Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where Your Roots Are

It seems, fellow Magic Seekers, that the Fairy Folk are emerging from their Wintery abodes to do some sprucing up for the Spring.  It must be just as exciting for them, as it is for us, to welcome the warm sunshine on their tiny faces and revel in the greenery sprouting up all around us! 

I'm assuming, anyway, that this is true. You may remember I was gifted by the glimpse of a fairy home last month.  Well, it's happened again!  In the roots of another old Olive tree it was.  And I must say that they are really decorating in bold Fairy fashion....all aglitter and aglow....

Why after living here all this time am I priviledged to spot their dwellings now?  I believe it is my daughter's doing.... My first sighting was while I was hearing her laughter in my mind...this one, well, she actually spotted.

You see, blue is her favorite interesting coincidence, don't you think?!   She wanted to knock on the tiny door...but, since we were empty handed, I told her we'd try when we had a little gift to offer.  Perhaps we'll return before bedtime with a thimble full of milk and a pretty feather.  Our fairy friends around here seem to have a penchant for them!

So, be on the lookout...I'm thinking that these little Folk are on some kind of mission of late...they are making themselves known. 
-Is it to reinstill a bit of Innocence that we seem to lack nowadays?
-Maybe to renew our belief in Possibilities?
-Probably they're just mischievious and want us take other people back to where we saw the door...only to have it not be there anymore....hmmm?  Tricky Little Creatures :)  Good thing I got a few pictures!

Whatever the case, those Folk, their kin and the Spring are always welcome here!
Until we chat again,
P.S. Of course, you are always welcome, too!  I didn't think that needed mentioning...but in case you were wondering ;-)


Amy said...

Very neat! What a lovely little fairy home. I have a magical nook below an old stump. This little fairy home has a green moss roof. I love how such places bring forth imagination at who or what may live there. Thanks for sharing!

Hybrid J said...

I'm loving your fairy home. Now you got me in search of mine. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing! :)

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