Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wow, I guess it's official!

I've been toying around with the idea of starting a blog lately...even created and deleted this 1 once already. Heck, who am I to think I have anything to say? But, then, who are any of us? Just everyday everyday lives... I've decided this blog will serve to be an online journal of sorts.... a place to share my art, my musings, my thoughts even though they may be cranky, beautiful, honest, flawed, etc. Just a place to let things that reside within me to unfold and be recognized. My life has been in need of a little sprucing. Y'know, a little change that gets you out of your old ruts and into something a bit different...even a tad uncomfortable. A chance to become re-energized, perhaps? While this may not be what my dreamlife had in mind...envision a luxurious spa getaway somewhere surrounded by trees, delious food I didn't have to prepare myself, pairs of skilled, warm hands poised for pampering & a stack of magazines as high as my reallife wins when it comes to funding said dreamlife. So, I guess this blog is my little staycation...where the only massage therapist in the place is me! Bring on the footrubs and tv dinners! Though it will be a little difficult to type at the same time :)

On a more exciting note, I have another photo shoot set up for Wed with my good friend's daughter. She loves to play dress-up and pose for me. I used her pic as a reference for my painting "The Whispering Tree". She is really fun to direct so I think we should get some great shots! Maybe I'll ask her to take some pics of me for a change....hmmmm, those probably wouldn't inspire me to paint....but maybe to exercise!

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Raven Moon Magic said...

wow beautiful, so do you do commissions, i would love you to do one for my daughter of us as fairies or mermaids??????? : )

raven moon magic

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