Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whew! What a week!

Hello Everyone! I've missed you so! A week is too long to go without writing, but it is absolutely impossible to get organized, take photos and generate a post when Hubby and child are home for a long weekend. Besides, you were all too busy to read about little old me, anyway, right?!
Creative Everyday Update:

Let's start with a little something new I tried thanks to inspiration from Sheree @ Raven Moon Magic. I've seen pages from books used as art/canvas before, but I guess you have to be ready before something speaks to you......this time, I was ready! After seeing what she did using the pages, I set about on a quest to find my own hidden messages within the text.

The circled words read, "She wasn't anywhere....she breathed.....home was their children."

I would have liked this much better had I just circled the "home was their children" part, but, I'm still learning to find the concise description that lies in wait.

I think I did much better with the next, it's more like me, and what I do already. The words say,"Pale neck....ivory skin....her eyes...Scandalous". I gave her fangs at first, but didn't like the way it looked. There must be a dozen layers of color on her lips. Aside from curling a bit, the thin paperback pages have held up pretty well. I think I will be on the lookout for books with thicker pages, though, since I tend to rework my pieces a little too much. So, this has been a good exercise in learning restraint....I didn't say I passed the lesson, but am always learning through exploration!

Thank you, Sheree!
How was your Valentine's Day?

Operation Hubby is still in full swing. The piano is finally getting some use by being the perfect card holder/displayer thingy :) My Darling surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate for a massage at Glen Ivy Day Spa (You'd think I wouldn't need one considering I work at a spa, but the last thing anyone wants to do after 3 or 4 massages is stay to give a free one...even with the promise of receiving one in trade later...) So, I appreciate and need this gift very much! But, as grateful and excited as he made me with those, what he did that really made me swoon was.....He got my wedding ring resized! I haven't been able to wear it in 5 years! It's all clean and shiny....and on my finger right now!!! Yay!!!!!!

Artfire Shop Update:

Also, over the weekend, I made my first sale! A wonderful woman bought 3 of my Sea Glass hair accessories.

I know she is wonderful because I was lucky enough to meet her in person. It figures that on a web shop where anyone in the world can view and purchase handmade goods, she would end up being local! So, I just delivered the items to her doorstep rather than have her wait for it to be shipped. It's so nice to have your creations go to a good someone who will love them as much as I do! Thank you, Shelly!

Been working on some cute gift bags to offer in the shop. As you already know, my goal with the shop is to make things from stuff I already have on hand. I'm finding it extremely satisfying to dip into my stash and make something new and beautiful! These are just brown paper lunch sacks, embellished with reproductions of my art, stickers, scrapbook paper and ribbon!
They're perfect for wrapping up small gift items or gift cards. Filled with shredded paper and yummy treats, would be a sweet idea, too, plus they're reusable. They just tie shut and can easily be refilled and used again. What do you think? Lunch bags too casual? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts :)
Well, I think this may very well be the longest post I've written yet. I hope to be back again on Friday, before the weekend takes over again. I'll get my cuppa joe and meet you right back here!

By the way, Button wanted me to tell you that she is NOT persnickety at all, as I formerly called her....
She's merely playful, is all, but handed me a list of pre-approved descriptives to use on my blog when referring to her.

I had trouble deciphering some of the words....feline handwriting can be very tricky to read, but I think, I recognized "Beautiful" on the list.....

So, here is Beautiful Button on the porch....(hope that makes Miss Persnickety happy!)


Tammy said...

Your eyes on Chapter four are great,how do get them to look sparkly,I'm just learning to draw eyes.I think the gift bags are a cute idea,they could just be displayed on a shelf and be art after the gift is opened.

Leah said...

yay! what great creations and fun pictures! so much joy here!

Anonymous said...

I really love your art, beautiful.

Raven Moon Magic said...

wow they look great, it looks awesome in colour, i still am only doing mine in the black and gold leaf, after this exhibition I will be taking them different places so its cool to see what you have done, i love it.
some hints
yeah try to find thick old pages, I used to search op shops for clothes, now its always the elusive perfect book!
when i choose my words i have a piece of paper alongside the page and i write the words i wanna use in line with where they are, i always circle in pencil before painting it in and if the sentence gets complicated and you loose what your trying to say just chop it up and simplify it, like with your first one.
I never read the page before I start because it sometimes warps my picture and then im trying to paint to the words rather than word the painting.
if im doing a complicated picture i draw it on paPER FIRST TO GET IT RIGHT AND THEN CARBON PAPER THE OUTLINE ON (woop caps lock hehe) but it looks like you are amazing at drawing so maybe thats just me who needs that haha.
I am so in love with your paintings, Im going to follow you now, thanks for finding me, im such a sucker for mermaids. have fun. Ill be back to see what you create next.

im off for a nosey around your page

xxx sheree
raven moon magic

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