Monday, June 17, 2013

The Trees are calling...

...and I am listening :)

It is time for our annual Summer Vacation...5 weeks of tent camping, sightseeing, soaking up nature and relaxing!  I created this piece in anticipation of cooler climate and gorgeous green trees!
This girly's face has some definite Micki inspired touches!
We just bought a new I can't wait to take a zillion photos to share with you on our return!
If you are curious about past year's trips, you can read last year's post HERE and the year before HERE.
There's nothing like being away in another world to help renew your spirit and re-energize your mind!  I'm so ready to spend some time hearing what the trees have to say :)
Hope you all are enjoying your summers, too!
Redwood sized Hugs!


Getrealmommy said...


Magaly Guerrero said...

Have a blast, dear love! And put that new camera to work.

We'll start our 4 weeks away at the beginning of July. I can't wait ;-)

Kristin said...

5 weeks! HOW awesome, what a wonderful childhood you are creating! AND tent camping, can I tell you that I went just this weekend - and lasted one night instead of the 2 we were supposed to - it was so cold I stayed up all night shivering so hard that I got the hiccups :) BUT I'm sure you have all the right stuff to make it warm and cozy, we were amateurs :)
I hope all is well and the ankle is better and wish you a wonderful trip!! xoxoxo

somewhere on the avenue said...

Have a wonderful rest! We in the UK are still waiting for summer to start!! xx

Rachel said...

Oooo a 5 week holiday sounds wonderful! You lucky thing. :-)

Hope you and your family have a great time.


ps The madeleines were surprisingly easy to make. Luckily I have a French colleague, she lent me her tin so I didn't have to go out and buy one.

Micki Wilde said...

I was thinking of you yesterday when someone mentioned camping and wondered how soon it would be till you left....and now here you are telling us lol ;) I hope you have a wonderful time hun I can't wait to see the pics when you get back x x

Victoria said...

YAY...have a sparkling time away..enjoy all the magic ahead! Beautiful art as always friend..just stunning!She is blissful and sweet and the bird is enchanting!HUgs and Blessings..thanks for your kind visits.

Catherine Denton said...

Being among the trees is one of the most rejuvenating experiences I can think of. Enjoy your time away and capturing it all with your camera!

Catherine Denton

Kyra Wilson said...

Five whole weeks!? WOW! I wish we could do that! I'll be looking forward to those photos!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Ah off you go again! I feel like it was just yesterday I was awaiting your return from last year's trip! Have fun and wear lots of bug spray haha.

Magic Love Crow said...

Have a great time away! Enjoy nature! Love the painting!! Hugs ;o)

Melanie said...

Have a great camping trip. Love the painting you made.
Liefs, Melanie

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

She is totally stunning! Have fun on your vacation and bring back loads of photos. :)

Tammie Lee said...

i am so happy for you
a wonderful journey to begin
your art is so beautiful and fun
shading really makes her face pop to life

wishing you a grand time.

Lisa Graham said...

I wish you the happiest of family vacations Cam! I love your green cool girl. The John Denver song "Cool Green N' Shady" is going through my mind now.


Treehugger_31 said...

Have a beautiful, wonderful, magical time! Can't wait to see all your lovely photos! :)

awesomama said...

wow, Cameron! have a blast! i always imagine myself camping but i've never really been and in all honesty i'm less outdoorsy in real life than i am in my head. looking forward to your future post and photos <3

Jess said...

Have a wonderful time Cam!xx

Erin K said...

5 weeks! Oooo, lucky you and your lucky family! I hope you have a wonderful time like you did last year, Cam. <3 It'll be so fun to hear about your adventures when you come back.

This little lady is so lovely and looks like she's just waiting to make some little birdie friends. I just love her sweet face.

See you soon, Cam...lots of lovely hugs. <3

Kelly said...

Hello Cameron! I wish you and your family a safe a magic filled journey! I will be headed to CA. soon for some fun time near Yosemite to visit my parents. Enjoy your summer!!! <3&:)

Carmen Wing said...

Hope you are having an amazing time Cameron :) I look forward to seeing those zillions of pictures.

Your woodland girl is gorgeous and looks like she is having some very interesting thoughts :)

PiaRom said...

Enjoy the woods and your lovely ones ♥♥♥ your girl is so lushious...can´t wait to hear what she is listening for ;) ♥ Conny

Unknown said...

Love the paintings. You have a real talent for composition.
Have an awesome time camping.
Don't forget to pack a shovel. Five weeks is a long time.

Devon said...

I hope you enjoy your trip!
The painting is amazing, I love her eyes and the bird, as well as the rest of the picture!

Devon x

Justina said...

Hi Cameron!
Just found you comment on my blog that you left a little while ago!

Thank you so much for the comment, so I thought I'd check out your blog as well! BEAUTIFUL work! I am going to follow you, and I see you have a facebook as well! I will give your page a LIKE! Please like my page as well?

stay in touch!

All the best,


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