Monday, May 3, 2010

On Experiencing Tag Lag

So, I might've mentioned that I started making gift tags a bit ago.  I think that I also admitted to buying the 100 pack of tags because it was a better deal (not at all because I'm a little mental and go way overboard on stocking up for my next, new, exciting project...*eyes roll*)....

I made some girly ones.
And some Christmas ones.

Sorry this one is blurry...but I wanted you to see what a fun time with the dyeing process I had.

I dried some on strawberry baskets and got this great crosshatch design.

Dried some on cookie racks and got these neat lines....perfect for to's and from's and all that!

I'm still in the process of using these suckers up!  I know...I don't have to do them all right now....but I borrowed some rubber stamps from a friend of mine, and I want to return them in a timely manner (though she probably wouldn't ask for them for another month...she's just nice like that).  I never understood the appeal of stamping... But, with the invention of clear stamps and all the fun accessories that you can use with them.... I'm finding them extremely enjoyable! 

Though, I need to use them and give them back before I buy anything else (because it's okay to get a few things since I saved money by borrowing the stamps, right?!)

I still have about 30 left...and that doesn't include the smaller ones I made with the new tag punch I just had to try.  I must say that this size was perfect, though, for making a set of Wonderland inspired tags.

Can you see the teapot watermark?

I've been making so many tags...that my little Girl had to make some, too!  This is one side.

And the other.

And tags for the Mother's day gifts she wrapped...

...and labeled herself :)

Oh, and as an aside.... I was so proud of myself for having her make a project from something we used to throw away.  She used paint for the gifts (I won't say what they are, in case the recipients are reading) and we always use a paper plate for her pallette....all the colors usually gets all mixed together by the time she's done, she even took a popsicle stick and scratched white lines into it.  In the past I would toss it out...but in the spirit of finding new uses for things, we let it dry.  I cut out some eye holes and contoured the bottom...and she made a mask!

She glued on feathers, glitter and some sequins around the eyes...  I thought this was a delightful project and wanted to share :)

Anyhoo, back to tags....tags...


But in the back of my mind...I've been thinking of this...

Finally had to sketch it to get it out of there.  I went looking online for ideas like it...and came across this great site called the Enchanted Gallery where you can print up these wonderful paperdoll templates for free! 
It's so nice to have kind people offer things like this out of the kindness of their hearts... I don't know if I will actually use these in bringing above sketch to life, but I wanted to make you all aware of this resource in case you wanted to make something yourself :)

Oh, and I got an advertisement the other day from a vinyl sticker company.  They make waterproof/ scratchproof 3 x 2 inch vinyl photo I tried them out with some of my artwork.  They arrived today.  They have a matte finish and are not quite as vibrant as I would like.

....but, I did a little experiment..... I've always wanted to sell my own artwork candles.

This is not quite ready for retail, but good enough for a gift for a friend...
For those of you who'd like to try the service, you can find it at  I have a coupon code for you...enter GET1PICS at checkout for 99cent sheets and free shipping w/ order of 5 sheets.

Well, I thought I'd get more done today (or should I say, get all those darned tags done).....but, it wasn't too bad, I guess....

All the Best,


Athena Marie said...

Beautiful creations as always. :-) And I love those templates. Thanks for sharing!

Hybrid J said...

You're really going mad with the tags, my friend! :D But they're beautiful! So what're you going to do with all 100 of them?

Pls tell your beautiful daughter that the mask was beautiful! :)

It'll be wonderful to see your star mermaid painting soon! And thanks for sharing the link to the doll template.

brandi said...

~so busy you two have been...l♥ve the tags and the idea of using different objects to dry them on...nothing quite like the art made from a childs hand and imagination...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Lauren said...

Hi Cameron! You are so sweet, I would love to do a trade!! Your work is beautiful! I just did my first trade, it was very fun :) Email me at and we can set up the details :)

I just love all of your tags, they are gorgeous! And that mask your daughter made is so cool. I hope you are having a wonderful week, talk to you soon! ~Lauren

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