Monday, June 3, 2013

My Weekend CREATE-ing

Hello Everyone!

I hope the weekend treated you all well!  Mine was amazing!

My Mom and I went to the CREATE Mixed Media Retreat, finally, after waiting for over 6 months for it to arrive.  I don't know if you remember that I asked my Husband for this gift last Christmas....a Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary gift all rolled into one....

My Mom wanted to attend with me, so it was nice to have a Partner in Crime to go with.  Plus, she lives just 15 minutes from where it was held here in California, so we didn't have to spend the money on hotel rooms.
If money was no option, one could take (4) six hour classes and (4) three hour classes over 5 days.  We took (3) three hour classes and (2) 6 hour ones....5 classes in all.

On Wednesday, we took a class called "Carved Birches - no cutting tools required" given by Staci Swider.

This was a 3 hour class.  We used 12x12 canvases, acrylic paint and oil pastels.  The neat birch tree effect was created with molding paste, crackle medium and house paint!  A really cool effect!

My oil pastels weren't blending very well, so the teacher let me borrow one of hers.  It was some French brand of oil pastel....and it was like butter! So creamy!  I need to add those to my wish list!
Thursday night, we took a class called "Crinkly Iridescent Vestiges" given by Helen Shafer Garcia.
We were given a special Masa Paper (rice paper) that we drew simple images on, crinkled up and soaked in water.  We outlined our drawings in a wonderful acrylic ink and watched them bleed. 
We filled them in with watercolors and embellished when dry.  We worked on several, but this is the only one I finished.
We took a 6 hour class Friday morning called "Unleash your Creative Spirit" with Staci Swider again.  This was so different than what I'm used to, that it really forced me to just go with the process.
Here's my view of the class from my side of the room :)
We started with a 2 foot square wood panel.  We covered it in gesso and acrylic paint (I used my hands the whole time).  We dripped water over the top and swirled it around by moving the panel to and fro.  We soaked up the water and some paint with a large piece of watercolor paper.  We did this as many times as we liked........then, we were told to find something hidden, looking at the panel in all directions.  Some found faces, others found animals.....
I saw a giraffe :)
We were told to incorporate some of the watercolor paper into the panel. 
We used oil pastels to define our lines....otherwise, it was all painted using just my fingers!
Saturday morning, we took a 6 hour course by Chris Cozen called "Incised to Perfection: Working with Color, Pattern and Texture"
There were lots and lots of layers put on this piece with flowers being "found" in the random designs.  Stencils and course molding paste were used.
I didn't realize you could paint over molding paste with watered down acrylic and have it bleed over the surface. Interesting.
We worked on 2 canvases, but I didn't come close to finishing the 2nd.
 Our last class on Saturday evening was called "Chip Off the Old Block" given by Pam Carriker.
We were given tips and guidance for carving our own stamps.
I've tried this before, but not for a long time.  I tried to pick an image that I could get a lot of use out of.
I carved both sides so I would have both wings.  I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these in art to come ;)
Thanks for letting me share my class projects with you!  Attending them was a wish come true....
I think we'll try to go next year, too! We'll see what the Hubby says....heehee ;P
Big paint covered hugs to you all!


Micki Wilde said...

OOh sounds like you had tons of fun, Out of everything you showed the tree and the Giraffe are my faves, the giraffe especially stole my heart!!!

amy said...

Cameron, this all sounds AWESOME! So hands-on, I love it. I'm thinking of offering a stamp-carving workshop if I can connect with a local location, so I'd love to hear what worked for you (or didn't) about that one.

I think the process that led to the giraffe sounds the most interesting!

Fallingladies said...

Hello! I have missed your blog! Great stuff you have been doing while i have been missing in action! I love the stuff you made in your wonderful getaway classes, epecially that giraffe piece! Wow! And am trying to catch up on some of your other projects, and your aweome critter birthday parties!!! You have the best ideas!

Lisa Graham said... did some great stuff in your class. Your giraffe is extra sweet and I think it's so special you got to go with your mom. xo

And yes...molding paste is awesome! It makes good hair too! :)

manomij said...

