Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping Crafty

It's a cold, overcast Friday today....a perfect day to stay inside and craft. I had this idea for little Easter treat bags. I found about 20 of these Bunny prints left in the filing cabinet and decided they needed some new purpose.
The fact that I only had 20 is pretty amazing....You see, I used to make cards to sell at art & craft shows back about 8-9 years ago....this was before the whole handmade card craze kicked in. The only place to find unique cards back then was Papyrus. So I started a little business and went to shows on the weekends. The restaurant I worked at, at the time, was kind enough to let me take in a little basket of my cards to show guests who were interested.....I enjoyed quite a following and met lots of handmade-loving people. I began to do little paintings to put on the cards and found a way to color copy multiples per page to cut down on the cost. Well, after all this time, I still have a filing cabinet full of copies! Though I'm finally starting to reach the end of a few (and won't ever be making more) the majority are very plentiful indeed!

So, I hope these little Ballerina Bunnies (I named this piece, "Hare-abesque") will find new life bringing some special girl a bit of Springtime joy!

My Spring Faerie has also reached the last of her run (3 sheets). I'm planning to use her for some Springtime fun, as well. Not exactly sure, though....large gift bags?.....Any ideas?

It figures the weather turned cold today, since my daughter and I just did some more gardening yesterday. Planted a few more pansies and made trellises to support the veggies.
Then we ran into this little guy! Isn't life grand!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend :)
I'll talk to you all again soon!
P.S. Happy Birthday, Hubby! I love you to the ends of the Earth....and since the world is round, my love is neverending!

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