Monday, February 22, 2010

It's all in our Heads (or on them!)

Hello All! Hope you had a great weekend! I actually got a ton of crafting done....made 12 of those Bunny treat bags from last post.......made a bunch more sea glass hair clips.....and yet, I feel like I don't have much to offer here today. I'm rushed because it always seems I leave writing my blog til the last few minutes before I must drive to work. I think it's a denial thing...wink, wink....I'm an Artist moonlighting as a Massage Therapist instead of the other way around :) So, I uploaded a few of my new creations (Along with one of my favorite art pieces, "Viola") to share with you to prove that I really did do a lot of stuff....really! Just don't have time to talk about it :(

Maybe in this instance, you can help me out? Let's pretend I have some clever or witty observation written right here...

And maybe some soulful poem I wrote about the ocean here....(hear the waves, imagine a mermaid in the distance wearing this clip. She's saying something to you, it's hard to hear it over the seagulls cries and the crashing of the the surf) :)
I'm dying to know what you think she said!!! Something wonderful, I'm sure~
Thanks for indulging me!

I'll write again soon!

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