Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Promises Kept

The month is quickly coming to an end, which in turn, means Project Hubby will also be wrapping up it's designated time frame. What an amazing, little journey this became....originally just a means to give my Sweetie a little extra attention (on a budget!), who suspected I'd be getting so much more out of it? If you knew something, you should have said something :)

There were times when I didn't have the little card waiting for him to discover in the morning....(because, quite frankly, I didn't have that day's card made yet...oops!) I'd get busy with my daughter and stress over something small, and for a brief moment, I'd think, " I did pretty good for a couple weeks, I can let one day slide. My Hubby will forgive me." ...and that's when I would suddenly find the time (and, somehow, the serenity) to create a little something for him to come home to.
I think I'm growing up a bit (gulp!).....because, in the past, I would have flaked halfway through...or, rather, not even taken on a month-long project because it would have been too hard. But, I'm a new Me when it comes to my Hubby...I've let him down in the past, and making this dedication to him...this February Celebration....needed to be as serious to me as my love for him.....
So, I perservered....
Yesterday was one of those days. SoI thought that I'd use the old refrigerator poem magnets that used to be so popular...oh, about a decade ago! You have any of those? I was getting a little bored of cards and needed something different.

I fished them out from their dusty perch on top of the fridge and opened the container. There were over 3 sets of random words piled inside....

......and a Love Poem....from my Sweetheart....from years past..... tucked in there, too.

I read those simple, honest words and my heart warmed and fuzzified (yes, it's a least, in my world). Doesn't it figure that when you go out of your way to do something for someone else's benefit and are rewarded in many ways. This was one. A little something from my Hubby to me that I would have never remembered was in there....probably would have never found....except for my search to use another method of conveying my affection.
I can see why they've been sitting up there for so really is a pain to sift through all those tiny magnets, vision blurring from the sea of red, black and white!

Yet, despite my impaired eyesight, I managed to find this poem inside all those pieces.

And, yes, that is a toaster oven pan it's stuck to....our fridge is covered in Little Girl drawings, pictures, toys, etc. I know it's not the most romantic, not to mention, it doesn't stand up well on the piano...heehee, but it was portable. I wanted to make sure I put it somewhere where he wouldn't miss it. My daughter and I also bought him some flowers to replace those from Valentine's that have since withered away.

It was so cute. Hubby came home that night, our girl and I met him in the foyer for Welcome Home kisses and hugs. He gave us our share and then turned to me and said, "Where's my little card today? I looked all over for it, but couldn't find it....and I really needed it today."

When he rounded the corner, he saw the poem and the flowers. "The day's not over, yet!" I replied.
There was another reward for my good deeds.

I did, however, make sure I had a card out and ready for him this morning...since he had to wait so long yesterday....
I wrote about how I found his little poem, and all the mushy stuff that comes when feelings are known, hearts are given and promises are kept.

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