Friday, February 5, 2010

Learning from Mischief

So, let me set the scene.
I'm trying to use today to actually do some art for artsake. I have the whole morning to sit down and paint whatever strikes my fancy....maybe a quick sketch of a fairy house to go with the "Home" theme, maybe use some of those photos from the recent shoot...."oh, yes, I could use the reference photo of the owl I took at the Renaissance Faire last, where did I put it?"
"Not now, Mischief, Mommy's looking for something. You can sit on my lap when I get back on the computer."
Mischief goes to the couch and jumps up. Button, our persnickety younger kitty quickly bats her back down. Mischief paces in front of her.
I pull out one of my daughter's old baby blankets from the linen closet.
"Here Mischief, I'll put your own blanket up here so Her Highness doesn't have to share. There you go. Just for you. Now you can both be comfy."
I go about searching and laying out all the possible things I can work on. I go in the other room thinking about how fast the morning has turned into afternoon, and I still haven't really done anything. What will I share on my blog today...oh, no, I better hurry.....stress slowly elevates, impatience starts to set in.... I begin to fret that I've wasted so much time. How could I let this happen? My great day of opportunity takes a nosedive toward dissappointment and self doubt!
Then I walk back out to the livingroom and see THIS.

I laughed out loud. Suddenly life wasn't so certainly isn't to Button. She abandoned her side of the couch while I wasn't looking, obviously thinking that Mischief's blanket (and Mischief herself) looked much more comfortable!

This same cat, who not a moment before, was refusing to let Mischief join her on her side!

And, so, I decided to learn a lesson from Mischief (I know, her name doesn't quite fit hasn't since she was about a year old, but by then, it was what she went by)
and take things in stride. Life may not go the way you want it all the time (or, at all, for that matter), but if you just don't worry, keep a positive attitude and an open heart, you may get what you were trying for all along! Button is lucky to have a companion like Mischief.

It reminds me to be grateful to those who share my life with me. Especially when I'm persnickety, too!!
Ah, animals and children....what great teachers they are!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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