Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life of a Gypsy

Hello Everyone...
I hope your weekend went smashingly!  I spent my Mother's Day at the Renaissance Faire.  My family and I have made it a tradition to go once (sometimes twice) a year!  It's so much fun to get dressed up... This is what I wore to last years Faire.

I went as a Gypsy this year....
Such fun are all the wondrous wares that are offered...

And all the other costumes, as well....

My Dad's the photographer...never without his camera at any and all family functions!

This is my Mom.  Behind her you can see my Bro in his leather jerkin and wolf pelt!

Every year.....It's just a nice way to spend a day together :) This is from last year. Isn't my Mom's mask so pretty?!....oh and that giant is one of the relation as you can tell from our height!

I really love the exotic jewelry and personality of the other gypsy/bellydance/middle-eastern inspired girls...

It seems they also inspired some new art!  After receiving my lovely new 5 x7 inch painting from Lauren at Fair Rosamund (I know I already showed it to you, but it's so cute, I'll show you again....heehee)

...I decided I really liked that format and wanted to try painting in that size too.  But the only paper I have is a watercolor block in 11 x 14 inches.  Yes, I could take a sheet off, measure it, cut it down, tape it to a board and then get started.....or.....I could divide the page into two 5 x 7 inch rectangles and take advantage of it being on a block.  Of course, I decided this would be the fastest method (because if I don't paint while I'm in the mood, it will pass....and that little spark of inspiration will be filed away in that cluttered brain of mine...til who knows when it will come back! :)  And then I decided to be a little crazy and work on 2 paintings side by side simultaneously!

Y'know, it worked out quite well!  When I applied a wash or worked on an area of one, I could work on the other while it dried!  Plus, if I was mixing up a batch of flesh tone paint, I could use it for both paintings!  I'm thinking that this may be the way to go.  It minimizes down time and the extra work involved in mixing certain colors....
Here's the finished products! Both are watercolor and ink with a touch of irridescent gold pigment.
I'm just now thinking of names as I write this....
What do you think of  "Desert Eyes" as her name. She went over the 5 x 7 template and measures about 7 x 8 instead...oops :) The gold shimmer is in her eyes and ring.
...And how about "Gypsy Girl" (okay, so this name's not so inventive..) or "Fairest Gypsy" ?
Whatever the case, she is 5 x 7 with the gold shimmering on her forehead coins.

Oh, and thank you to all of you who chimed in about my dilema with renewing my online gallery and the possibility of switching to Etsy, etc.....

Well, I've decided to let the online gallery lapse and fall away into cyberspace history.  I've also just bit the bullet and upgraded my Artfire shop.  So now, I have a nice list of categories for those who are looking for something specifically, plus, I can now offer free gifts, promotions, coupons, etc.  I also have more control over the look of my shop, so I switched to new colors that go better with my new banner.
Hop over there if you have a sec :)

I listed some new cards...

A Grab Bag of Assorted Tags (we all saw that one coming,

And a print of one of my Original Watercolors you may have seen before "Vamp Chick" just to get her out into view.... Someone out there might be looking for a blond vampire portrait sporting an ankh never know.....haha!

I appreciate you coming by for a visit.... now I'm off to finish up last minute stuff for my daughter's birthday party on Sunday. I haven't done much since I mailed off the invitations.  Um, yes, I am starting to freak out a little!  At least it's at a park this year and I won't have to do the "company's coming" scrubbing on Saturday!

Happiness all around,


Amy said...

Very nice! I really like the top woman with only her eyes showing. She is beautiful, mysterious and sexy.I often cut my water color paper into two pieces making lovely canvas' of 5 X 7.

Lauren said...

Oh, it looks like you had so much fun at the Ren Faire!! :) I LOVE going, I am obsessed with anything having to do with medieval or Renaissance times. Love your costumes! And thank you for showing my little painting again :) That is such a good idea working on two paintings side-by-side, I never really thought of doing that! That would definitely save some paint mixing. They both look just beautiful. Good luck planning the birthday party :) ~Lauren

Juliette Crane said...

thank you for sharing such fun photos! your art is beautiful! you are so inspiring! i can't wait to stop by again and see more of your work :)

best wishes, juliette

Kaerie Faerie said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, I love the festivals, I use to go all the time, always wear wings LOL
wonderful art work

Athena Marie said...

I love your pics from the festival! I wish I was a gypsy too. :-) The artwork is amazing... can you tell me how you do that? Is it just ink and then watercolor over it??

EVA said...

Very beautiful new works Cameron!

The Fair looks like a lot of fun and was obviously great inspiration!

Amy said...

I love renaissance fairs. My husband and I used to go often. I think maybe we'll take the kids this year for the first time!

Bird said...


Amazing artwork!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment over at Bird Crafts! You made my day! :)


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful, like a magical princess.
Loved seeing all the photos and it looked such fun.
Your art shares the princess qualities you have.

Hope you have another amazing week!



Athena Marie said...

PS - there's something for you at my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, such beautiful paintings !! Vibrant colours.
I love those faires too. We've got something like that here in The Netherlands too. We sometimes visit those. I love your gypsy outfit.
Have a wonderful day.

pinkglitterfae said...

how lucky you are to go to a Renaissance fair every year with your family! I guess you could call it a 'family a faire', lol! ok bad joke.
I've been to 2 of these events but then they disappeared, guess not enough people went.
Love your watercolor paintings, your women are beautiful!
Adorable painting you got from fair Rosamund! I checked her blog to see her end, and she got some great stuff from you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've never done a trade before, but sure, I wouldn't mind doing one some time in the future. I don't own any original watercolor art, so it would be nice to add some to my collection

Hybrid J said...

Yeah for the Artfire shop. Well Done! And you and your family looked wonderful in the pix. How fantastic is that to spend family time at a Renaissance Faire.

Let me see if I could find one at my neibhbourhood ... :D

miruspeg said...

Your posts are delightful Cameron, so full of wonderful photos and artwork!
And I love how you take us on a journey with your descriptive writing.
Have a lovely weekend.
Peggy xxx

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