Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work in Progress

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I thought thaty I'd share a piece with you that is not yet finished.  I've never taken pics during the various stages of completion before, so I thought this would be the something new for both of us!
Plus.....if I put it out there, unfinished, incomplete, and in full view for the world to see....I'd have no choice but to get a moving on it again.  I always seem to work better on a deadline of sorts :)  Thanks for helping me overcome a little procrastination!

This is the reference photo I'm using for this piece....It is Killian again holding her dog. You can see another painting that I completed using a photo of her here.

I changed the sketch to have her holding a cat instead....though I know Familiars can really be any creature, I wanted it to be a little more obvious that these two were a Magical duo.

Here it is on 11 x 14 140 lb watercolor paper with the background put in.....this will not be the final background (or final anything, for that matter)....I still add more (and more) layers after I block in some of the other wonder it takes me so long to get one of these done...sheesh :)

Here, I've started the hair and skin tone....these 2 are, by far, the hardest things to get right, in my opinion!

The cat and the denim vest are started here.  The cat will be black, but I'm using a grey undertone for some of the sheen...on the vest, I utilized some watercolor pencil for the fine lines and details.

That's all I have so far....I'd guess it needs about 2 hours more of work before it's done.  I'm not sure, yet, whether I will define it in black ink after all the water media is finished.  Any thoughts?

My daughter likes me to describe how I draw and paint....and she has taken some of my practices to heart!
At 3 1/2 years old she's becoming pretty adept, at the risk of sounding like a bragging Mommy :)  Take a look for yourself....

This is a dragonfly from a coaster she picked up from the coffee table.

This one blew me away.  A fantastic rendition of one of her toy spiders (yes, I say one of....she likes bugs:)

Thank you for giving me an excuse to take a piece from the "in the works" pile and breathe into it some new life and excitement.  I look forward to posting a completed image of it soon!  I'll still be working on those altered pages, in the meantime....I find their quicker timeline of completion such a relief after taking on a larger scale watercolor! 
Until we meet again,

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roseworksjewelry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your in process painting. You commented that you don't have enough patience to work with beads - I don't know that I have the right type of patience to paint :P

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