Monday, May 13, 2013

I've Got 3 Words for You....

I'm so sorry!
Well, those aren't the words I was talking about, but they are oh-so-true!
 I've been away from my blog for far too long....forgive me....pretty please :)

You see, it was Maggie's 7th Birthday last week and we had 2 parties for her over the past 2 for family...and one for just school friends.  I've been cleaning, planning, cooking, decorating and basically in Party Mode for 2 weeks straight.  I can't wait to get all the photos up here to show you, but that will be another post.

So, now that I'm officially "free", I've resumed my regularly scheduled activities! That means going to the gym. Boo! But also, painting! Yay!

I rescued a whole deck of these adorable flashcards from the trash a while back.

I started by gessoing them and adhering some paper to them.
Then I used my new favorite technique of scribbling on watercolor pencils....
....and gessoing again over it.
Then came some stamping.  I have a new "screen" background stamp that I tried here for the first time :)
Here's where the steps weren't documented so well....haha!  You know how it goes, you start getting to the heart of the painting and it's hard to remember to stop and snap a photo :)
I nearly finished one before I remembered to stop.
I tried something different for me.  I sketched out the faces in watercolor pencil which I later used to add the shading to the face.
Here they are all finished....complete with touches of glitter....because who doesn't love glitter?!
The 3 words I have for you are......"Gratitude"
...and "Simplicity"
Gentle reminders for good vibes :)
I hope my Stateside friends had an awesome Mother's Day yesterday....and that all my friends had wonderful weekends!  I'll be back with party pics soon.
Here's a sneak peek ;P

I'll be going now...but just 3 more words before I do.....
Thanks for visiting!!!
...okay, and maybe 3 more...
Love you guys!


Kyra Wilson said...

Really nice job with the cards - a question though? Does the gesso and paint want to flake off since the cards are traditionally sealed with wax-like substances?

Rachel said...

Love those cards, especially Stillness. :-)

Can't wait to see more of the party, I love woodlandy things.

R xx

Lisa Graham said...

Well...your sweet girl is the only forgivable excuse I can think of for you to be away.

LOVE the screen backgrounds on these...they are all so pretty.

Welcome back Cam!

amy said...

So very cool that these began as flashcards! Ha, we creative types can't throw *anything* away (and hence the mess of my studio).

Glad your girl had a lovely birthday. :-)

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Awesome cards! And welcome back. :) Happy Birthday to Maggie! Hope her wishes come true. :)

manomij said...

Great to see you Cam and you know I missed you. Lovely girls you can always send one my way :)
Hugs manonX

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love simplicity...I'm a blond and always look for art featuring blonds! lol Enjoy this special time and all of the fun you're having! Sweet hugs!

Kristin said...

Haha! Great post! LOVE the little girlies and LOVE the WIP shots (I know, when we remember ;) The little blond is speaking to me (her reminder and her hair ;) but I love them all.
I bet her parties were amazing (I remember the cool one from last year) - glad you have your life back for a while (then Summer, right?)
LOVE YOU TOO (my 3 words) xoxo

Carmen Wing said...

I think we can let you off, we all know how much work goes into one f your parties. So two? I'm actually surprised you are back so quick!

The cards are gorgeous! As always :)

Bought your teabags the other day ;)

Jennifer Michelle said...

Oh dear Cam can I just say I've been suffering with a bit of random anxiety lately and a couple of these ladies resonated with me and gave me such a sense of peace, I'm sure you'll understand ;)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Love the cards. Hope Maggie had a blast of a birthday!

And I'll forgive you as soon as I find something to forgive you for ;-)

Laura said...

Cam, those cards are so very beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Magic Love Crow said...

You are a good mom ;o) I can't wait to see the party pics ;o) I love the cards you made!! Very pretty and very meaningful ;o) Hugs o)

Erin K said...

What gorgeous girls that were hidden within these cards and their cute butterfly friends. Oh I can't wait to see the party pictures, I bet your little one had a blast and a big happy birthday to her! Love you too dear. <3

So sorry for running late myself, can't wait to catch up on what I've missed from your blog here. ^^

PiaRom said...

Your cards are adorable and I love the see the stages of progress ♥ If I should choose a favorite, it would be stillness :) also because she reminds me to do more meditation ;) have a great time ♥ Conny

Tiffany said...

gorgeous work!

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