little details. You might be interested to know that I featured your work here:

And thank you so much for sharing your little Princess. I hope she receives a special little nook on the wall of your new home. :)


Marty said...

Hi Cameron! Your painting is utterly charming! I love the special details, especially giving it that meaningful address.
I can definitely see all the fun, love, and thoughtless that went into it because it's STELLAR! :)

If you can still remember me after my months-long
hiatus, then I think it's quite fair to say I will remember
you ;) Seriously, you are such a lovely, talented person, and I am so glad we can be "bloggy friends!"

mermaiden said...

the houses are wonderfully detailed! so charming :D

(cameron, email me your email addy sometime, ok?)

Meliss said...

Your houses rock! So much detail. The beads for the doorknobs is really clever. The princess you received is pretty. ENJOY!!! YAY!!!

I was talking about the idea of trading art with other artists the other day. I heart the idea.


Jessa | ReArtingDotNet said...

So darling and magical and charming. I loooovvvveee your artwork! Tweeted ya!

VS said...

Your picture is beautiful friend!!! Filled with so much wonderful textures & surprises. I can still remember my childhood address...601 Roycroft, I always love thinking of that. Thanks for going along with me to Disneyland!! If I lived as close as you, I would probably be there every week...LOL!
For me it is the Happiest Place on Earth!!!
Smiles Friend,

Shayla said...

You are so awesome and creative. I love you art and enjoyed looking at the things you make. I am now following you! I LOVE your blog love love love love

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