Monday, May 20, 2013

Peace, Love, Foxes

Last year, Maggie's Spy Party was a lot of fun....but EXTREMELY labor intensive and stressful.  As soon as it was over, I told her that the next year was going to be an "easy" party for Mommy and Daddy.....haha!
We did simplify a bit, but I hope it didn't look like we did ;P
These were her invitations this year.  I had quite a few extra, so I tried to incorporate them into the décor.
The colors were white and green polka dots, brown and accents of yellow. 
 I went to our local park to pick up lots of free, natural elements for our décor :)
The little hedgehog was a thrift store find.
I tried to add a woodland touch to everything in the house.  I just took the above photo tonight, so sorry for the lighting!  But, I forgot to take pics of everything on the day.
I found some cute woodland fabric to use as a tablecloth, but I also made Mags a special shirt from it for her special day.  The owl is an iron-on.
We had 2 craft stations for the kids. 1 for making painted rocks and another for coloring and beading their own bookmarks. 

I purchased digistamps and made the templates for the bookmarks in Photoshop.  I had them printed on cardstock and cut them out myself.
See the cute snail on that rock? :)
These were the Goodie Bags.
I hot-glued raffia and ribbon bows to clothespins to clip onto simple white bags.
Inside (again, night picture, sorry) was a sheet of Woodland Stickers, a fox bookplate that I turned into a sticker using my handy Xyron machine, a foldable owl friend, animal crackers, fruit snacks and a Tootsie Pop.  I'm not big on giving lots of candy.  I thought these things and the crafts were good enough :)
I found this cool guy here.
It was a super hot day.  I wanted the drinks to be super accessible. 
I made 2 kinds of iced tea and offered juice boxes and water, as well.  I decided not to put out food this year which was the biggest stress reliever of all!  The kids arrived, started their crafts, had a drink......then......
Went outside for the main event!
An Animal Show!
We were able to go to their Website and pick 5 animals for the show.  These were Maggie's choices.
A sweet little Hedgehog :)
A funny Armadillo :)
A fierce-looking Alligator. 
 I just love this windswept picture of Maggie...cheeks rosy from the heat.
A Fennec Fox.
This little critter made all the girls squeal with delight :)
The adults loved the animals as much as the kids. 
They were all asking questions and waiting their turn to pet. :)
This next animal stole the show and made everyone gasp.
This is Gizmo the Barn Owl.
It is so hard to describe just how beautiful they are up close....and how soft....
It really was so neat to have an event like this in our own backyard.  5 animals was just enough, though.  Everyone was getting thirsty and a bit over-heated. 
 It was time to go in and cool off with some cake!
Those rocks on the cake are actually candy. 
I think this is my favorite cake of all her Birthdays so far.
After cake and presents, some girls danced while others finished their crafts.  It was a very nice day!
Maggie has told me, though, that she's looking forward to the "hard" party she's going to have next year! She's already started making plans.
Uh oh! Haha!
Thank you so much for stopping by our little woodsy gathering!
I'll be back with some art soon :)


Dianie said...

You always create the BEST parties!

I love your woodland theme :)

I thought the invitations were so cute, and loved how you incorporated the left over into the decor. (especially the banners,SO CUTE!)

I was amazed that you could have someone come to a party with animals.. WOW! That is so cool :)
I am so interested to see if someone does that around here..

Your daughter is beautiful girl :)

Have a wonderful day!


Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Wow! You really know how to party. :) Awesome photos!

Tammie Lee said...

whoa, that is one special and gorgeous party. so many special details. looks like fun.

Tiffany said...

Wow, what an incredible party! You daughter will treasure it for years to come!

Lynda said...

Wow, what an AMAZING party! I love the animals!

Also, I just wanted to let you know that you have been nominated for The Liebster Award! Please visit my blog for details:

Congratulations and have a great day! :)

Annabelle said...

Hi Cameron,

What a fun party you made for your daughter....she's such a sweetie. A treasured memory!
That fox is just too cute!!!
Love all of your lovely art work.

Annabelle O,O

Rachel said...

Wowee that is a fab party!

I love the idea of having animals for the kids to pet and you got some great ones.

You are the party planner Queen!

amy said...

If you ever needed a side job, I think you could definitely succeed as a party planner!!

Kristin said...

WOWOWOW! This is SO awesome - and the birthday girl is so cute and happy!
And bringing the animals to the party! OH, yessss, I would love to copy that idea - brilliant! xoxo

Kelly said...

I noticed you posted on Fanciful Twist and I came by to see you. You do have such GREAT talent for creating another MEMORABLE party for your sweet daughter! I Do LOVE her pic with the scary gator! She looks so Peacefully Happy there! YIKES!
The cake sooo cute!!!;)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fabulous party! REAL animals! WOW! It just doesn't get any better than that!!! You really had a wonderful party...making special memories!

Magic Love Crow said...

Cameron, this is amazing! Wow! I never had a birthday party like this! I am coming over to your house next year! LOL! I truly loved everything! Hugs ;o)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Where exactly is the "simplified" party? My goodness, this was fantastic! The decorations were perfect, the animals wondrous, and the cake... well, I almost bit a piece off the screen ;-D

Maggie is such a lucky angel!

Carmen Wing said...

So beautiful! What memories you are making for your little girl. AND all her friends!

We've been lucky enough to see those owls up close. The fella behind us is a 'natural' pest control business so he has a hawk and I'm sure an owl. We've seen him at fun days with the hawk and an owl and we hear one at night so am sure it's him. Devvie has held it. They are so beautiful and their eyes - you can lose yourself in them.

Gorgeous day Cameron.

Unknown said...

What fun party..

Zorana said...

You are such a good Mom! So much decorations and activities for an "easy" party! All the best to your "big" girl! She chose amazing animals - I loved seeing them (I wish I could have seen them that close). I never thought that owls are soft....

Jennifer Michelle said...

You are ridiculously amazing at being a cool mom :P When I was a kid the coolest birthday party we had was a creepy clown that my mom hired. Remind me to tell you the story of what happened to him haha. I love what you did with the little fox invites around the house! Ah so cute! Maggie the little animal lover, what an adorable outfit she has on ;) Happy (belated) birthday Maggie!

Unknown said...

What happened to the creepy clown?

Awesome party btw.
Love the incorporation of left over cards into the decor. Especially good use of cilantro.

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