Friday, May 13, 2011

A Purrfect Party

My Little Miss Maggie turned 5 this week.  We had a cat themed party for her this year....and though you couldn't be here in person, I'd love to pretend you were :)
Here's an invitation for you....

You'll know which house it is right away!

(This is made using a calendar photo adhered to cardboard and decorated with scrapbooking embellishments)

The Birthday Girl is waiting for you!

...In her cutest kitty attire. 
Yes, I made both...but the skirt was a first!  It has an elastic waistband and everything!  This is very exciting to me cuz I'm pretty much a sewing novice...heehee....just had to share :)

As you walk in the door, you hear the sound of meowing....

Kittens (from Oriental Trading Co.) waiting for new homes....

Pick out your favorite and fill out an adoption certificate (found these free online) and put on a collar with it's new name (pipe cleaners and cardstock circles with eyelets and jump rings for the tags). 

Btw, that's what happens to pigtails when they're introduced to Mr. Bouncehouse :)
Exhibit A


Grab yourself a plate, Hubby just got a new grill!

Oh, and check out the cute kitty banner I made!  It's double-sided so I could hang it up between 2 rooms and have it be viewed by both sides.

There are little strips of the matching fabric between the calendar page flags that I sewed together and cut around the edge with pinking shears.....really livened up the decor.
Oh, and you know those mini pictures on the back of the calendar...I made this smaller banner from them....simply hotglued onto ribbon with alternating circles of a patterned paper.

Click on pics to see them larger :)
Please stop to smell the roses...we just happen to have my all-time favorite rose growing in our backyard.....and I didn't even know it til after we moved in (either I'm not very observant or just plain lucky...heehee....or maybe both ;P)
It's called Double Delight...the white and red one on the right....smells heavenly!!!

And now, it's time to get our sugar high on!

Yes, I made all those cupcake toppers, can't see in the pictures, but they're all accented with glitter glue....cuz everything's better with a bit of sparkle :)

I'm going to tell you a little secret as to how I got the invitations and toppers to match her skirt....
Are you ready?

I couldn't find any plates or decorations that I liked that had cats on I took Maggie to Joann's, where she pick out this fabric...

Then I..and here's my secret....
...color copied it :)

Now I had papergoods to use to coordinate with the tablecloth and her outfit!

 I just used solid colored plates and napkins to compliment the colors...and voila!

A pawsitively wonderful party!

We do hope you enjoyed yourselves!  Thank you so much for coming!
Now, on to creating a cat themed bedroom for her......unfortunately, using an entirely different fabric...haha!

Pounce on over anytime :D
Big Hugs,


Clare said...

what fun - it looks like it was a very special birthday party. it brings back fond memerios of when i did similiar parties for my girls - such precious times.

Jennifer Grace said...

That party looks fabulous, I bet your daughter loved every minute of it! Her outfit is super cute, I'm very impressed you made it, I always want to make things for my daughter to wear and never get round to it!
I also love the idea to adopt a kitty, and all your decorations are brilliant. I shall try and remember all this in case my little girl wants a cat themed party one day! x

Gabriela said...

what a beautiful party!"purrfect"!!!!

Heather Foust said...

What a wonderful party!!! I wish I could have come! You are so clever. What a great post!

Allison said...

You were right, I am so proud of you!!! You did such a great job, the whole outfit is adorable!! I have been looking forward to this post!! I love the kitty adoptions too, that is such a cute idea!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Cam,
Happy Birthday to Maggie! Her party was perfection--that outfit--adorable!! and those cupcakes!! WOW!!!
You are so clever and so joyous!!

Rosie Kaplan said...

Thanks for the black tip on someone else's blog. Its just the info I needed right now!

Cris said...

What an adorable birthday party. I love the kitty adoption ideas! So Cute!

Getrealmommy said...

Holy cow woman! You put the rest of us to shame! Great job! Looks like an amazing party!

Kathy said...

Oh,oh,oh!!!!! What a wonderful party! I remember those days with my daughter. I loved planning home birthday parties. This was just a delight to read. And you are SO CLEVER!! LOVED the adopt a kitty idea. Cute! And I also loved the photocopy of the fabric idea. Now, why haven't I ever thought of that. And her little kitty outfit looks adorable. She's a cutie pie, she is. Tell Missy Maggie happy birthday for me! Hugs - Kathy

Michaele Sommerville said...

Meow meow meow! Wonderful party!

Laura Beth said...

Darling Birthday Party. Love the kitty adoption!

In response to your comment...I've never done a trade before. I only have mini prints right now...but I could print off an 8.5x11. Thanks for admiring my work!

<3 Laura Beth

Raven Moon Magic said...

what an awesome party, I just love the whole adoption process, that is so neat, I was thinking the other day about party favour bags and how kids always come home with such crap which is trashed by the end of the week, but adopting and naming a kitten, thats so special love love love. Happy Birthday Maggie, I am loving what your mummy has done for you. So special Cameron, Yay for 5! when is she off to school, what a huge! change for you. And there are those carboard box kennels again which I love. Super Sweet Smart Lady !!!


Melissa said...


This is so magically creative and wonderful....purrr fect INDEED! I am so serious when I say I would have LOVED to have been a guest....even though I am a bit older than 5....this just looks terrific! What an amazing mom you are!!!
So so fun!!! Happy birthday to the sweetest kitten in town! xo

Gerri Herbst said...

A little girls dream come true. What a special themed celebration. Im sure that there were miles of smiles. Very creative....gerri

pinkglitterfae said...

Oh wow! this has got to be the perfect party for sweet Maggie, and all your guests! I want her outfit, lol!
and those cupcakes, and the banners, and the adoptions....oh my, I could go on and on, lol!
I love seeing birthdays celebrated,it gives children beautiful memories.

thanks for popping by my blog, yes I used children's board books. Just sand them lightly, then gesso, and you are ready to paint. Go ahead and pilfer, lol!


Shayla said...

This looks like one of the coolest parties I have ever seen! Her outfit is adorable, so awesome that you made it. Talented in EVERY WAY! You should e-mail me your addy and I will send her a kitty drawing!!!!

Yeah, I am definitely in love with Mab. She once sent me a little print of a bunch of eyes, I tend to look at it a lot for reference. XOXO!!!!

C said...

oh wow thanks for the party invite i really enjoyed myself :) you sure was purrrrrrfectly clever lady ;) love the kitty adoptions too x x

A.W. said...

I did enjoy myself! What wonderful ideas! Thanks for bringing us along!

Nancy said...

What a Fantastic party!! I love the kitten adoption station ~ such a great idea! All the decorations are Amazing!!
Nancy xx :D

Pease Porridge said...

OMG!! I might have to steal this idea because it is the cutest!!!! Can't wait to show this to Rose. We have not had her official party yet. LOVE the outfit! It is all sooooo cute.

Hybrid J said...

Sorry to have miss such wonderful post. (Blame Blogger problem last Fri / Sat).

A very belated happy birthday to the little miss.

And you're such a wonderful mother and hostess for a fantastic party!

Carmen Wing said...

Well I just had such a purrrrfect time. As a cat lover stuck in a house of doggy lovers it's just wonderful to get such a huge kitty fix like this in one go :)

Thank you for inviting us all, I'm just going to sneak a couple of those yummy cupcakes in my bag!

Lauren said...

Wow what an amazing party!! :) You really made it special for her, and everyone looks like they had a blast! My favorite part is the kitty "adoptions", so cute nd creative! :) ~Lauren

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