Monday, February 8, 2010

Home is Where Your Door is (2)

I was walking back to my front door after dropping my daughter off at school. I was smiling inside, thinking about what a lovely day it is today. The birds were chirping a sweet little melody & a cool breeze touched my sun-kissed cheeks as I settled into the gentle rythmn of my own footsteps. My mind wandered a bit....the last image of my little girl at school, climbing the monkey bars and laughing with the other children, eased in... and I think I even closed my eyes for a brief moment, when the faint ringing of chimes caught my attention. It must've been the memory of the school bell, I thought. My front porch was in view now, and I felt a small surge of pride at how inviting our new flowers made it look. I heard the tinkling again on my left, and when I turned, I saw the unimagineable! Was that a tiny door.... with tiny steps? Has this been here all along? Why haven't I seen this before? Does someone actually live here?...and then I beautiful and inviting this little place was, too....and how proud it's occupant must be of it, as I am of my abode......then I thought of my little girl, and how magical this would be for her! I don't know why I was priveledged to see this today of all days. Maybe it was my daughter's laughter in my mind while I appreciated the day. Maybe it was being content with life and it's simple pleasures, like the porch of our 2 bedroom apartment....I think it was a combination of all those things that made this special sighting possible! In the long run, it doesn't really matter why. I'm just glad it happened! :-D

I'm wishing you a Magical Monday! A new week of possibilities lies ahead!

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