Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lost Soul *UPDATED*

Well, though that is the title of my latest's really about how I've been feeling lately.
I've been in a bit of a funk.....
...but, finishing this piece has helped.

Amazing, isn't it...what slapping a bit of paint down on something can do for your mental state :)

I know it's been a while since I've been here.  I've felt very guilty about not making the time I used to for blogging.  Part of the funk I've found myself in....
...but, that will have to wait for another time.

I'll show you this piece, but my scanner wasn't big enough to capture the whole thing.  I'll take photos on Sunday and list her in the shop. *SEE NEW PHOTOS BELOW*

This is "Lost Soul".  Her arm is tattooed 'Alma En Pena' which is the Spanish translation.

She is 9 x 12 inches
I used molding paste on the flowers.   I love that stuff!  It really gives it phenomenal texture in person!

She is now in the Shop :)
Oh....and hey!
Carmen is having a Secret Santa over at her Blog.  Go read about it HERE and sign up....I did! The best part is stalking is highly encouraged and expected....heehee!  It's lifting my spirits already!

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Secret Santa 2013 logo - Christmas Raven
Please have a great weekend!
I've missed you guys!
Keep the paint flying,


Fallingladies said...

Wow, i bet those do look really great up close, you can almost tell the texture from this photo! I have a jar of it but haven't figured out what to use it on yet...
Sorry you haven't been up to par...
And i may join in again on the secret santa, i was so lucky to have you as mine last time!!!

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

I love her and I love the flowers. Hope you get out of the funk soon. I miss "reading" you. :)

Marfi-topia said...

She's gorgeous:)
Feel better !!!!

Laura said...

She is so beautiful! I love it! I can totally relate to the "funk" feeling. I'm glad you are back though and glad that even in your "funk" you are able to create!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Well this is absolutely stunning. What's this funk you discuss? You must share :( If you need to vent do let me know. I missed your beautiful artwork. I get to see your gorgeous girls in my spaces everyday.

Carmen Wing said...

Oh she is beautiful. I love her tears and the texture on her top as well as those gorgeous flowers (molding paste is a staple of mine - love it *g*)

Thank you for giving the swap a shout out :D YES PLEASE come and play people - I'll try and keep you posting within your own country to keep costs down. So far we have the USA (lovely Cam) and the UK playing :D

Dianie said...

Good morning Cameron,

What a gorgeous painting.
I LOVE the colors. so bright and rich.
And, your photo does give a good look at the texture in the roses.

It's great to visit you :)


Kristin said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the colors too - and will check out that event - sounds fun! Have a great week Mama :) xoxo

Magic Love Crow said...

Missed you too! The new painting is stunning!!!! Hope you're having a great weekend ;o)

Kristin said...

Hi again! Sorry, I just saw your other comment about our girlie adventure. I'm not sure we'll be doing it here, but you are absolutely invited if we do!! xoxo

PiaRom said...

What a marvelous painting...look at her beautiful posture and skin...I love the sexy top alot :) ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

Debbie said...

I love your work, you are just too talented! Keep it coming.

Erin K said...

Oh wow...she's gorgeous, Cameron! There's such magic in those deep and sleepy eyes of hers. And the flowers are very pretty too.

I'm so sorry to hear how down you've been and you're right it's awful feeling lousy when you just want to be happy. I send you a basket full of hugs and warm thoughts and hope the sun shines on the wonderful heart of yours again. <3 <3

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