Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hemming and Hawing and Bartering, oh my!

Hello Lovely Blog Friends....

I was hoping you could help me with something.  My website that started it all is coming up due for it's yearly renewal.  I have 21 days left to either pay the $135 dollars or let it lapse.  It has been a wonderful place to keep my work available for all to see, but now that I've started blogging, it seems like that money can be better spent elsewhere....

Sunflower Field  - Watercolor pencil and Ink circa 2002
 I just put this here to give you something to look at while you listen to me lament :)

for example:
I have a shop on Artfire, which has been a great place to offer my handmade goodies...but now that I have over 55 items in's starting to look a little cluttered.  You see, the FREE account that I'm currently taking advantage of doesn't allow for making tidy categories to sort everything as to provide a more polished, more professional look.  The upgraded price that would allow me to make categories, have sales, offer gift certificates, etc. is $16 per month!  I think that's a little high for the small amount of sales I've been lucky to make, so far.

I know that Etsy is extremely popular...and I tried it once a long time ago...but I'm thinking that instead of renewing my website, I'd use the money for listing and selling on Etsy.  I know you can categorize and all that there...I just worry that I'd get lost in a sea of artists....Plus, putting in all listings again...oy!  Any thoughts?

Suggestions?  Anybody? (*crickets*)

I did make a new banner though...I think it's pretty good for someone with modest computer skills :)

On a more exciting note!  I'm in the middle of a trade with the talented and oh, so nice Lauren from Fair Rosamund...

Have you seen her work?  So colorful and whimsical...She's picked out some journals of mine...and I'm gonna get her lovely Original Painting "The Strange Garden"...Wooohooo!  Jealous?! :)

Maybe just a little?!   Can you see that her skirt is made from painted and adhered tissue paper giving it a flouncy fullness...a fantastic 3D element to the canvas....a lovely bit of fanciness for her stroll thru the enchanted botanicals.  Gorgeous, isn't it?!    :)

And she's finished on the sides, ready to happily hang in my house, keeping the magic alive and inspiring me...

I must say my Adventures in Blogland have bloomed into quite a strange and magical garden of creative types and artists.... I am so pleased to be growing among you!  Your encouragement and support are my sunshine and watering can...... heck, your words seem to have a way of turning some of my poopiness into nourishing fertilizer...  (I like that expression...think I'll use it more "I'm feeling poopy today"...yeah, just saying it makes me smile...and, therefore, feeling less poopy )

Well, that's the poop for today (I know you've had enough... :-) and thanks to you all for helping me with my dilema...I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the matter!

And special thanks to you, Lauren :-D
All the Best,
P.S. This is really so exciting!! Anyone else out there want to trade? ....Hmmm?(*eyebrows raise*)


Lauren said...

Thank you so much Cameron! The pleasure is all mine I'm sure! :) I think you would do great on Etsy! I can't give too much advice because I've never sold my artwork anywhere else, but I have really enjoyed it so far. Your banner looks great! It looks like your computer skills are much better than mine :) It has been a pleasure arranging this trade with you, it is wonderful artists like you that make me love the art blog world so much! Take care, Lauren

brandi said...

~i wish i could be more of help as i am still at a standstill...i opened an etsy account...just have not done anything with it...i know you will find your way! good luck... warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Unknown said...

I think you could trade your skills also on websites, like
I'm sure you could make good deals! Congratulations, good work :)

Hybrid J said...

I think opening an ETSY shop is a brilliant idea! I'm a big believer of no try no gain. It will always take time to get back the initial "set up" cost.

I know of some bloggers who has both ETSY shop and "selling blog".


Sarah, her own blog is called "Cottage Garden Studio"

She also set up a "selling blog" (

I'm not quite sure how she sets up her selling blog, but it shows another way to sell your artworks.

I think it is also about learning how to promote your selling site. I think ETSY has some sort of forum where ETSY shop owners connect with each other and share of their experiences. It seems to me they are all genuinely want to help each other. (Last year, out of curiosity, I clicked the ETSY forum link and checked out some of the discussion threads. It's amazing how generous people are!)

I like your banner, it's very you! :) And you're so clever with your computer skill. I can't even figure out how to change the banner of my blog page. :(

YES, I'd love the do an art trade with you. But it will be sometime before I could come up with new artwork. I'm working on drawing skill at the moment. And I need to submit a drawing for another Art House free project this month.

Theme for my Sketchbook Project 2011 is "First Thing In the Morning, Last Thing At Night." It'll be fantastic if you could join in. It will make the experience more beautiful! ;) Anyway, there is still time to sign up for the project.

Wow, sorry to turn this into a mini essay. Hope you don't mind ... ! Cheers xo

miruspeg said...

Loooovvve your Sunflower Field Cam!
I think changing over to Etsy would be an excellent idea. I buy quite a few items from my friend's Etsy shop and I know they do lots of trades over there as well.
Always lovely to visit your blog Cam.
Peggy xxx

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