Sunday, April 15, 2012

Up to Speed

How the heck are ya?!!!

*Hugs you*
I've missed you guys!!

Let's catch up a bit, shall we?
Where to start? Hmmm.....let's see.....
Our Easter was great :)

This is Maggie with my Brother's son visiting the Easter Bunny.

The weather has been on and off rain with the most beautiful clouds!  I love clouds!

Maggie moved up from an Orange Belt to a Purple in Karate....

....and tied her own belt during her promotion.  Which is a big deal for a not-quite-6 year old  :)

Sally has been growing and doing a lot of, well, what cats do best....haha!

....and yesterday just happened to be my Birthday :)

I spent it having a Garage Sale.  It was a neighborhood Garage Sale.  I spent Friday night and Early Sat getting everything ready...stayed up til 4am not even sure if it was going to rain or not...slept for 2 hours and got up at 6am to put everything out in time for the 7am start time.  It ended up being a beautiful day!  I tell ya....despite the lack of sleep....I might just have to make this a birthday tradition....cuz Momma's going shopping tomorrow...haha!

While I was outside wheeling and dealing, my Hubby put these beautiful bouquets and chocolate covered strawberries out to surprise me!  
...and a big thank you to Daniele for sending me a little special something in the mail :)

Because sweet gestures can never be overdone, I am extending a coupon code to you all for my Birthday to use in my Etsy Shop.   This will be good to the end of April. 
 Just enter BdayWishes  to enjoy a 15% discount...
...and thank you all so much for your support and friendship! 

And, as if that's not enough, I've got some new art to show you.
Really, I do!

This is, "Raindrops"
in the beginning...

...and completed...

The quote reads, "Tomorrow's flowers are the raindrops of today"
8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches

She's in the shop waiting to brighten someone's rainy day ;)

One of the covers of an old children's book.  Here's what I did with the other.
"No Love Like Mine" in the early stages....

...and after...

"In all the world, there's no love for you like mine"

She was made with the before mentioned Daniele in mind.  Do you see the 3 kites behind the house?  She has 3 girls...and loves to sport gorgeous, bright red hair at times.  We are doing a I painted this for her.   I just love trades....heehee! that I've got you all caught up with the haps around here, I need to go make my rounds and get caught up with all of you!  I really have missed you *another hug....cuz I'm a huggy kinda girl*

I promise not to be away so long!
My best,


manomij said...

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to youuuuuu! Great to see you had a fun time and well now you can go shopping sounds even better to me. I have never been to a garage sale, we don't do them over here but we do do carboot sales and I really love them! That red haired girl is gorgeous!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh my! Did you keep that a secret or am I just really lousy at noticing things atthe moment? It sounds like you had a fabulous day. Happy, happy unbirthday for today instead :D
Love your art! I may be working on something this week seeing as the kids are back to school *wink, wink*

Big squishy mahoosive hugs with slobbery kisses x x x

Micki Wilde said...

Yay glad you are back and happy birthday to you sweetie!!

Love what the hubby did for cute!!

Aww bet you had a proud mummy moment over Maggie, that's pretty awesome that she tied it herself too....clever girl!!

Hugs x

miruspeg said...

Hello beautiful soul and a big happy birthday to you!
As always your posts are so uplifting.

I love clouds too Cameron and around sunrise and sunset they paint such a glorious picture.

Maggie is growing up fast and achieving great things, give her a big hug for me.

Also love that photo of Sally, it made me smile.

You certainly don't let the grass grow under your feet my friend....your artwork is adorable.

I'm a huggy kinda girl too so sending you big hugs from Australia.

Peggy xxxxxx

Diane said...

Oh WOW!!..I love your new pieces!!--everything about them.
And Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a great day you had--I would have been a shopper at your sale--my favorite outing is garage sales..

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Hugging you right back! :) And happy birthday, chica! Looks like you had a fab day. Mmm, chocolate strawberries. :)) Congrats to your little ninja for her purple belt. And your artwork is fabulous as always. Can't see the kitties though. Oh, crap, you said kites. :) I see the kites. :))) Kisses to Sally. She is adorable!

Karen Isaacson said...

a yard sale on 2 hours of sleep??? there must be some kind of an award for that. there's not enough coffee in the world...
happy birthday!!! looks like you've got lots to celebrate :)

Daniele Valois said...


Plumrose Lane said...

