Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Nice to Have Friends

I just wanted to share with all of you some child-like magic...This is the Story of Lilly Walters Schermerhorn.  She just happens to be one of 3 Grandmas my daughter's Best Friend (left) is lucky to have! 

That's how I met her.  She is a Face Painter, among other things, and takes out her brushes and paints for the kids' birthdays.  We attended one of our little friend's parties and my Pumpkin was so excited to have her face painted. 

Lilly is so patient and not unlike a big kid herself, delighting in the choices the children make while flipping through her portfolio of characters and ideas!

She graciously invited us to her home one Christmas (me, my daughter & my husband!) had a stocking and little gifts for my girl, just like she did for hers.  She fed us, gave us a tour.....her whole house was a feast for the eyes....

She's painted everything so whimsically and beautifully.......ceiling, linen cabinets and all!

I loved how fantastical it all was...and so uniquely her!

She welcomed and embraced us...and, with a smile so warm and genuine, invited us to visit again.  I wish I could show you her whole house (and I'm sorry for the quality of these photos!  They don't do the place justice!) Her work is amazing! You can see her incredible painted necklaces here.

She continues to include us in plans she makes with her family and asks about my little girl when visiting with her granddaughter.  She has touched my heart through her generosity and Fairy Spirit.  Her persona and art exude it....

Much to my delight, she has agreed to come and paint at my Pumpkin's Birthday party!  I don't know who is more elated by this or my daughter :-D  I'll be sure to put up some pics of her handiwork after the celebration in May!    Thank you, Lilly!

So I leave you, Dear Readers, with gratitude, for giving me a place to share the good things in Life.  Friends are definately one of the Best!

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