Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Pack of Corgis - LESSON 6

Hi there!  
Here we are, another week, another Lesson in Drawing Lab!  This time our instructions were to draw a dog on 20 index cards....and not just a dog....but the same dog over and over again.  I have never sat down and drawn the same thing that many times before....
So I grabbed my index cards, my Sharpie (since I don't have a chisel-ended pen per the book) and this photo from the Internet.

Here are my first 8.

I'm not sure what I was doing with the background on that first one....haha!
It is really neat how they end up being so, I found after the initial 4 or so, I started experimenting more with starting points.  I usually started with the ears and forehead....but, I also tried starting with the eyes, the nose, all the right side, then the left, etc....

Here are the 2nd 8.
The book does recommend taking a little break when you start to tire of drawing your subject.  In the middle,  from about 11 to 14 or so, it was getting a bit tedious....but then, you start seeing the big pile of finished drawings....and the smaller pile of blank cards....and it becomes a fun challenge to finish!
I sat and drew these 20 in about an hour.

Here are the last 4....sorry about my shadow across the bottom :)

I numbered them on the back, and I found that useful in keeping track of their progression and how many I had left to do.
So, there you go.  
A pack of Corgis. 
 What will your pack be?

Please link them here and share them with me :)

As usual, your visits are always appreciated!! Thank you!
20 Hugs,


Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

How cute is that puppy! :) I have never done so many drawings in a row. I love how different they all look. They remind me of that blue dog by the artist George Rodrigue. :)

Karen Isaacson said...

I couldn't make it to the zoo last week so I tried to draw my parents' dog, but she's a total nudge and wouldn't sit still and I didn't have much luck and haven't posted anything. I think I will need to use a picture of her to do this exercise. in other news, I may have recruited a new linker! I got a great postcard from the DIY swap and checked out the sender's blog only to find she's been working her way through drawing lab. I strongly encouraged her to link up. Meanwhile I'm playing "pick your favorite Corgi" and I think it's #8 - lower left hand corner of the first picture. sweet face.

Jennifer Michelle said...

Oh god that puppy is so cute! I love the character your drawings have. So lovely. But corgis!? Aren't they just the most divine little puppy cake love muffins!? Sorry haha, spaz attack :)

brandi said...

~each time i come over to see what your lesson has in store for us...i leave thinking...i should try this with my littles...though i think it would take all of us more than an hour to is intersting to see how each one changes yet they are all of the same little diggie...wonderful job my friend...and 20 hugs back to you...much love light and blessings~

Micki Wilde said...

Cam hun can you check your email account? I have had 3 dodgy scam emails from your yahoo email address, I replied to one and it responded as if it was you.....freaky!!!!

Hugs you

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Oh you have such patience!!!! :) I loved seeing all the sweet pup drawings. And of course the source image was way cute, too!

amy said...

I haven't done this yet. Maybe this weekend? I've already found a pic (since I don't have a dog) from a blog I read, I just love the expressions on that blogger's dog's face!

I like them all! They all have slightly different expressions--love that.

Jenn said...

How much fun!! It's so interesting to see how different each pup looks and how they each have their own personality...I love this! And your pup is so cute!

I have this book and haven't yet done this exercise. I see you're going lesson by lesson...I may have to dig out my book and join you next week! :)

Fallingladies said...

Love all your doggies... I haven't been doing so good playing along but i am still enjoying seeing your lessons!

Treehugger_31 said...

Cute puppy! You did a great job. :)
I had to return the book to the library so I doubt I will be participating much. :( And yes, I still have pics to post...I really should get on that! Lol.

amy said...

Just linked up! :)

Lisa Richards said...

Your puppies are cute! Mine...yikes! :)

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