I love it all Cam I so wished I could go to one of those retreats. I don't think there are too many of those here in the uk. I will have to come back and revisit this post because you have so many things I like and want to look at again. Manon xxx

somewhere on the avenue said...

It must be wonderful to sit and create all day. So much here to inspire and experiment with. The giraffe is so sweet xxxx

Jess said...

What a fantastic course and how lovely to share the experience with your mum! I'll bet you're all fired up with inspiration now. :) xx

Rachel said...

What a great course, it looks like you got a lot out of it.

Can't wait to see what it inspires you to create next. :-)

Dianie said...

Fantastic classes and art you created!

Your Giraffe picture is wonderful as well as the others great art pieces.

I think it would be so fun to spend an art retreat weekend with my mom.
I am so happy for you and your amazing adventure you had at the retreat.



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Sounds like you had fun at this class! And I love the carved wings...beautiful my friend!

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, a lot of fun and a lot of great techniques! I would love to go to something like this! Thanks for sharing ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Someone had a blast, I see. I love the "birch effect" and the tree on crinkly paper. I gasped when you said, "and watched it bleed." The image and the words created all kinds of yumminess in my head.

And your giraffe? Pure magical realism food for the soul ;-)

Kyra Wilson said...

I love the Giraffe! Looks like a blast!!

pinkglitterfae said...

hey Cameron, how awesome for you to share this with your mom! I would so love to go to an event like that, but I'm in the wilds of Canada, and unfortunately, not too many people venture here, lol!
love the cool works of art you created, I've heard of Chris Cozen-I'm in some classes of hers right now. I want your rubber stamp wings! they turned out fantastic!
I was reading your previous post, and I didn't realize you too have the perfectionist bug, lol!
I have a hard time lightening up and playing with art, so hopefully, I can learn to loosen up. Love the painting you did in Micki's class, so pretty!

Zorana said...

How wonderful Cameron! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! I loved reading about all the classes.. Can' get over your giraffe! How cool is she? WOW! And I'm so in love with the wing stamp.... so beautiful! I went to one jewelry class with my daughter and treasure that experience, so I can imagine how you and your Mom loved it!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Oh this is so great Cameron! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! And created some beautiful things in the process :)

Karen Isaacson said...

what a wonderful experience! your work is gorgeous.

Kristin said...

This is AWESOME! SO cool that you got to take all of those classes and SO cool that you went with your Mom! These are wonderful pieces and memories I'm sure. I love all the work, but am especially enamored of the birch tree / effect and that giraffe! LOVE him. AND thank you for helping to spread the SOC news even though you will be away - that was so kind.
See you Tuesday :) xoxo

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Hi Cameron! I just wanted to say thanks for being one of the very few people that continue to follow along with me even though I have been so bad at posting lately. However, I am going to be making more of an effort to post and to get over to other lovely blogs like yours!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Wow! This looks like you had an amazing time! Love all the ideas and those wings are awesome! And I'm so excited you got to meet Chris Cozen and Pam Carriker. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Everything you did was gorgeous! Love the outlining around the giraffe and trees. You have such a creative sense. Carving the stamps looks intriguing. I'll have to try that someday. Thanks for sharing!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh wow Cameron. Can you see the green waves of jealousy coming across that ocean? :) What an amazing time it sounds like you had. Your stamps are gorgeous and I love that birch effect. Your giraffe is just so cute! Sounds like you crammed so much into those few days and how cool that you just got to go back to your Mums where I'm sure much fun was had of an evening :)

Erin K said...

Oh how cool! So awesome that you got to attened one of these and to go with you mum too. So happy that you both had a magical time creating and having fun playing with new arty materials. Nothing beats that feeling of creating in a group.

I love your pieces too, always soo pretty and expressive. The giraffe is just too cute. ^_^

Oh you lucky girl, you got to try out print block making...such an elegant rock! I haven't done print making since high school. heehee...

All the best the weekend to you. <3

Joyce van der Lely said...

lucky girl you (and your mum !) I bet you had a ball, looking forward to your newly inspired arts (after your holidays probably) Have FUN my friend xxx

Treehugger_31 said...

Wow, looks like you had an awesome weekend! What fun! I love your cute. :)
The stamp turned out so well...I'm impressed with your talent!

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