My goodness, this posting is just jam packed with all sorts of wonderful new happenings! Best of all it's beginning of another year for you so here's wishing you a very ♫Happy Birthday♫ and a year filled with creativity, inspiration, and most of all LoVe!

WrightStuff said...

Happy Birthday to ya Happy Birthday....(for yesterday....)

Totally loving the pic of Sally. I think I may go and have a lay down under the rug... or maybe the duvet might just be a better idea!!

Dear Fireflies said...

Bravo to your little girl! I took Karate as a kid and went all the way to brown belt. Though I never got the chance to practice on anyone ! LOL!

And your art is gorgeous as usual! I think the words is just wonderful. :)

Sunny said...

The Paintings are lovely and how wonderful of your husband. Your daughter is so cute!.

Heather Henry said...

Yay!! What a lovely "ketchup" post...haha, punny I know!! I love all of your pics, your daughter is so adorable and tell her congrats on her belt, that is a huge accomplishment. And your cat, so cute!
Wow, I love the flowers too, what a blessed and lovely day for you!
Oh my giddy aunt, I love your new art work and I know Daniele is going to totally love it too! Yay, for trades!
Big hugs to you!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Well, happy belated birthday to you!!!! :) Looks like have you been quite busy. Congrats to your little sweetie - what an awesome achievement!!! :) And your kitty is so sweet. Love the new work - AND the new look to the blog!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! So much to say! First of all, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a sweet thing for your hubs to do - your flowers look beautiful as does your home! I hope you got to catch up on sleep too . . .
AND I just came here from Heather's blog and saw your Gorgeous painting to her and now here is Danielle's! HOW cool is that - I LOVE this painting so much and think that the houses and kits are absolutely perfect. You are such a talent and a sweetheart too, xoxo

Kristin said...

kites. dugh. ;)

Jamie Lott said...

Cameron! First of all my apologies for not getting over here sooner! I've been wanting to thank you for stopping by my giveaway. I can always count on your support and I truly do appreciate that! I have a freebie up on my blog today that you're welcome to download, if you like. It's always delightful to have you stop by!

Second, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful one. Did we ever talk about the fact that my husband is a Karate (well, taekwondo actually) teacher? It's his full time job. He's had a school here for 19 yrs, since before he graduated college. So, needless to say, I loved seeing the pic of your little orange belt!

Ok I'm off! See you soon!

PiaRom said...

ohh Happy Birthday ♥♥♥ to you! You are so funny, to organize a garage sale on your birthday! ... So nice to hear from you and to see that you had a wonderful time. Congratulations to Maggie for the purple belt :) and yah your paintings are amazing ... so much to look at! My fav it the last one with the groovy house on the head...hugs from Conny

Magaly Guerrero said...

It seems you had a spring-full day. Happy belated birthday. I love the art, both the unfinished and finished examples--they are beautiful in their own way.

Lisa Graham said...

Aw Happy Birthday Cameron!!!! I would have loved to be out there helping you with your garage sale. Your Maggie is such a sweet pea and give her hugs and tell her good job! for me.

Such pretties here! Where did you get that pretty cat vase?

Huge birthday hugs for you!!! xoxoxo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday sweet girlfriend! Sounds like making some money on your birthday was an incentive! Did you buy anything fun this week? I love the flowers and strawberries! What a sweet hubby! I started writing huggy! heehee!

Fallingladies said...

Happy belated birthday!!! My husband gave me chocolate covered strawberries this year for my birthday too! Must be both good men! Love the photos and great art! Your back grounds are so fun, and the ladies always have such a serene look!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Have missed you Cam LOL! Now how the heck is Maggie so tough that she is purple belt at age 6?! That is insane! What a kid you're raising ;) Advanced beyond her years. Happy late birthday, I wish I'd have known, shucks! The new art is so pretty! You and I will have to do a trade one of these days, if you would like to of course, no pressure lol!

Joyce van der Lely said...

pfffff, I MISSED your Bday !!!!!!!! How bad is that ? I have excuses (of course) but they are no good, I am so sorry, I am almost a week late now,,,,,,,,,,but still want to wish you a terrific year ahead !!!! Hugs hugs and kisses and now I will catch up on your other blogposts (so weird I remember checking out your blog and hadn't seen a new post and now suddenly there are a couple......I must have been hopeless last week) xoxoxoxoxoxo ♥♥♥♥ J

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