Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Full Moon, Empty Shell

Hello Everyone. I usually try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays while my Little Girl is in school......but I'm having one of those days. One of those "blah" days. There are so many things in my mind, pestering me, nagging at me.....and yet, I'm not doing anything. Don't feel like doing anything, but can't seem to enjoy the not doing of anything, either. Not trading work for fun, unpleasant for more exciting....just sitting....checking email, snacking on less than healthy tidbits, counting down the hours til I leave for work. I find it difficult sometimes to look forward to giving someone else all my strength, my energy, my care (a massage) when there seems to be so little for myself. I'm always so delighted that my clients are refreshed and relieved of much pain after I work on them, but I just get so drained......

Y' know....I think I'll go take a shower. That always help wash away the "blah"s. I just read Tif's blog and I'm feeling like maybe I'll go lose myself in a thrift store for an hour.......spending money and avoiding chores has been known to lift the spirits :) Just talking about doing something is helping to propel me off my duff. I'll go do it! Hop in the shower, put on my work clothes and go thrifting til I have to report for duty.

Sorry to be a bit of a downer....but, alas, it is part of life. I knew if anyone would understand, it would be you. Hey, I put a painting on here so you'd have something nice to look at even if my sentiment didn't match :) "Moonlight Maiden" watercolor and ink. In person, she's really cool cuz you can see the way the irridescent watercolor glows and changes color in the moon and her hair.

Hope to write again on Fri, but my daughter is home from school...I never get to use the computer for very long when she's around :)

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Raven Moon Magic said...

hey cameron, i know im late and this mood has passed but my advice is that you get a moon calender, sometimes the planets are in places where you are gonna feel like this and its nice to look and see that its not you at all, and you just have to wait it out, usually they are called VCs ( void course ) where the moon is between signs. it certainly stops you questioning your sanity!!!!
keep posting! im listening

xxx sheree
raven moon magic

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